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  1. My parents have been bringing my sister and I to Knoebels since we were born (which was the early 1990s) so I guess I've been going about the same time as you have but I was too young to remember things back then anyway. I only started riding coasters in 2004, that year I went on the Phoenix and it was my first coaster (except for the High Speed Thrill Coaster). The Phoenix got me totally addicted but it's still my favorite woodie. I've never had the waffles and ice cream but we get the pierogies and tri-taters from the round stand every time we go to Knoebels (haha I'm starting to get really hungry now!)
  2. That was us!!!! We had just made our purchases in the gift shop and were headed to get ice cream when the power went off. Luckily, it was the end of the day and we were on our way out anyway. I agree about it being creepy leaving the park in the dark, but it was pretty orderly. I was wondering if I would ever find out who you people were, when we were in line for the train my sister was like "hey, that guy up there is wearing an ACE shirt!" I was wearing a black shirt with a big neon music note thing on the back. Have you ever been to Knoebels before Thursday? I love the black cherry ice cream from the Old Mill, when the power went out the last time we walked past it and the workers did have flashlights there. Actually on the way to the park (I was coming from around Harrisburg, through Liverpool if anyone here is familiar with the area) there was this really sudden, huge storm. Our van's temperature sensor (which probably isn't all that accurate) said the temp went from 74 to 59 degrees in a mile of road. This really hard rain started and then there was hail, but it stopped within a few minutes. We thought the power outage might have had to do with that, maybe a fallen power line or something. I don't know very much about electricity, I'm just a silly teenager so I'm not going to really go into that haha.
  3. It was really eerie and sort of creepy being in the park when the power started going out. Like I said the first time it went out I was in the carousel museum and that place is sort of creepy, with the old carousel music and all the old carousel animals. Then outside it was really weird too, we were by the Tilt-A-Whirl and Tea Cups the third time it went out and came back on and everybody would cheer when it would come back. The rides actually put off such a huge amount of light, I never noticed it but there aren't really many lights around the park that aren't on rides. And with all the trees Knoebels has just made it kind of creepy and secluded-feeling. When it wouldn't come back on all the people in the food and game stands were scrambling around to find flashlights but people didn't seem to be that agitated about it. For the people not on rides, we all just sort of walked out, there wasn't anyone telling us to get out of the park or anything, it was actually pretty calm. The parking lot workers just had a lot of cars to deal with leaving all at once haha. It was weird leaving the park without seeing the Twister, Phoenix, Ferris Wheel etc all lit up, the only lights were from the cars leaving.
  4. I don't really know whether the campground lost power or not but I think it probably did. The whole park had been out for about a half hour when I left and the only lights were from people's flashlights and from a few spotlights they were using for the parking lots. Unless the campground power comes from different power lines or something, I don't really know. I did have a great time before we had to leave, I didn't get on a huge number of rides but at Knoebels I tend to just hang out since it's free admission and all. The Phoenix and Twister were both running great today though.
  5. At about 9PM today, I was at Knoebels in the Carousel Museum and the power went out. We thought it was just in the store but we went outside and it happened again, but the WHOLE park's power was out. The power came back on, then it was out again and never came back on. I left about a half hour after that and seriously there was like no one left in the park. All I could think about was how glad I was I went on the Haunted Mansion before. I would have freaked if the power went out while I was in there! So was anyone else at Knoebels today? I saw a person with an ACE shirt when I was on the train with 2 other people who had coaster shirts on (1 had a Behemoth shirt on and the other a Ravine Flyer II), but that doesn't really have to do with this... I don't know if the power ever came back on or if they just tried to get everyone out to close the park since it was going to close at 10 anyway.
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