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  1. If notre dame and uga both lose (very plausible), Alabama vs another SEC team who didn't win their division (Florida)? I think it will still be Alabama vs Oregon, any other predictions? However after watching Stanford slow down Oregon, I'm not sure bama-Oregon is appealing as it once was..
  2. I do give Logan Morrison credit though for being vocally ok with what happened. I really like him - @LoMoMarlins I'm sure he'll have to change his twitter handle by this time next year though
  3. I will not support that team again until Loria sells the team, or he ends up in jail. Preferably both of those. Fuck Jeffery Loria and David Samson, those pieces of shit. I would honestly not be surprised if Miami never recovers from this and they end up being sold and moved. To say I was angry last night would be an under-statement
  4. I really like the new Camaros, but those plastic splitters look like shit Finally, a better use for the Panamera
  5. aaaaand almost on cue, our AD bolts for Clemson. I won't have anything significant to contribute to this thread for at least five years If anyone has the time, I'd love to see the timing of Joey's SEC-is-overrated posts in relation to USC losses
  6. ^ Positives of a 4-game sweep: less McCarver?
  7. I guess these top-10 matchups in the SEC don't count? AL vs LSU this weekend UF vs UGA UF vs USC UF vs LSU UGA vs USC LSU vs USC An SEC school has participated in the Chick fil A kickoff game most of the time too (Playing the likes of Clemson, VT). Alabama opened with Michigan and has played Penn State recently too. LSU played Oregon last year. Just because they usually have one or two cupcakes doesn't mean they are playing a soft schedule - their in-conf schedule more than makes up for it
  8. While I agree that SEC teams should be used to the hostile environments (a MWC team going to LSU would be shocked), I'm sorry, but the SEC is still by far the best conference. They sell out huge stadiums, have legions of diehard fans, have the best defenses, attract the best recruits, and going underfeated in conference is a serious achievement. Speaking of recruits.. I don't have much more to say on football this year - the state of our program is an absolute mess, and it goes back to talent. I think we as a school have just gotten too stringent with our admissions - the latest freshman c
  9. I disagree. A color can really make a car pop - and IMO a sports car should stand out Of course, the two greatest blues are Interlagos and Laguna Seca. Fuck I love BMW blues Took like 7 or 8 years or whatever, but I finally saw one in person used car plates.... lol
  10. South Carolina is funny. 90k fans every weekend to cheer for a team that has only won their division once in 20 years, and only won 5 bowl games in their more than 100 seasons
  11. I saw an Aventador a while back that was powder blue with matching powder blue wheels - I can't believe I'm saying this, but it worked. Probably the only car on earth to pull off that combo And any car that shoots flames out of its poo chutes as if it just ate Buffalo Wild Wings is ok by me
  12. I'd like to take credit on behalf of the Marlins, who rattled Strasburg and made the Nats sit him earlier than expected
  13. Disappointing, but understandable, to hear about the fate of Wheelie. Great to hear about the new ride though!
  14. Comparing an NFL game to a MLB game just isn't fair - I'm pretty sure the Bills vs Browns would be higher rated than the MLB game It was so awesome seeing them sell out a bunch of games this summer. I was really pulling for them (my Dad and a lot of his family are Pirates fans). And PNC is the best MLB park to watch fireworks at, as they reflect off the buildings in the skyline across the river. And they have a solid beer selection and great food - easily my favorite retronouveau ballpark. My team did that with Hanley Ramirez and he still ended up being dealt... ohhh, Mar
  15. That was it - the top 2 teams that don't win their divisions have a play-in game for the wild card.. Though I can understand how a Pirates fan wouldn't need to know how the new playoff rules work
  16. Good point There is too much red tape for the park to get a 400 foot tall ride. That can't be something they are considering, but would (as you said) indicate that guests are more in favor of thrill rides Wheelie hasn't gone anywhere - perhaps you misread his post.
  17. I can't understand why people are saying Five Guys is expensive - the regular cheeseburger has 1.5 times the weight of a Big Mac and as such costs about 1.5 times a Big Mac (while tasting much much better than the McDonald's crap!) Then there are the gourmet burger bistros that sell $10-15 burgers.. now THAT I could understand being called expensive (though I disagree), but not Five Guys. A burger and fries from there really does fill you up, unlike most of the slop that fast food chains serve
  18. ^ Something I don't want to come to terms with
  19. UGA did that last year too while USC only played Arkansas
  20. ^ for you or for Robb? Micro finance seems cool, but how many projects are really successful? I mean, I understand there is an inherit risk in being an entrepreneur, and I can't really describe why I'm apprehensive about the idea.. but I just am. Something about the internet being full of weirdos, and if these people couldn't sell their friends and family on the idea...? It could either be "cool, you found out that some people might like it" or you could just find the super small niche of people who were looking for that product and stumbled upon it (as in literally the only people on the
  21. I like Five Guys. I like Whataburger a lot too, though the lack of availability probably helps my perceptions. I'm not against In-n-out, I just don't think it is anything more than middle-of-the-pack. Dave, when you come down here next year, we will have to go to 5 Napkin. It's the best gourmet burger place in the city IMO... Farm Burger in my hood is really awesome as well but a bit of a drive from midtown (I like the Vortex too) edit: apparently 5 napkin has closed, but they have other locations link. Good riddance, as much as their burger was awesome, the place was run by idiots and
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