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  1. That could be troublesome if the campground had no power. But I didn't hear anything about it or wasn't there. Hopefully you got an enjoyable day in before that.
  2. ^ I rarely see people actually use it, nothing in the queue explains what the single rider lane is for (the GP might not get it, ha). I never see it used to much, and like the staff would go through the single rider trouble! nah. But I have heard from another person who worked at the park hearing a complaint years ago about a seatbelt issue on Great Bear, and they were all redone. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. guess the height? http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=45154 see who gets the bragging rights in the end!
  4. So, anyone want to guess the biggest drop on this ride? We all know it's a beemer and a hyper, so lets guess the height! My Vote - 240ft
  5. Still, i haven't seen anyone hype up a coaster as "big" before, and put it on a lot of teasers. And track is on site in July, which is very early. It has to be bigger then SoB, and I think it will be more then just slightly bigger. 300 may be to big, but we'll have to wait.
  6. that bolt is 24", 240 feet ride height or 240ft drop into the ravine? Who knows.
  7. The way there hyping this up, could we be looking at something 300+ feet. It would make sense with the steep incline, steep incline = more height in a short space. I'm sure it's way off. But there saying a LOT more then I would in the "Big term" to be say the 20th tallest coaster in the world.
  8. I've heard rumors that the one train had a problem with a seat's seatbelt unlatching mid-ride. One of my friends also claimed that this happened to him 3-4 years ago. Apparently the seatbelt that's there as a safety mechanism came undone somewhere around the Immelmen. Maybe this has happened on more occasions and the park has to double-triple check because of that.
  9. No. Different ties and different shade of red. The track is also alot smaller I still think most would agree that track is for a 09-10 Beemer Dive Machine showing up at Six Flags somewhere.
  10. My guess on the name is that it'll be some extinct or mythical animal, but not a common one ether.
  11. Looks similar, but it looks like the Cloverfield Monsters eye too. I don't know how credible that would be, but who knows.
  12. I think it could be a 80+ degree drop, similar to Millenium Force.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised, but I dont expect it. I think it could be one of the first to use a really steep lift hill (similar to a dive machine or Led Zep), and i wouldn't be surprised if it was a 90 degree drop.
  14. I am so pondering over the 36 years in the making. And I'm going to type out my thought process as it comes to me really. It has to be hinting at something I believe. It could of just been some guys vision or information like NATMINI = INTAMIN in the Hershey case. Did anything happen in the park in 1973? 1973 brought the movies "Enter the Dragon" and "Return of the Dragon" and that eye looks like a dragon on the teaser site, could that be connected to the naming of the ride. Mabye a Dragon emerging out of the woods to fight the beast? Yellow supports and red track sound like Dragon colors to me (and the same colors as the eye). Could the ride be called "The Dragon." He!!, i'd scream and run if I saw a dragon like they were in those "videos." I could be 110% wrong, but this is just what im thinking.
  15. never read it, but could someone elaborate? Like can the LAF refer to something or whatnot.
  16. LIVESTRONG LAF FIBONACCI SEQUENCE I found this in the view source, mean anything to anyone? Just throwing ideas around.
  17. agreed, back right seat pulls a lot of G's through that helix. Considering the park shouldn't of had any room to squeeze a coaster in there, it's a great ride.
  18. But what about the fact that they're just rusty old bolts? You'd really pay $10 for something that you could get from home depot for 5 cents? If it had centemental value then sure would. I have a peice of concrete from Veterans Stadium after it was demolished. Picked it up for 10 bucks, and was sure happy i did. That place has tons of memories of me growing up watching the Phillies and Eagles, and now i atleast have a peice of it with me instead of looking at the parking lot where it used to stand. It's just a neat thing to have, and so would a peice like this is RWB was my first coaster, or from my home park, exc. It doesn't seem that weird to me.
  19. How do you even know it's a bolt from the coaster? I could go to any random construction site and pick up some random rusty bolts. They would look just like these one's. The track section you might be able to actually pass off as a part from a coaster. But show some people those bolts and they'd think you're crazy. Just a couple of rusty old bolts. From past auctions and such i'd believe it. And if not I could get my money back using ebay claims and such, it's not to hard.
  20. I was thinking about the bolt, but I would never pay that much for the track. If I ever rode the coaster I would prolly buy the bolt, it's a cool thing to have on a shelf somewhere.
  21. I was told it was the partner, but it could be blammed on ride malfunction since it happened mid-ride. And FYI: Hershey owns this park, so hopefully a huge lawsuit doens't affect Hershey Park.
  22. Great Bear, Bumper Cars, and The Claw are the only 3 rides in the whole park that I can complain about staff, which is really good and hard to find.
  23. I'm pretty sure there's only two, since there's no MCBR hypothetically they can't do much with a third train other then stack one. And heck, the staff cant run two trains right!
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