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  1. I really need to stop watching autocross videos. I don't need another expensive hobby. lol I dig the racing wheel setup!
  2. I'm really hoping he meant bicycles and not motorized bikes, cause that would be even funnier So I'm glad I don't live in Seattle - one of the guys on the forum I read fitted a "Hybrid" label on his car because he was met with hostility (I can almost understand people not being courteous in traffic in, say, merging situations, but people on bikes spitting at him?!! wtf?). This is funny and sad all at the same time, especially if dumbass ecomentalists actually believe its a hybrid
  3. Remember that USC is really good at losing stupid games they had no business losing... I'm pretty pumped this year - another fairly soft schedule like last year, so we should look better than we really are
  4. Interesting enough, it tends to happen most with "modest" cars like G35s, A4s, etc. Though one guy in a mercedes AMG whatever did rev up at a light next to me once.. at 7 in the freakin morning .. should have taken him though. Looked up the car's sprint times and realized I probably could have had a shot. Silly Mercedes drivers! What annoys me more is the people who ride your ass when they see that you're, uh, driving swiftly.
  5. I don't think that Mindbender ever operated 3 trains. I do believe it had 3 though, and more recently, it got a train from Astroworld after the park closed (but I think that was strictly for parts). Honestly, a third train wouldn't be necessary. Even their best operations couldn't enable them to run all 3 without backing up - can you imagine having to wait before the second vertical loop while the previous train is waiting for the station to clear I felt the 2 were pretty similar. I actually like Viper the best, though I'm under the impression that its hit-or-miss.
  6. ^ I'll give you a hint: there is no reason not to take a Euro Delivery on a new BMW. Especially when you can pick it up in Munich in late September Congrats Bob! The newer Z4s are a step up in luxury compared to the first generation. Joey and I saw someone pick up a Z4 there 2 years ago
  7. That's a pretty generic one - some are more specific than others, I think that depends on how detailed the dealer is inputting the report into the carfax db. I'd just call them and ask - if its at a dealer that sells that type of car (even if not the dealer that originally delivered the car to the original owner), ask for the full service history to be faxed over or go try to pick it up. An actual dealer service report will be far more helpful than carmax, and a pre-purchase inspection is a better way to determine if a car is *actually* clean could be routine, could have just had a dud of
  8. I saw a very interesting discussion recently about how wider tires/wheels don't necessarily result in more grip, I ll see if I can find it, cause it went against everything I've ever known haha The loose nut is definitely more important though. That's why I want to do racing school so bad, I'm actually a pretty timid driver, but I've gotten better it probably matters more in overcoming inertia during accelerations, which is of course half the game in AX. OF course, I guess it matters how the wheel "wears" its weight, tire size, etc, and again, is relatively small
  9. Yeah, I literally was just yesterday posting on the car forum I belong to that RS3's are something I'd be willing to try. I think they cost less than half of my PSS Sometimes I really hate you non-Euro car guys. TSW's are among the cheaper wheels sold for my car, lol. The amount of bang y'all can get for your dollar is awesome, especially the mustang guys
  10. Oh lord first track day in and already talking about coilovers.. next time out you'll be looking for a bbk Not sure if they make wheels to fit the Subaru bolt pattern, but I was really digging some TSW wheels in a shop a while back - pretty light without the full forged price. I ended up going another way and honestly now that I got out on a track I'm kind of regretting it. I can't recommend Michelin's enough, though they are pricey. The racers I know dig Dunlop Star Spec's and Hankook's too, since they eat up tires quicker than I do and don't mind a bit of a compromise for less m
  11. Just keep in mind that a large portion of weekday visitors are groups that likely can't/won't cancel their trip since forecasts only become accurate a few days in advance With that said, just go at opening and you'll at least get a lot in early. Not that I would expect the park to be packed or anything
  12. Don;t hate, San Fran has a nicer park than LA
  13. yeah, its the roughest B&M in the park. Not that that means its really rough Scream Machine was ok. I was pleased with the way the park was when I visited last month, though daily operations had yet to begin
  14. Very cool. You probably won't find too many people racing around here, its a very expensive hobby and most of the nerds here rather use their money to ride roller coasters haha Are you completely stock? AX'ing is super fun - I'm going to get into it eventually. Nothing like being able to use the full capacity of your car legally
  15. I know brisket is a pain I've known very few people who can cook it that's why I want to see if the egg can make it easier. It's probably my favorite cut of meat used in outdoor bbq-ing
  16. ^ I'm certainly not complaining about the Phils and Braves being at the bottom of the East
  17. Is this really for a masters thesis? FUCK I'd really be interested in seeing the final report.
  18. Honest opinion? Its ok, great to pound if you're into that, but I prefer sipping beers with more flavor, especially since it typically carries a somewhat premium price
  19. ^ LOVE your avatar! an engineer saying someone else was too nerdy? Just recently ended a 6 month stint with a total bitch, feels great to not deal with that anymore! So I guess I'm single again...... [creepy voice]ladies[/creepy voice]]
  20. HA yeah, I learned the hard way that the difference in cooking with good beer versus cheap beer isn't worth wasting the good stuff.
  21. Bourbon-soaked wood chips would be much more my taste than coffee, though you did please me with the finishing glaze btw I drove past their corporate showroom the other day. It's fairly near my house, I just never put the picture together (always wondered wtf a big green egg showroom was haha) so I'll have to stop by during their hours! I'm definitely not an expert chef (ask anyone here!) but this has inspired me to step my grill game up
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