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  1. Calc III Physics I Microeconomics CS .. I'm taking a light semester, somehow. 14 hours.. wow..
  2. ... but apart from the decent assortment of rids the park blows for service, cleanliness and other things
  3. I'm going to say Lake Compounce. It looks like you got off on top of the sky ride. The tubes look like their's. The crackers may go with the clam chowdah, hence the Boston reference. TWA flight 800 went down somewhere in that area. .. but I hold a reservation for Knoebels too. There was an idlewild ski shop up in that area.. hmm...
  4. While everyone else is doing coasters and such and the thread asks for attractions I'll be different and restrict coasters 1. Bumper Cars (Hoffman's) 2. Skooters (Knoebels) 3. Flyers (Knoebels) 4. Phantom Flyers(ParCar) 5. Spiderman (IOA) 6. Shockwave (PCW) 7. Dollywood Express 8. Nitro (MFI) 9. Psyclone (PCW) 10. Ripsaw Falls (IOA)
  5. ^ So, where's Johnny to tell me what I won? That's a pretty good point, and they keep coming back year after year.
  6. Yes, I think it could be one of the best also. Seven months from now we will begin to find out. I take back what I said about the Gasp, it looks like the station will be "goliath" itself and take up half of the area of the tower's base.
  7. Looks to me like it could have been saved: OK now for my thoughts. The ride looks even better than I had imagined. This morning, they also hinted at a USA-section revamp, which is cool I hope its as good quality wise as the Golden Kingdom. Oh how I cannot wait until next April 8) [/url]
  8. Thats what I expected and I too think that's what we've recieved. Here are my photos and such from today: http://sfog.parktrips.com/
  9. No love for Knoebels? I'll stick with Knoebels (the 'other' category) for now, but that could change next spring when I hit Holiday World and Mt. Olympus.
  10. Because enthusiasts think its what the cool kids do or something.. There are bad SF parks, but then there are good and even a couple of great ones. People just generalize the whole chain as being bad when in fact its not.
  11. $4+ in some places of north Georgia. Most I saw in person was $3.99 in Douglassville
  12. I believe so. In a field in which name recognition is key, though they may not say "Mr. Six" I hear a lot of chatter about "that old guy" at the park. The song, whether or not you personally like it, is quite catchy and I always see the kids trying to emulate Mr. Six's moves at the park when the music comes on. Sounds like a fairly successful campaign to me, now if that directly correlated with an attendance increase then they would be in business.
  13. ^They already tried that. I don't think a SF would really fit the Florida "vibe" well anyways. Right away I would sell Darinen Lake, Elitch's and Astroworld. I would then raise season pass prices across the board by 25% or so over the period of the first two-three years (with MM and the two "Great's" being the exception because they are already pretty high). Contrary to the belief of one person who posted here, their SP prices are under-priced. I would however lower concessions fees. I would then try to market to families better, and add a Paramount-esque kids area to each park, or
  14. Wow, I enjoy the Scream Machine a lot being in my home park and all, but never have seen it ranked above Phoenix :shock: edit -lol, its funny to see how much a list can change in a year, especially the wood one after a couple of trips through the midwest Guess that will do for now
  15. Meh, I suck at photoshop but tried to work with the idea... oh crap I forgot the word "over"
  16. I've was going to go the preceding week, but to see the antics of the TPR crew in person I may reconsider and go that day. I can't guarantee though..
  17. I understand that I just thought some people were speculating whether new ownership would sell off some parks after they bought it.
  18. I highly doubt that Six Flags Over Georgia is on the table, and the same for Over Texas, though a Texas park would fit well for Cedar Fair. However, the only one I can fathom them picking up is Fiesta Texas (Since Over Texas is the original, Astroworld is such a dump), and it seems to do fairly well in the books so I'm not sure SF Inc. would part with it. I think Six Flags New England could fit well too, being a park in the relatively un-corporate North East. However, if parks are sold, I think they will be split up among numerous buyers.
  19. I just think the board of execs (likley big-time shareholders) are doing this to see if anyone outside of Snyder & Co. will give them even more money. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me.
  20. Plain and simple: Dragster's theme fits the Accelerator Coaster motif better, Kingda Ka's themeing is more elaborate and well-done. I prefer Ka myself.
  21. ^About 50-60 I think.. I was browsing the parks earlier... Agreed. Flight prices are working out well from what I've found -- You can fly out of NYC for as little as $610 (including fees!). I'm going to check my student travel agency too, last year flights to London got as low as $200, but I think right now they are around $400-500, and I think that's from Atlanta, I'm not sure. Nonetheless, I am quite excited, now I just need my mother to get back in town to discuss it with her 8)
  22. Sounds interesting.. I will have to look into this further and try and figure out if I can afford it I'm sure I'll be able to come up with the $$ though... This is a good deal though, better than what ACE would try to charge
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