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  1. Awesome, simply awesome. Very clever use of the fences on top of that restaurant!
  2. This is exciting! But I'm a bit confused: Does this mean you're gonna redo the whole thing, or just revamp it?
  3. I think it's great! The stairs aren't overdone at all, I just think it's AWESOME theming. And that's a BIT of a line for a couple of slides.
  4. It's awesome! Doing water rides in RCT3 is HARD. For me at least, they often turn out to be ugly, and wierd. Your rapids ride though, is amazing. It looks very realistic from what I can see. Did you use dasMatze's or ShyGuys rocks, or both?
  5. Is this park dead? This is by far the best park I've EVER seen in this game. Hopefully it's still in the making, and soon finished.
  6. The building in that last picture looks a bit undetailed. The rest is great.
  7. ^ Damn svineflu. Luckily it isn't contagius via the internet. Now THAT would suck! Get well soon.
  8. ^^ I disagree- that foliage is really good! Can't wait to see more of this awesome design. Just like your park, this has NE potential.'
  9. Hey! I love this park. I went to your site, and all the files are listed there. Which one is the park, since it's still possible to download it - and would it be okay with you?
  10. I would say send it in - but just be ready for criticism, as they'll be pretty honest with you. You could add a bit more buildings (not trees!), but I think this looks great, and you have a good chance. Give it a shot!
  11. Most of this is really good! I like the foliage, and in general I like your buildings. The restroom building is awful though. Unfortunately, RCT3 comes with disturbing, ugly toilet buildings - customizing the whole thing will be hard - but at least cover those restrooms! Except for that, which came out way to harsh, I enjoy this park alot.
  12. Looks good, but you should bank out some of the curves. I can't wait to see how the landscaping will be in this ride. AND, I'm HAPPY you added that Pretzel Loop!
  13. I have that wierd queue interest myself. Love this thread. Does anyone have some sort of "overview" picture of KK's queue?
  14. Bump. Is this thread really dead? I was looking forward for a download for such a long time.
  15. This is really unsettling. I absolutely love Intamin, but this is simply to dangerous and NOT okay. Something should be done about this! The last thing people should get hurt on is a roller coaster!
  16. ^ No. Aquatrax. Awesome! Heatwave looks incredibly realistic - would you mind if I asked you what custom scenery you used for the entrance gates at the stations? I can't wait to see more of this park, and I really enjoy your updates!
  17. I have to agree with everybody here. This is absolutely fantastic. I really, really can't wait to see how the fully functioning slides will look. Keep it up.
  18. Great! I like your originality - inverted dive machine doesn't seem very unrealistic to me!
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