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  1. I agree. The 1 series hatch has never really been "hot" to me, but they could have at least tried to do something nice with the bumper/shirts/diffuser etc. And god, those wheels are horrendous!
  2. Unfortunately it's not really up to them - especially if someone passes legislation similar to the hybrid tax benefit from several years ago. Anyways, several years ago, well before the 1M was announced, I said I would kill for an m version of the 1 series hatch. Obviously the 1m didn't quite meet my desire for an odd number of doors, as fantastic as that car may be (and that still may end up my next car). So I was happy to see this concept, the M135 However, come to find out, its not really a proper M car in regards to it being thoughtfully re-engineered. It's pretty much just a
  3. I was curious so I looked it up - the Tesla gets about 300 ft-lbs of torque.. which is quite good, AND it gets that across its entire range of RPMs. I was mostly curious because they had the Fisker Karma on top Gear last week and said it has more torque than a Veyron...
  4. Meh Johnson and Clemens threw that much for years, and pitchers have been doing that forever. People need to stop babying pitchers
  5. Congrats Dave! Cool car and graduation.. I love that color, but they put the steering wheel on the wrong side Seeing a 911 (in all likelihood) ruined is a sad way to start my day, but the story is definitely worthy of a laugh! Idiots.
  6. I really have no comments on the car since there's really nothing to compare it to. I just hope it would be an actual fun little rwd coupe for under 30k$, could make a good DD candidate
  7. What he said. I award you one dancing Piers for your insight.
  8. Unfortunately, we couldn't do this in Georgia without changing the laws. Currently, drinks must remain the same price every day - ever seen a true "happy hour" special on drinks in GA? I hate this state sometimes. I *LOVE* the idea though. As a combination of beer and economics, with the sexiness of a Vegas betting lounge-style board, it is brilliant.I know it is executed on a smaller scale at times, such as "kick the keg" nights where they slash the price of a beer on an off-night to bring people in, and empty the keg quicker. I too would love to see this concept expand When it said "
  9. Remember to show your work if that is the conclusion you came to. Random guesses are not allowed. It's Merlion Park http://www.theodora.com/wfb/photos/singapore/singapore_photos_7.html However, I think that's a clue to throw us off. PS Iberia is the peninsula with Spain and Portugal, not anywhere in Africa. << secretly hoping they are headed to South Africa since that was my WAG a few days ago
  10. DL 10 landed in London this afternoon - took of from E8 in ATL, the green currency card is for GBP
  11. I'm just curious as to how he judges their driving ability...? And most young people aren't that great to begin with.. .. and there are probably many more in garages that you never see! Every respectable-sized town has lawyers and doctors and successful businessmen who can afford that kind of stuff. To this date, the only time I've ever seen a Ford GT was in a small town in rural Georgia. Which M3? Cause a 10 year old M3 is nothing too special, and can be had for less than 15k (which, subsequently, is about 2 years worth of maintenance on that thing). Even newer E9x's are creepin
  12. The irony of dumb bitches driving cars that us poor petrolheads lust over http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/car-life/cheney/kim-kardashian-stole-my-car/article2322766/page1/
  13. lol @ German El Toro being so high. Glad I've still been on 7 of the top 12!
  14. I cant believe you took a picture of me being a nerd... //kill me now
  15. I'm just going to go ahead and say that Elissa is not allowed to post in this thread anytime soon.
  16. I don't see your point - cause they would have replaced Bama, and no one had a better resume than LSU so they certainly needed to be there.
  17. 100 posts and no one said Elissa the ride I don't think I'd wait more than 20-30 minutes for anything now
  18. I actually fail to see how this is a problem - I have no problem with companies protecting what they want to keep secret. Without looking up the details of the case you're referencing (apparently that group has filed hundreds of suits), I see no reason why a trade secret can't be protected. I'm not crazy about creating a police state on the internet, or giving the government any more power, but if protecting trade secrets is what we're talking about - I dunno. I still think that jobs should be the pressing issue, or maybe all these net cops will solve all of our problems
  19. Funny story: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=608491#p608491 Amazing how things change over the years
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