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  1. Simply stunning! Though I've never been to Hershey this looks extremely accurate. How bad has the lag become on your PC at this time?
  2. FANTASTIC TR! Really great photos! They really really make me want to come back, although I didn't enjoy my first visit very much - Hurakan Condor and Stampida was closed for a slight breeze Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I probably will if I have more than a day there.
  3. PortAventura. I really, REALLY looked forward to that park, but they had crazy operations. There was a slight breeze which caused them to close Hurakan Condor and Stampida. Also, Dragon Kahn dispatched like... each 10 minutes meaning I waited 2 1/2 hour to ride the coaster (which I also think is slightly overhyped) Also, the theming wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Btw, the park was beautifully landscaped, and Furious Baco in the front inner seat is easily one of the best and most intense roller coaster experiences I've had. Simply crazy. I guess I have to get back there sometime, for more than a day.
  4. Hm, I don't have the exact count but I rode "Piraten" more than 30 times in a row. The queue was basically empty, so I had my own little ERT session. I still remember it - 30 rides on the worlds 5th best coaster!
  5. Great trip report! I have always wanted to go to SFMM, but I live in Denmark. Oh well, some time. Basically all of their coaster looks great. And I'm a big fan of Superman: The Escape. And Six Flags really must reeeally have some economical problems, just look at the ads on Viper!
  6. Inverted accelerator woodie 4D aquatrax B&M-Intamin-Togo hybrid is definately coming for CP in 2011!
  7. I have seen that posted already, why does it matter which order they are in? I just find it a bit wierd, usually these waterrides build up some sort of tension, with the drops getting bigger and bigger- not that I'm not a fan of CP's idea though. I just thought it was a bit funny, i haven't seen something like that before!
  8. OMG, that ride looks awesome! I don't even have NoLimits myself, but it looks so amazingly realistic. And BTW: -1.1 g. isn't to intense. Colossos, at Heide-Park pulls -1.5 g's. some places.
  9. That looks great! In fact, the standard supports didn't bother me much on that ride, but custom supporting could be a good idea. I like the station building, but I think that the fire and the cogs looks a bit out of place - just IMO.
  10. The second drop is smaller than the first drop? Am I seeing that right? Otherwise, it looks like a good ride. It's going to have very high capacity, 1200 an hour, and it could POSSIBLY, MAYBE, PROBABLY be.... THEMED! Cedar Point has always needed another waterride, and a decent woodie, and they've got one of these now.
  11. Sad to see the old park go. I know I'm gonna get flamed for this, but honestly it looked better than this does now. You can still fix it though. Start by custom-supporting that roller coaster NOW.
  12. Can't wait to see more of that awesome trip! 420 kmh!? That's one of the things I wish I would be able to try soon. And that Etiquette Button-thing made me laugh hard!
  13. YAY! This park isn't dead. It's sooo surprising. Joking - this is one of the best RCT3 parks I've seen for quite a long time, and I'm glad it's back up again. Wonder what the new ride will be?
  14. This is amazing work, the level of detail, the buildings, and the landscaping. I hope you're gonna put some originality into this park, and make it different from other Disney-parks. You're on NE right?
  15. I would usually prefer Intamin over B&M, but this looks a lot better than the "Intaminidator." It's gonna have more airtime, and I like the restraints much more.
  16. It's looking nice, and I really like your buildings and the realism of this park. I have some suggestions though: In general, it's lacking a little bit of detail. Just some gardens, and other small things can do so much to a park. The waterpark is waaay too spread out. It's almost like Cedar Fair, way too much concrete. I like the layouts of you slides though, but would suggest you to make the landing pool for the twisty one slightly longer to avoid damage. But overall, I really like this park, and this came out a bit harsher than I wanted it to. EDIT: Whoopsie, stupid me didn't even realize this was a re-creation! I've never been to Kentucky Kingdom so I can't judge on that. Just ignore the criticism if it contradicts how the park is in real life.
  17. I think he uses ShyGuys paths. Like you said, you just lay a "normal" path and then put the "custom" path over it. It is just scenery, but looks kinda cool. Can be a bit tricky to use though, IMO.
  18. It's looking fantastic, as always. Can't wait for the download.
  19. It's looking fantastic! You really got to keep this up, as it could easely become one of the best RCT2 parks. I have to agree with BelgianGuy about the pool thing though. I think that just plain asphalt or concrete tiles would look better than the black/white thing you have there now. I mean, how many pools have you seen that are looking like that? And I really hope that you will make this park peep-friendly. That would just be awesome! Can't wait to see more!
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