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  1. ^ Funny that you're liking something that blackberry's have been able to do for years
  2. I am very happy that GT doesn't have to play FSU this year, they look solid. Since Miami is the game that we lost that we should have won, I guess its time to figure which game do we win that we should lose - Clemson or UGA? Given history, I'm going with Clemson =/ I don't typically discount an SEC win as an unimpressive win (there are some exceptions, but Auburn this year is not one of them)
  3. ^WOW, I never knew. Thanks for the insight on marlins baseball ... anyways, I was making fun of the 'canes - you know, the team that is a thirteen point underdog this weekend. Wreck em!
  4. I was thinking, the Pac12 was smart for scheduling Stanford-USC early, allowing that the loser has enough time to climb back up as we all know how much more November losses hurt - now they can potentially have two teams in the national title hunt!
  5. That is the most amazing thing about Apple to me: anyone can produce what they offer, but no one can do it for the prices they charge.
  6. Joey, talk to me when the PAC-12 has five teams in the same division ranked, as the ACC coastal has had on a few occasions.
  7. ^ I agree - though there are some elements here and there that are exciting (ie, dawg pound, black hole etc). But we all know that college football is a far better gameday experience. Admittedly, though I've always followed the Jackets, I was more of an NFL fan growing up - and I'll still say they put one hell of a product on the field - but the uniqueness of each school and their traditions, the students, the comparative lack of corporate bs, the intensity and size of some of the stadiums... I love it.
  8. Not sure what you mean by personality, but... Lambeau?
  9. I thought GT played pretty well the other night - they contained the QB who gave them the most fits last year, limiting his impact, and did ok on offense versus a pretty good defense. Outside blocking sucks (so they couldn't break anything on the perimeter), and we still cannot defend a damn slant route to save our lives. Scheming continues to overcome talent gaps at Tech, as was seen with the better execution as the game went on. I'm ok taking the best team in the division to OT at their place. We will do well against lesser talent, though we probably just aren't championship-caliber, and
  10. As I told you last night, the place was rockin. It sort of reminded me of seeing LSU play in the dome a few years ago - the intensity of SEC fans, but without being complete dicks. They were crazy about their team. I was shocked about how nice the VT fans were. I have all the respect in the world for that program now, and am glad I got to see Lane at night. Blacksburg was a typically cool little college town. I think I'll make that trip every time we play up there now, it was awesome all-around, making the end result easier to swallow. (plus the matchup is always close and important) Easil
  11. If the cocks can beat UGA I'm good with that I can't wait to see the rest!! Virginia Tech will still probably out-do us Camo! I guess they are trying to steal fans from WV wtf These are the only white GT helmets I like
  12. I spoke too soon. But at least football season is back!!
  13. I have no problem with the gear itself, I just wonder if being a smaller supplier is why GT fan gear is harder to find/more limited. Though somehow even we, with a super majority of male students, have a Victoria's Secret pink line. lol
  14. There aren't many good things about having Russel Athletic supply the GT football team, but at least that mean's we will never have Pro Combat unis
  15. I'm surprised there is no active topic discussing this... So, what are you watching? What are you looking forward to? Discuss!
  16. I agree - the school or courts should have come up with the punishment, but football means too much to the school/community so that would have never happened. Sad thing is how the olympic sports will be hurt by this ruling, but even had PSU been given the death penalty, football still subsidizes the other sports...
  17. blah blah blah just because "Everybody's doing it!" doesn't mean its ok!
  18. The Wingate has a significantly lower murder rate than other hotels in the area.
  19. Terrapin Golden Ale is good and refreshing for summer, as is of course Bell's Oberon (but that one might require a liquor store)
  20. I seem to remember them selling liquor too at the Peach Bowl in 08. Can't think of another stadium that I've been to that did so in non-club areas
  21. First time I've seen one. There was a time when I was a bit intrigued by this car, but meh.. This is my problem, I don't do moderation Though at this point I'd just be happy to get my car back. Haven't had it since the end of May
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