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  1. ^ Thanks! About the tree thing, RCT3 comes with three types of pine trees. Thats it, and the CS packs doesn't have more. If you can recommend me a good footer set I'd love to! I've tried two sets, that both sucked.
  2. ^^ Thanks to both of you! Empire Express POV! [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Empire_Express_ngl6[/coastertube]
  3. Hi all! Thanks for all your replies. I wouldn't do updates if you weren't commenting! About posting unfinished pictures, I know it sucks to see them. But I wan't to show progress of the park and not the fininished product. Yet. I've been really busy lately, so not much new has happened, but check out these pictures. HAPPY NEW YEAR! What happens when you open the park... Don't forget to comment and reply. See you soon! Splashdown of the new water ride. Overview - yet another unfinished photo, I know, but this is really just to give you an idea of the park's infrastructure and layout. Station. I don't know how many hours that station took me to built, but it was a lot! I said I sucked at buildings... Through the loop!
  4. I really like this park, it's awesome! I know you're probably tired of getting bugged about your color schemes, but I personally think that the purple color for the supports is a bit to bombastic. The rest of it looks quite nice.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone! Here's just a small update, with a couple of layout pics and a teaser for the parks final coaster. Enjoy! Don't forget to comment and reply! The background isn't that interesting... Mountain Monster layout. Empire Express layout. If anyone is interested in a POV video PLEASE tell me how to upload them. TPR tells me the file is too big!
  6. OMG, do you really mean that? I think there's a lot of amazing parks here! And what NL thing were you referring to? I'll try to do that support thing ASAP.
  7. Update time! Lots of things has been going on around the park lately, and today I'm gonna show you some of the parks flat rides and a couple of buildings - as promised. I'll also show a bit more of The Eagle which is almost finished now. All I need is the queue! Hope you enjoy! Last photo... I did my best and tried to fix the Intamin supports, but it seems all CSO packs hate Impulses. Is this any better? And maybe I'll upload a Mountain Monster POV later today! I've already tried but it tells me the file is to big. What to do? Don't forget to comment and reply! coaster1000 Can the world have too many pics of Empire Express? The Eagle! The supports are finished now. Nighttime shot. Oh. My captions REALLY suck... -.- A better view. So has this little reastaurant! This little fast food eatery has gone up in Cowboy Town. Taken from the park entrance. My captions suck. The boat ride. This one is called insanety. It is EVIL. To flat rides and a boat ride has gone up in the alpine area!
  8. OMG! When I saw this at first I was kind of "meh". But you've really shown some pretty awesome theming, and from what I can see I really like the layout. Where did you download that Intamin CR btw? I have one too, but it looks like s*** compared to yours!
  9. I'm pretty excited to see that toilet bowl ride! And this park is simply mind-blowing. It doesn't get much better!
  10. Thanks to both of you! I've added all the coaster in the park now. But I decided to add them first, so buildings, flat rides etc. that are easy to fit in don't block the building of the coasters. I have started putting some buidings/flats into the park and in the next update I'll show you some of them. Be prepared though, buildings aren't my strongest side! As for the supports on the Intamin, I'll try to fix them as soon as possible. coaster1000
  11. Hi again! A new ride is being built in Endless Adventures! What could it be? But first, some general park pics! I'll conclude this huge update with a final shot of "The Eagle" - keep in mind this ride is completely unfinished! I'll fix the supports But there's really A LOT to do in this park. I still have the motivation! See you soon! "The Eagle" is situated right in the end of the alpine part of the park. I really uses the terrain! (Or opposite) A new coaster! The cowboy thing. This is still the most finished area. A final shot of this part, from outside the park. And this is "The Curse," an Intamin drop tower! I don't think I've shown much of this area yet. It's really coming along now. The ride in the background is "Spirit" - a super tall Intamin Impulse. As soon as you enter the park you see this! Let's go to the Mystic Jungle. It's really nice with lots of trees and stuff. I don't think I've shown you the entrance plaza yet!
  12. I FINALLY got a new computer! Rct3 is much faster, so I may actually be able to finish the park! I'll update for real in a couple of days, but here's a few pics to keep you entertained.
  13. I'm REALLY excited! My guess would be an arrow too! Maybe a suspended, or probably a multi-looper!
  14. This park is fantastic and original! One question though: Wouldn't that "landing zone" for the slide be way to short in real life? Otherwise it's great!
  15. Bad news: My computer crashed a couple of days ago, and won't open. Good news: I have a backup of the park and most of its scenery. But, there will be a while before I can update, as I've got to find out if the computer can be fixed, or I'll need a new one. Hope you'll all still be interested in following this park! coaster1000
  16. This all looks really awesome! I like the graphics, the sound, and (from what I've seen in your other vids) the editor. When do you plan to release this? Couple of things that would be cool if you added: G-force meter, and the ability to make a normal "turn" instead of being forced to doing an inversion. Otherwise, it's fantastic. Can't wait to play this game!
  17. The Intamin has 6 cars per train, just like El Toro has. So I guess it is pretty normal. The Empire Express thing is pure coincidence. The layout is nothing like the RCT2 one, and besides, it's a different coaster type. I just thought it was a cool name. I'll try to see if I can update next friday
  18. Thanks to both of you! I'll be gone for a couple of days, so there'll be a while before the next update, but I will try to squeeeze a few layout pictures in.
  19. Hi! This is my first time posting a park on TPR, and also the first time I've made a park that I think is worth posting. "Endless Adventures" is divided into (until now) four more or less themed areas: The Golden Midway (far from finished) Apine Horizon (just begun, and btw, can anybody come up with a better name?) Frontier Town (coming along) Ancient Jungle (coming along, also: can anyone find a better name?) Apart from all that, I also have a pretty large un-used zone. Does anyone have a good idea for that? Anyways: On to the pictures! I'll conclude this update with a picture of SS queue at dusk. - Don't forget to comment. And excuse the bad photo quality. I have to set RCT3 resolution pretty low, or it lag like hell. Unnamed restaurant with EE in the background. And that photo became a bit messed up in the editing! It's looks better than on this photo, trust me The Intamin drop tower. A final shot of the mine train. This ride travels around in the mountain part of the park. Final drop of the log flume. And easy, you won't hit those rocks. The Arrow mine train, which is also located in Frontier Town. Looking from Gold Mine Flooding's queue back in the park. Empire Express is in the very background. I used dasMatze's AWESOME intamin-trains for this one. It has massive airtime! Entering Frontier Town, with the Intamin woodie Sky Stallion in the background. Part of the queue. It isn't really finished yet - I still need to do some custom supports etc. The second B&M in the park is Mountain Monster. It's a Dive Machine. This ride is surprisingly located in The Golden Midway area... Yes, i did notice that creepy non-cs killer support. Heading to the entrance of the park, Empire Express is clearly visible! It's a massive B&M multi-looper. First roller coaster in the park - The Empire Express. First try on a logo.
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