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  1. That staff would all be dressed as mii's. hahaha It could happen, but I think it'd be more likely in Japan.
  2. people go to the beach to enjoy the beach, and not to go to theme parks. I can't believe i didn't really think of this. The GP - I can go to (insert familys local park) any day, but I cant go to the beach every day. And it would be a lot of money to have a hotel or resort, take a family to HRP, pay for parking and admission. Why waste the money when we can sit on the beach and walk the boardwalk.
  3. The Rides are mediocre for the price of the park. No one who does there homework is going to pay that much for that park as compared to others, and even less people are going to pay that much to return for a second visit. I think this really hurts the park the most. I've heard that people that live in South Carolina and wrote trip reports about HRP say it is not even close to worth returning. And with the US Economy, it's a bad time to open up such a big park and have such high expectations or expect so much income in the first year. It's quite the investment that isn't going to see much money returned really quick like they apparently expected. What would really help the park is if they booked bands to play there. I haven't heard that they do yet, but I'm sure tons of people would pay to check out the park if they could go and see a Aerosmith concert on site in a 2 for 1 ticket deal or something. Look at Big Mike's TR of Hershey Park, and see how crowded the park that day with the Jonas Brothers concert next door. HRP could really advertise this throughout there restaurants and that would interest more people then other ways would. My friend works at Hershey Park and says any mid-week day can be as packed as a Saturday or Sunday if there's a concert next door that night. "Come to Myrtle Beach and check out HRP" or "Plan a vacation to Myrtle Beach, and get a sweet combo ticket deal on HRP and seating to a Led Zep concert and have the time of you're life" which sounds better to you? I'm just throwing ideas around
  4. agreed, it's been tried, and failed. Now Intamin can go back, look at what made SoB's loop not so hot, and fix it. Vertical Lifts will be common. Less Track / Space and the only downfall is needing a dual chain lift or a new anti-rollback system. Ravine Flyer 2 rides will be more common, that only cost what 6-8 mil$. Some parks put that into flats, and here's one of the best woodies in the world costing that much. A bunch of the monster once great now ball busting woodies will start being torn down too in the next 20 years.
  5. any other pictures of UltraTwister laying there? Pictures of ExCoasters laying in a field or train cars hidden nerd me up.
  6. I dont know if im alone here, and I know it's early but they should of atleast built another big coaster. One big coaster isn't enough to make the enthusiast or the GP coaster riders come back. The park is theemed to be "edgey, rock and roll, and for teens and thrill seekers" And they have one noteable coaster. 100 years ago that would work, but not anymore. People won't come back after only riding Zep. That's the other downfall of the park I think. Cedar Point, SFMM, SFGADV, Kings Island, Hershey Park, SFOG, Kings Dominiton, BGA are all within reasonable driving distances of huge cities. This park isn't. South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia are no where near the top of the list of most populated areas, and with the state the park is in now then no one will be repeating a visit or visiting at all (cite http://www.prb.org/Datafinder/Topic/Bar.aspx?sort=v&order=d&variable=395)
  7. i agree with the location. No one in the Mid Atlantic (New York, Phily, Baltimore, DC) wants to pay all the money to travel to South Carolina. It costs to much flying and gas is way to much. Our family for example used to go to Myrtle Beach, but now with how much that would cost to drive, we just go to Ocean City or a more local beach. Local beaches are striving. You can't tell there's any dip in tourism in places like Ocean City NJ or MD, Atlantic City, or Rehobeth. Im sure people in Florida don't want to waste the money to drive up to SC to go to Myrtle Beach, when they have their own beaches there. It would be the perfect park in the Mid-Atlantic. Every park with the exception of SFA strives around here. Hardly any competition if they place it in a location like Ocean City Md. or even Rehobeth or Atlantic City. Philly, Baltimore, NYC, and Washington DC are all within reasonable drives of those areas And heck, im not paying 50 bucks to only ride one quality coaster and a few flats. Rip-Off. I would second guess paying $30 for a visit there.
  8. Here's by far the best example i've seen Watch the guys camera during the drop. You can almost feel the airtime and G's at the bottom. It's awesome.
  9. I kinda agree, It seems like a vertical drop. There's not much difference between Storm Runner's drop and Fahrenheits (other then length.) There is one point, the first time I rode Fahrenheit I could notice the beyond vertical (front row) just because you're like facing inward toward the train and track instead of straight at the ground. There isn't much difference tho. That occurs for like .5 seconds and if you blink you'll miss it.
  10. I was when I was little. I live only 5 mins away from the Strasburg Railroad, and grew up around there. I even currently work at a tourist trap restaurant really close to the railroad itself. http://www.strasburgrailroad.com/
  11. That makes a lot of sense to me. I really don't believe it will be the common Beast, Mustang, Diamonback, name. I think Beast, or King of Beast in another language is the best guess other then LSHoF. They want the ride to stick out, so don't give it a common name.
  12. beyond vertical = ejector airtime. I agree^ ejector airtime and traditional airtime are two totally different rides. Which you get plenty of both on Fahrenheit. Haven't rode Maverick yet, but from what I've heard it has much of the same
  13. ^ they were mentioned a couple of pages ago, but i didn't realise until now how tight that hammerhead or turn to the right looks. Could it be a new element or something? Or am i just seeing things.
  14. If they name the ride after Ford it will break and need repaired every 6 months But honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it is a corporate ride. Everything gets sponsored anymore.
  15. close call to roar. I never went in the attraction, but still it's just one less ride and one more setback for SFA, which is starting to fall apart. Two Face is leaving, and nothing is coming in.
  16. 9 ducks, is my guess. and you had to of picked the worst day ever to go to Hershey. 10103948230482 13 year olds roaming the park. Usually Comet never goes past a switchback, and the other rides aren't much more then a 5-10 train wait on any weekday this year. Glad you enjoyed Fahrenheit tho.
  17. I love Vekoma flyers. and if the park is looking for a small fairly cheap ride, looks good to me.
  18. I agree that the second drop will be the largest And sorry guys, i forgot to add the 300+ Ft drop, encase anyone is ambitious like thoughts I had, just add it to the 290-299 foot and I'll consider you a winner if it is over 300'
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