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  1. Update time! The Spirit is pretty much finished, so here's a few pics. Be sure to comment! From outside the park. A train coming out of the mist at 130 mph. Just after the back-up queue. Entrance and back-up queue. It's huge, just like the ride. This picture really shows how tall this thing is!
  2. Now it's not only the hacks that amazes me, your buildings are great, even in NE-standards. Seriously, this is fantastic.
  3. LOL, that's actually funny, I've been thinking about that too! In the theory, people seeing "red" as the color green would think it is "red". But what's the color green then...? Well. Nevermind.
  4. It looks great, but try to edit your photos little less. Editing is a nice way of making things look good, but unfortunately also a way of hiding things you don't want to show. Get it? Keep it up though. This looks promising.
  5. No, sorry. I love the smilies and they are based off of one of my favorite video games - Taiko No Tatsujin. They were custom made for TPR and they will not be changed! They are very "TPR!" What about the forums are clumsy? Please explain. See, comments like these aren't useful to us at all. You can't just make a very general comment and then expect us to be able to read your mind and fix what you don't like. You need to tell us what it is you don't like and then FOLLOW UP WITH EXAMPLES so we can better understand what the problem is you are having. We want to make the forum and the site better, but comments like "the forums are clumsy" don't help us improve the site at all. --Robb Sorry! I mean that there's many small, but annoying things about them. For instance the fact that the "New Topic"-button was right next to "Post Reply" in the old forums. I would also be really happy to see some sort of "Save Draft" function when making replies. I've lost many good posts with lots of attachements this way! And this may just be me being nit-picky, but could you somehow change the html-code function when making texts? I am getting used to it, but if it could be like Word or something, where the actual look of the text shows up in the comment box it would be GREAT! Oh yeah, I really hope to see the "Preview" button thing with photos showing up in the wrong order fixed, too - that would save lots of time to us who post photos! Lastly, finding your way round in your profile is annoying. That could be done much easier, (think Facebook!) It's especially when editing my profile it annoys me. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to say it more precisely. It's something about the tabs in the top of your profile that seems un-logic and somehow to... complex? Hope that helped!
  6. It's good with "rounder curves" But is it just me, or does the text seem much harder to read in the new version? This may be because of the new design, which is more borderless and with fewer lines. I'm looking forward to the new forums though. Always thought that these were a bit clumsy to use! Also, have you thought about updating the smilies? I don't think they are to neat, to be the honest. Or, maybe it's because they look sort of out of place in the new forums.
  7. Well, all the supports are custom (took 3 hours, just to do the tower) the queue fences, some of the trees, and the station and so on. Withouth the cs, the ride would just be a tall tower with ONE thin, grey support holding it all up. Looks like crap!
  8. It's a full-size strata, similar to TTD in layout, just taller. Let me know what you all think of this ride - feedback is as much appreciated as needed!
  9. Looks good, but I have to be honest and say that I don't think the ride fits the theming. You could try a new fence type.
  10. Still looking great. Can't wait to see a POV - and the theming is awesome!
  11. The problem would usually be caused by 8 cars. If you send the park to someone who is a pro with the program, it should be possible to sort the problems out. The park is still looking as great as always though!
  12. This park is simply mind-blowing. The thing that amazes me the most is the amount of detail you put into this park. It's the best on TPR, and it certainly has become one of the better in the Atari forums!
  13. Some minor refurbishments are being done to the Impulse coaster... Remember to comment and reply! ...which is no longer an Impulse!
  14. 6th update! Hi all! Today is going to be a huge update including: Dynamite, S&S screamin' swing. Mack Water Coaster preview. The Eagle POV!!! [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=The_Eagle_6fq4[/coastertube] ...and much more. That's all, folks! Be sure to comment and reply! Mackness. Just threw a random Sky Stallion pic in, I haven't shown you much of this ride. It's as red as my captions suck. It's a nice Screamin' Swing... Or what those things are called. And the newest one is this, called Dynamite. It has! To all that said the park hasn't flats. Awesome. It even got itself a 2 minute, crappy logo! Mountain Monster is still there... Speaking of Maniac Mine train. This ride has some pretty awesome twisty bits high up in the air! Maniac Mine train in the background... This outdoor buffet just opened in cowboy town.
  15. Looking at this, it's just like the real life pictures of CP! It looks very, very accurate, even though I'm not into NL at all.
  16. ^ Thanks! 83 mph., 2 (3) inversions, roughly 230 foot - and... an excitement rating of 6.7 Don't ask me why, maybe it's just the CTR. And a huge thanks to Mastersax for sending me a PM with a link to some footers. I downloaded them (dasMatze Utilities) and they're so good that I've got no excuse for using them. I hate you Mastersax. I spend 3 hours today putting them beneath the supports of the 3 largest coasters. It isn't always a perfect fit (I use SteelWorx) but at least it's better than no footers. coaster "I hope you got the friendly tone" 1000 "Footing" this ride was a pain in the *** See you! It took so long I'm dull enough to show you pics.
  17. Awesome! I really like the look of that slide. Is it just me, or is this toilet bowl part slightly smaller than on others of this type, or is it just because the pic is zoomed? And how does it look inside? Can't wait to see more! This park is definately going to be honered in NE.
  18. This could really turn into something interesting! I like the overall idea of this park. There's not much to comment about yet, but I suggest you removing the hedge fence, and replace it with something a bit more realistic. Also, if your plans are to make a very large park, I'd suggest you redoing some of the entrance plaza. This is a lot of work to do, but it's better to do now, instead of being unhappy with such a small entrance when you have no space for expanding. Looks like it is going to be a beautiful park, though.
  19. Update! Mountain Monster is FINISHED! And The Eagle is close to completion, too. Postcard. Be sure to reply and comment! See you! I'll finish the update with a couple of Mountain Monster pictures. The little pavillion offers a scenic view of the lake. From a distance. This area is going to have a lot of restaurants, etc. For some reason the game doesn't allow me to place rides entrance/exits there. Weird. The Eagle. This ride is awesome.
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