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  1. ^ The pictures are taken and uploaded by Cedar Point. We just steal them. Can't wait to ride it this summer!
  2. Is it going to be bought by Cedar Fair too? "Dragon Deck" Anyways, I think it's nice to see the enormous potential Asia has - lots of new parks has opened lately.
  3. Thanks for the replies! Special thanks to themeparkman25 for such a detailed review. Pictures will be posted ASAP.
  4. Hi all! I've played RCT for as long as I can remember, so NL is very new to me. I bought the game just 2 weeks ago. I've been pleasantly surprised: It was a bit easier than I thought, but I guess the really hard thing is to make that coaster which could be classified as "fantastic". Because I think making a semi-decent thing is (actually) quite easy. So that is what this is. Viking Berserker is a high-thrill woodie, focusing mainly on airtime and a few quick transitions. It also has a 20 mph lifthill (supposed to be a cable lift), and features the first overbank on any wooden coaster. I just used the standard auto-support program included. And I'm way too new to NL to use any add-on, so the track is completely handmade, and that will probably show. Please (try to) enjoy my pumpy, painful track. Woodie2.nltrack Viking Berserker (Sponsored by Advil)
  5. Don't really know what to say. I'm too busy picking my jaw up from the floor.
  6. WOW! This looks great. It sort of reminds me of a Mega-Lite. The first drop, turnaround, and airtime hill look somewhat similar to the opening third of the Mega-Lite. The airtime looks great, and while it might be ruined by the OTSR's they look very...needed. From the reverse POV's it does look like you'll get thrown around a LOT. A couple of questions to the cool guys who were there at the Media Day: How does the first drop compare to MF's? Did the OTSR's affect the airtime? And lasty, how smooth/comfortable was the ride? Can't wait to ride it... sometime.
  7. Seriously, this is awesome! Everything about it, the way you figured it out, and the fact that you're sharing it all with us. Great!
  8. And thank you! I downloaded it, but I'm too stupid to use it - I have completed my first coaster now... It has just got the default supports, and is a bit pumpy... But I'm getting the hang of it. Seriously, NL rocks.
  9. Another question from the noob guy... Is it possibly to connect two vertices? By this, I mean to make two or three vertices into one?
  10. I just bought this... So this is probably a stupid question, but is it possible to make the map larger, if I for instance want my coaster to be 600 feet? Is that possible? And can you make launches faster than 200? Thanks!
  11. I think he's in doubt of what to do with the park, hence the recent lack of updates. I fully understand it though... Making a park this detailed requires not only great talent, but a lot of time! Usually he would do an update maybe, say, in each 3 days. It's HOURS of work every time, and it must be pretty hard. I'm pretty impressed that he managed to pull off such a level of detail and consistent quality over the past few months, and while I think (think) this park is ending now, I would love to see it continue.
  12. UPDATE TIME! It's been a while haven't it? Well, Endless Adventures is still up and running better than ever. The park is close to completion now, lots of new rides has been built, some has been removed, new buildings etc. Here's a few photos for you all to enjoy. While I'm not a big fan of those "timeline" parks/or "realistic" parks, the next should be read as a TR from a visitor in the park. Hi! I went to Endless Adventures today to check out some rides, and the world's no. 1 wooden coaster, Sky Stallion. It rocked! Oh yeah, they have Spirit too... The tallest, fastest and most unoriginal ride around. Sky Stallion POV! [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Sky_Stallion_pov_bjm9[/coastertube] Good morning awesome skyline! Looks like the park is gonna be crowded today. The entrance plaza. It looks really nice! First up was the Spirit aka "waste of money". Seriously... First came Top Thrill Dragster, which is awesome, then Kinda Crap, which is more of the same, just rougher and suckier, and then you would think the world had had enough. But no... I give you... The Spirit. Looking into the station (I actually took this on my way out) The ride itself was awesome, though. Silk smooth, nice airtime on the top, and the double twist made me dizzy. But. NOT worth 75 minutes in a HOT line. Enough of this! The best woodie in the world is lurking through the trees. Oh, pretty. THIS is airtime. Puts El Toro to a shame. There is also a small woodie behind SS. It's called "Bison Hunt." It was pretty quick for a kiddie coaster, but equally rough. :/ The station. That turnaround was the roughest part. Gold Mine Mania! A really nice mine train. I like it lot, unlike many other... Dynamite. Didn't want to wait 1 hr. and 30 mins. for this one. Front: way to low capacity ride. Back: Best friggin coaster in the world! Exiting Frontier Town, what's that in the distance? Farther away... It's time for THE EAGLE!!! How very pretty. AMAZING roller coaster. Very, very forceful in the back row. Hiding in the woods... Only bad part: The ride can maximally run two trains. We waited an hour... The park was packed today. I continued over the lake to the Forest Village. I rode Insanety (flat ride) once with no wait. The ride is very uncomfortable and has a bizzare long ride cycle.. I also rode the big a** ferris wheel. nice views! One other thing: The rowing boats is now an upcharge ride. LAAAAME. Forgot this shot... Guess what it's time for now... MOUNTAIN MONSTER! This ride just looks so intimidating. But it's a bit "meh". Fun, yes, but "meh" You can't argue on its looks though - just... beautiful. 0.0 It's really popular with the GP. Funny story... I heard someone in the line saying he was looking forward to ride this awesome Intamin... LOL, ROFL HAHAHAHAAH. So funny. Cause it's a B&M haha best joke ever. Only got one pic of Empire Express. I love the ride. But it's just so damn rough. Worse than Kumba actually. It's great fun though, and I waited like... 20 minutes. I heard from some guy in line that they plan on taking it out and build a inverted strata wooden aquatrax with 6 across seatings and 24 inversions. I can't wait for next year! Looking down "The Golden Path". Love that name. The park has many "classic" flats like this. They never have a line After a ride on the ever-so-popular Diskos, it was time to head home. Thanks for a great, and hot(!) day EA
  13. ^^^ Holy crap. That's crazy, man. I may start a thread for this soon. Endless Adventures is almost finished, too. Entrance so far.
  14. NE level. Awesome architecture. Looks very well planned. I'm excited!
  15. I think this park is over now. But it was really nice to follow this thread!
  16. It looks like Nürburgring's Ring Racer is going to be beaten, maybe even before it opens. This new roller coaster will reach speeds of 149 MPH. according to Ferrari Worlds official website. The ride will be located in The United Arab Emirates. Ferrari world is going to be an all new racing themed park. I'm sorry for the lack of more information - this is all I could find. Ferrari Park announcement/video. http://www.ferrari.com/English/News/Pages/09february27_newsF1_02.aspx http://www.ferrari.com/English/Ferrari_TV/Pages/FerrariTVPlayer.aspx?serverId=2364&c=Video&cat=13 Youtube videolink (unofficial): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNiHpuy41W4&feature=related
  17. I really like nr. 3! I think it would seem a little less overwhelming if you choose to tone down the colors and add some foliage - I know it's just the layout you've shown, so these are suggestions. 1 is nice, too. A bit ordinary, maybe, but if 3 is too hard to pull off I'd stick with nr. 1.
  18. A new gift shop has opened near The Eagle! Just wanted to show it, I kind of like the building. Another angle. See you! From Eagle's queue.
  19. ^ I see! I'll raise the point where the twist starts. And I actually like that idea of a double-twist!
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