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  1. Okay here is the video .. the editing is pretty terrible since it was like my first time using vegas.. Well anyway enjoy :]
  2. Okay I have been super busy with school work lately so i only managed to finish supports and so some more scenery. Enjoy
  3. Okay here is a coaster I have been working on for a while. It was slightly inspired by the movie avatar but it is not a recreation of the PANDORA land.
  4. Here is a teaser just for a coaster i am working on Pandora.
  5. Looks like you all had lots of fun . I was in Florida last summer and i think i may have stayed in the same place as you. the pools and house are the exact same. It might not be but they look extremely similar.
  6. oh this is cool .. i live in ireland by the way near port-rush in a place called derry youse prop haven't heard of it ! I was at barrys about two weeks ago great report
  7. Did anyone else notice on the second picture from the update that if you look closely it seems like there is track around that tunnel .on my computer i can almost make out three rails ! its probably nothing but just thought i would point that out . .
  8. i like that ad there using on the internat . . and i think the commercial is pretty good !
  9. great update . . has universal released any art work of what the battlestar coaster will look like ..or does anyone else have any info on it ?
  10. i so want to get over there and ride this thing . . it looks really good ! but i wont be there til next summer i live in ireland so i dont get to these parks much
  11. Hi ! im Jamie or Jamzyhee . . call me whatever ! ive been following the forums for sometime but neevr got around to joining til now. I havent been to many parks just the usual in florida and england. But hopefully i will be going on alot more in the future. I like the design rides on Rct3 and have a youtube account.
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