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  1. It's looking awesome! Now, I don't know anything about Manga, but look it up on the internet. Keep it up.
  2. I think Limit is surprisingly smooth for a SLC!
  3. Furious Baco, about a month ago. Absolutely fantastic - as long as you ride in the inner seat!
  4. Furious Baco in the outer seat is simple horrible! 85 mph and feeling like it's gonna fall apart. But in the front, inner seat, Furious Baco is one of the best rides I've been on! Any Pinfari looper of death can kill my day too!
  5. I have the same problem with Rct2. I really hate Vista! Compatibility files? I'm gonna try that.
  6. Hi! I'm having a huge problem with Rct2. Yes, it's about the clearances. There are many things: 1: The clearances have gone MAD, meaning if I, for instance, would like to build a roof over a ride entrance the game won't allow me to build it right over the entrance - only what seems like 10 or 12 metres above it. 2: The Zero Clearance-function doesn't seem to solve this problem. 3: In fact, the Zero-Clearance-function and the Un-Zero-Clearance-Function don't work at all - except for the fact that they're are still messing my park up, and ruining the graphics! I run this game on a Windows Vista, but runs it in XP-compitability, I have changed my laptop theme to Windows Classic and checked the "Disable Virtual Themes" box. I've restarted the game and my computer several times, but nothing help. Anyone got a solution? If you want to see the park to fix the problems just write it, and I'll send it to you. Please help me!
  7. Looking nice! If I was you, I'd make a "Part 2" in a new map. It sucks rct2 only allows you to make sqaure maps- so I guess that's the only solution.
  8. Hey! I love this park, why don't you update? And BTW, I don't know if this counts as bumping an old topic, if it does, I'm sorry.
  9. O...M...G! This is looking great Can't wait for another update - and the download! Keep it up!
  10. This is looking absolutely astonishing! Can't wait to see another update. IMO, this is the best park ever made in RCT2. Keep keeping it up!
  11. Hmmm... Spacemaker in Italy freaked the hell outta me.. it's the worlds tallest (42 m. / 138 foot) and a 120 km/h. (75 mph) On top of that i was 8 back then, lol. And the turbo-slide@Tropical-Islands in berlin. Going 70 km/h (43 mph.) through a very tight tube is extreme. And the splashdown is crazy too. Waterslides freak me out more than rollercoaster do! Needless to say, it's the one to the right.
  12. Favorite lapbars: Intamin giga. They're awesome (never tried the B&M clamshell before though) Favorite OTSR: Intamin Launch-coasters: luv them..They're so soft! Worst lapbars: Hmm...Guess that has to be arrow minetrians. Worst OTSR: The AWFUL restraints on Pa(i)nfari loopers. And, to add something different to this thread, I thought about, why does a freefall need to have OTSR? Might sound stupid, but it seems pointless when all a ride like that does, is to send you up and down a tower. No lateral or horisontal forces, and no inversions. anyone agrees?
  13. Just came upon this thread, it looks absolutely stunning! Btw, Isn't that woodie a bit big for a coaster built in the 70's? Or is it just me? Can't wait to see more!
  14. Skara looks great And Tranan looks....wierd, but like fun!
  15. I'm sooo gonna go to Djurs this year! Piraten looks awesome! Can't wait!
  16. Too bad with the weather. Seriously, that sucked. But the park looks great!
  17. Amazing! For the first time (regarding coasters) I'm happy to be living in Denmark. I'm definately gonna go there sometime.
  18. Wow, I just saw this! Looks awesome. Too bad I'm stuck in Europe. Can't wait to see it open!
  19. Wow! That looks great! For some reason, my rct2 have gotten some kind of a bad virus- it won't run makes me sad when I see how good your park is!
  20. Okay, i just want to warn everybody here, that the RCT2 no-cd patch uploaded in these forums is a trojan horse. I've downloaded and installed it on my computer and my antivirus program keep warning me that it contains malware. I have tried to delete it, but it seems to be kind of hard dealing with. So do not download it. I know it is a long time ago the file has been posted, but i just wanted to warn you!
  21. I guess "Spacemaker" in Aqualandia, Jesolo in italia is the most scary slide i've been on! Four persons in a HUGE tube, going down over 40 meters, 110 kmh....... Just crazy! Besides, i were just 8 years when i rided..... Nearly cr@pped all over myself!
  22. It might be because you are using an old CD-rom. Try to install the "No CD Path." I don't wanna sound stupid, i guess I'm wrong anyway...
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