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  1. It'll be a hyper. The track that was at the park can not support a wide train and all that weight on a small section (where the wheels are) as well as the flat ties can. Those tracks in the other discussion are more then likely for another park, say SFGAdv or SFGAM, or something Six Flags I'm guessing. I've heard that Six Flags has ordered a few Dive Machines for their next coasters, and that is probably what that track is for. Especially if the rides are for 09, there has to be track already. The End.
  2. Here's how I see it. Financially, Storm Runner, Fahrenheit, and Lightning Racer will NOT be torn down. I hope Sidewinder goes, so we can look at the park this way. I also think that the entire park from Fahrenheit on will be turned into a beach theme. There's two woodies and a Wild Mouse, a Ferris Wheel and the Whip along with a few kiddie rides. That sounds a lot like a seaside park to me, and i think it would be a sweet idea. My Photoshop-job.
  3. Took you're advice and made the drop just a small dip. Six Flags "calmed the ride" down for families
  4. So on a day when I have nothing to do, I conveniently found my RCT2 Disk! So I started this project; Back in the late 90's this land was home to a small race track. The track was a dirt track used for sprint cars. That business fell through and the race track was sold to a small company that turned the once dirt track into a Go Kart Funland. Most of the bleachers were torn down, but some stayed, leaving a seating section for people to just kick back and watch the Go-Kart Races. A Arcade was added as well, and has been considered one of the best in the nation. The Funland also added a small wild mouse coaster they purchased used out of Europe. With all of the additions, people in the area just got tired of the area, and It became very run down. Six Flags, in there hopes to take over the coaster world, purchased the park and a bunch of the surrounding land. The region has two of the top parks within driving distance (Cedar Point, Kings Island), and Six Flags hopes to open a coaster driven theme park, that can compete with Cedar Point as the best thrill park in America. All The Land the Park Owns . Who knows what lies ahead? Cause I sure don't. Haha. Stay Tuned for More Updates! And Thanks for the look and reading! Six Flags dressed up the entrance a little bit, but who knows how much scenery will be in the park in the end (Im not very good at it) The Wild Mouse that the park added before Six Flags bought the park, not much going on here. The Go Karts Six Flags Plans on keeping and using as a centerpiece of their new park, along with the arcade.
  5. Im a huge fan of Citizens Bank Park in Philly. It's just flat out beautiful. The Ashburn Alley is one of the nicest sections of a park I've ever seen, and there's just so much to do there. I always go to games and get there when the gates open (1.5-2hrs before the first pitch) and don't get bored once and don't get to my seat until it's game time. The DiamonClub is the most beautiful VIP area I have ever seen in a ballpark area. Great atmosphere as well, and I love the Phillies!! Here's ashburn alley and stuff if you've never seen it. http://philadelphia.phillies.mlb.com/phi/ballpark/not_your_typical_ballpark.jsp#ashburn And i got bored in school one day and found this guy's site. It has nearly every minor league and major league stadium, along with a review and pictures. It's pretty awesome http://mysite.verizon.net/charliesballparks/stadiums.htm
  6. Hey guys, sorry there is no screen shot because i can not find my RCT2 disk . But here's something i made maybe 2 or 3 years ago at least. It's fairly accurate for RCT2, just let me know what you guys think. Thanks! LochNessMonster-pacoasterrider-t.zip Nessie
  7. Here's why I like Xbox 360 over PS3 Xbox Positives 1. Halo 3 2. Forza Motorsports > Gran Turismo (yawn) 3. PGR > Gran Turismo 3. Elder scrolls 4 : Oblivion 4. Gears of War 5. Higher Ranked Games (see below) 6. Cheaper 7. I like the controllers better (personal preference) PS3 Positives 1. MLB 08 2. Free Online Gaming Higher Ranked Games, Here's what i mean. PS3 http://www.gamespot.com/games.html?type=top_rated&platform=1028&mode=all&sort=score&dlx_type=all&date_filter=all&sortdir=asc X360 http://www.gamespot.com/games.html?type=top_rated&platform=1029&mode=all&sort=score&dlx_type=all&date_filter=all&sortdir=asc X360 has more games with a 9+ rating, and a 8+ rating, exc. Sidenote-I also noticed on Gamespot that there "is no plain for a PS3 price cut" http://www.gamespot.com/news/6193650.html?action=convert&om_clk=latestnews&tag=latestnews;title;1
  8. Twister's dual lift (knoebels) is pretty sweet, with a nice little turn in between. So we can agree that PA has the best Pre-Lifts
  9. I'm pretty sure they do, i just dont know how discounted. They should be even cheaper then at Giant but I don't know for sure. Worst case scenario they are only 48$ at the gate I believe, nothing outrageous.
  10. Also, if they try to charge you more then 37 bucks for a ticket to Hershey, you can drive about 2 miles (or maybe it's on the way for you, it's in the south-east corner of Hershey) and you can get Hershey Park Tickets at Giant Grocery Store for 36.95$.
  11. I think you can get in at 930 or 9, i dont know for sure about that. Ask the people there, it's called the "Sweet beginnings" The only rides you can get on for sure is the ferris wheel and swings. Comet is usually running early, and sometimes if you're lucky you can get on Great Bear. I'd only use the early pass to get up toward the Claw and get in line to run to Fahrenheit. That part of the park is still closed and gated off before then. I'd use it to get to the gates at 945 (it takes a good 15-20 mins from parking to the gate usually) and just head up the path past Reeses Xtreme Cup and up toward Claw and just wait there until thats open up and then make you're way to Fahrenheit. My experiences this year, that's the only non-water ride that had more then a 15 min wait. Dont miss Canyon River now since it's going by the end of the month. I've never done it, so don't trust me. But I know for sure you won't get to ride all the rides or anything. Staff isn't to the rides until 9:55 on everything but Comet Hollow.
  12. Phoenix's tunnel is pretty sweet. And Fahrenheit is just intimidating sitting there looking straight up 110feet at the lift. And thinking "lift hills aren't supposed to do that." and the dual chain lift is so unusual it's intimidating.
  13. Could they say it's about 4200ft without considering the track goes up and down, like say from point a to point b not considering the up and down. From scale and incorporating bunny hops it looks like it will be more then 4200'
  14. Those pictures remind me of Knoebels so much. Very nice park. I didn't really respect it too much until seeing this PTR (never looked at one before) Deja..I mean Aftershock will fit in great at that park for the price they probably paid for it.
  15. Could we see mabye a 60 degree climb if not bigger? With all the sucess Fahrenheit has been having with people loving the lift hill, B&M might incorporate something like that. I'm not sure how steep it could be without the OTSR's
  16. I'm guessing it was a mix of both concepts there. I'm guessing the people in charge would of tested a "what if a rollback occured" atleast once. That is standard practice, isn't it?
  17. I'm curious how much that cost? I mean, Knex aren't the cheapest things in the world. It's a solid price for just the puny little coaster sets. Great job on it.
  18. Here's my top 5 (haven't visited as many parks as I'd wish) 1. Fahrenheit 2. Phoenix (Knoebels) 3. Storm Runner 4. SROS (SFA) 5. Lightning Racer (Thunder)
  19. That would be awfully smart of them, along with a new paint job. Some may see it as "shadowing" and trying to hide the accident however.
  20. ^ Im still stuck on this being a new ride, and now people aren't going to go to the park to ride the new attraction, which would be an attendance drop. It's not "Lets go to the park and ride the new ride" it's "Did you hear the new ride at the park crashed and fell off the tracks" Also, if they do not re-open the ride (I don't know if Denmark has any legal or official coaster regulations) then they have a useless multi-million dollar pile of metal that is possibly just scrap metal now I'm thinking more and more the park will re-open the ride, but again they are stuck this entire year if not more with having a spinning wild mouse and a 20 year old Pinfari coaster with a small loop. That will not attract teenagers or thrill seekers who would of been attracted with Cobra, and gives the park an awful "I want to come here again" feeling, because this was the best ride in the park. It's like taking Ravine Flyer 2 out of Waldameer, there's no thrill coasters or a reason for anyone to visit who's looking for a thril (Except people going for credits).
  21. Son of Beast/Kings Island? Steel Dragon 2000/Nagashima Spa Land? Both of those coasters had some pretty significant and widely-reported accidents, both coasters reopened, and both parks suffered essentially no drops in attendance. Japan is THE most superstitious country in the world when it comes to ride accidents, and if people will still ride Steel Dragon 2000 there, people will still ride this coaster if it reopens. Both of those rides happened in huge parks with tons of other attractions. And none of them actually "fell off the tracks and slammed into the ground" as the news is reporting on this one. I just don't see the park reopening this ride or anyone wanting to ride it again.
  22. I never thought of the longest steel coaster, but that is something that KI would like to do, to compliment Beast. And they have the area to do it too.
  23. What type of other coaster's besides Beemers have splashdowns? I know it's a longshot to be another brand but nothings keeping another company from using a splasdown, 5-6 companies build(built) hypers, nothing's keeping 5-6 companies from using splashdowns. I haven't kept updated on this just coming back from vacation, do we have a info-release date yet?
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