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  1. http://jalopnik.com/5909688/the-probably-true-story-of-how-carroll-shelby-really-died
  2. [upon getting in the Phoenix train at Knoebels, May 2005] "Where are the seat belts??" -me
  3. So last week I got a notice that our local Skip Barber school is doing an open house today - meaning FREE time with their instructors! So at 7 this morning I headed up with a couple buddies and we spent the morning getting wet but having lots of fun First up was a small Auto-X course in Mazda MX-5's. These cars were super nimble and perfect for a bunch of turns with no straits long enough to even get out of 2nd gear. All about working on lines! Next to that was the skid pad with RX-8's - didn't get to see many people really do it well, but did see plenty of spin-outs! Of course I
  4. Don't get me wrong, I don't particularly think blue and pink stride gum decals on a green and black train look good.. but to me, the real beauty of the trains is in its shape, which the decals don't really alter
  5. That is one of the coolest devices I've seen in a long time. I think its ugly as sin but this thread has inspired me to seek one out locally, I don't even have a grill and perhaps IO was waiting for something as awesome as this! Thanks for making me salivate tonight
  6. for those who participated in my ad hoc poll on facebook a few days ago - I think we found someone who would pick James May
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCpaCAfhCH4 Throughout the video, I kept asking myself "I wonder how the super car drivers feel about these kids following them..?", we find out towards the end..
  8. At Purdue, they host a car show with Ferraris. At GT, they host the alumni designers of cars
  9. Thanks Dave! You probably won't see much more from me in terms of modifications (though I say that now, and everyone says its addictive once you start) but I always felt the stock wheels were garbage Colin, that is not a bad habit if you ask me! What are the plans for this one? If you don't mind, how much did it cost? I've been somewhat considering buying a new car to drive daily - I was thinking a new VW but I wouldn't mind one that I could easily work on to learn more about how cars work (and what to do when they don't!) and possibly learn how to race in something that I don't have a loa
  10. ^ I heard Porsche is going to design the next 911 like the ones he designed, as a throwback sort of tribute! Nothing like new wheels to change the looks of your car! Before: After:
  11. ^ its funny, I would normally advocate taking the annuity, mostly for guaranteed income. But, honestly, in this case, the value of the annuity is more than 100M less than the cash option, even at a modest 6% discount! Plus, taxes are going to rise eventually, and at these levels, even a couple % increase could really increase future tax liabilities on annuity payments a lot, so might as well take the hit today. Apart from the new Ferrari, of course.
  12. meh, Japanese reliability is overrated. Reliability in general is overrated these days. As is fuel economy. GIVE ME MORE POWER AND LESS WEIGHT
  13. ^ You should be worried #Marlins2012 That's cause he went to a good school I'll give Chipper credit for sticking with 1 team. And for not having a gay tattoo like Tim Hudson!
  14. compared to years in the past, that is quite an upgrade. Be happy! Ninja never really needs to run 2 trains anyways I think people who's birthdays are the same as Six Flags should get free admission too
  15. I do to. That's why I bought a car built in America! Europeans and Asians don't know shit about making good cars
  16. One of these days I'll be able to control my car this well
  17. Moral of the story: anything can be fun with the right people. Proof that, despite sucking, Carnival will continue to do very well. It's been fun to read!
  18. oh, scott, that reminds me, I need to order bumper plugs
  19. this one is clearly the best. why? because it had beer and piers!
  20. They are apparently only going to make *ONE*.. which is one fewer than even the $8M Maybach Excelero (or whatever it was called)
  21. I'm with Dave - the all-electric may be a good idea, but hydrogen cars will be adapted once they are fully refined. They will have several advantages over electric.
  22. ^ How willing are you to give blowjobs?
  23. dead silent =/= pretty sweet So, Lamborghini just went and did what they do best: completely and utterly mental shit http://jalopnik.com/5890191/lamborghini-unica-a-completely-roofless-aventador
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