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  1. ^ Agreed. They're delayed like 2 WEEKS. It's not like Flying Turns. Also, they started in really good time, but from what I've heard the weather has really been against them. Try to look at some of the comments at PointBuzz. It's just ridiculous how people blame Intamin and CP for this failure. I think STR could be considered a "prototype". Pilgrims Plunge was way different and utilized another lift system. When building prototype delays should really be expected. CP could of course have built an off-the-shelf B&M looper, but they are known for bringing us awesome prototypes, and I think we should appreciate it (or at least accept minor delays like this.)
  2. Raptor: 1994 Mantis: 1996 Woodstock Express: 1999 Millenium Force: 2000 Wicked Twister: 2002 Top Thrill Dragster: 2003 Maverick: 2007 I haven't said that four years is a long time. But look at that timeline: Usually, there hasn't been more than 3 years between the coasters (4 years between Dragster and Maverick). I'm just pointing out that there's still a chance they may get a coaster next year. Next season, it'll be 4 years - even though I wouldn't mind them getting a flatride
  3. Why build one when you can have two at twice the price? ...And twice the capacity, theoretically. Actually, it doesn't seem too unrealistic! Two right next to each other would look awesome. Maybe they could even have different layouts but the same length? Allright, just speculation...
  4. 500 ft. Disc-O. Well, we can always hope for a woodie. The park REALLY needs one. Heck, maybe there are markers. Only about 5 people have posted their opening day TR's!
  5. ^ Yep, and besides, they already have Power Tower. Maybe it will be some sort of prototype? Cedar Point is known for that after all.
  6. Judging by this line from Kinzel, "There’s more thrill rides than roller coasters" I'm guessing that it won't be a coaster. Jeff Putz from PointBuzz thinks it will be a Huss TopSpin. If it were an Intamin woodie, or a coaster of similar magnitude, wouldn't we see some sort of activity/construction by now? If it isn't a Huss Top Spin, I'm guessing it's a ride that's at least of similar size, and isn't much bigger. Thank you! I don't want to sound like a pathetic fanboy, but, a TopSpin would be a bit of a letdown considering they haven't gotten a new coaster since 2007. CP seems to be richly equipped when it comes to flatrides. Even still, you're probably right that we would've seen some sort of construction now if they went for a big coaster. Oh well, as long as they don't get an SLC.
  7. A Zac Spin in CP? Hmm... Prepare for 4 hour lines then. "Insane", at Gröna Lund has a capacity of... hold on... 800 pph! http://rcdb.com/4309.htm Sure, a Zac Spin would be a great ride, but I think an Intamin woodie would fit the park perfectly, and have a more reasonable capacity.
  8. WOW! Looks amazing... In ten years, coasters will be like that?
  9. I didn't see this one coming. They must be having trouble with the ride?
  10. ...and I thought some coasters were just impossible to recreate in RCT. Amazing job already. You actually made it look semi-good, which (as this is RCT) is awesome. Which forces does the ride pull? And is the height the same as Intimidator305?
  11. Looks like a great project. I would agree with BelgianGuy about B&M trains, if that's what you're going for. Can't wait to see more!
  12. First off, welcome to TPR! The park looks nice - sure has a lot of potential. I'd suggest you to add more trees and foliage, and maybe do a bit of landscaping/terraforming. Terraforming in RCT2 is a pain in the a$$, but it'll pay off. Also, Gionovala hypers don't have vertical drops - but I don't suppose you are going for absolute realism? Good job!
  13. Sorry... Maybe that was a bit exaggerated. And I will. Until Piraten derails.
  14. No. No. NO! This is a catastrophe for Intamin. Though it may not be their fault, I have to say that the recent numbers of incidents are unsettling. This, Xcelerator, TTD. Also, ExpG has had a cable snap before. Millennium had one, too. And there's probably a lot more. I'm not saying it's the company's fault, it *COULD* also be the parks doing a bad job with the inspection. Even still, compare the number of Intamin accidents to B&M. It just isn't right, and no matter who has got the responsibility this is just bad for Intamin. BTW, it does look like the safety system worked as it should. The accident it self isn't really that serious. It's just... the public impact! Really hoping this won't affect operation of other Intamin Hypers, Megas and Giga around. Any risk?
  15. Thanks for all your replies. Those hand stamps sure look ghetto! Even still, it's a pity they haven't got such a system anymore, I think. With a couple of seasons to adjust it it might just have worked? coaster "They should have called Millenium Force MILF" 1000.
  16. ^^ That means I fail at failing. Well. That's bad. By the way, I'm pretty anxious to see what sort of theming it's going to have... If any. Also, another question: I've wondered this for a while, why doesn't CP have a flash pass sort-of system? With 2 hr waits for the big rides on crowded days, it would make (rich) guests happier. And it would make good profit for the park! I remember seeing some people getting "stamped", though. But that is a long time ago. Can anyone explain?
  17. Wow, that was a great TR. Might be going this summer. How were the crowds?
  18. *facepalm* i knew that... don't judge me ( ) we're sneaky. Woops... Sorry. I FAIL.
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