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  1. Just got back from the park. I was the 8th person in line for DDD this morning, was on the second train, and didn't get off the ride until 10:45. Agree with the poster above, that the experience was cool, but capacity was a nightmare, and a lot of the sets weren't working properly. I also felt like having audio would also enhance the ride experience. When you crash through the building during the midcourse brake run, there was no sound, so it felt a little empty. Also, riding without being able to see (I've only been on DDD once a few years ago) really whips you around. You really have to brace yourself. I kept alternating between shouting 'Wow!' and emitting heavy grunts. Also, you kind of lose all nuance of the layout, since you can't actually see anything. So, it was neat to try, but you could not pay me to wait in that line again. It was busy today, and operations were slooooowwww across the board. Really bad. DDD, Batman, and Goliath all experienced slight downtime of 'technical difficulties' while I was in line for them, and I heard others say that they left the lines for Superman and Georgia Scorcher because the rides broke down as well. That was all in the first 2.5 hours of the park being open. Most of the rides were only running 1 train too. Including Goliath, which I got in line for around 12:20 figuring 'welp, everything else is packed and I don't have anything better to do this afternoon' - I didn't get off the ride until after 4. It was hands down the longest I've ever waited for a ride, and probably twice as long as the next longest time. People around me were threatening mutiny. Just miserable operations. That being said, I had only been to SFOG once a few years ago, but Goliath was running way better than I remember it. Tons of airtime. Great ride.
  2. I always forget they have Tempesto. Was the 'caution, extreme drop ahead' sign a relevant clue to anything? Could point to something big.
  3. I agree that this layout is one of the more 'straight-forward'. But the double up / double down bunny hop run towards the end looks really, really great. I also agree that this is far and away the least aesthetically pleasing of all the RMCs, and there's absolutely no help from the terrain. To me, that's somewhat of a turn off. Doesn't mean it won't ride really well, but I certainly appreciate a coaster that looks really good.
  4. So eager to hear reports of how this rides! Agreed that some of the transitions look slow and awkward, just from that video.
  5. This is great stuff! Thanks for posting, you're got a great TR style, with just the right balance of pictures and opinions. I'm a little behind on RMCs - we've been out of the country for the past few years. But I've done Medusa, Twisted Colossus, and Goliath so far, with Medusa being the hands down front runner. Should get on most of the rest of them this year. Really excited for Lightning Rod to open in just a few weeks!
  6. We rode it in September. I love GCIs, so I didn't hate it, but it wasn't good (probably one of the worst GCIs I've ridden, especially in terms of roughness). My wife, who is not as familiar with them, thought it was awful. Couldn't wait to get off of it. Great report! Thanks for this!
  7. I think their half pipe coasters are terrible. Indiana Jones too, no good. If you look down the whole list on rcdb, there are some weird coaster's they've made that wouldn't think came from Intamin.
  8. I'll echo, the Vortex models at CGA and Carowinds are both terrible. Iron Wolf used to be my favorite as a kid, but it later became miserable (haven't ridden it at SFA). And Green Lantern is awful too. I don't know what happened, I remember liking it as Chang. Built over that parking lot too, with that awful garish green super hero theme - pass. I don't have much love for SFNE's Batman either. I actually don't mind Scream.
  9. So, to be clear, they actually lowered the price from the current standard ticket price on low-attendance days, correct? Down from $95 to $80? That sounds like a win to me, from a customer perspective. If we were able to be flexible, we would go out of our way to schedule our trip around the cheaper days, for sure. What's ironic is that you're paying higher prices for more crowded days, which means your paying more money to wait in bigger lines.
  10. 60 on Cannonball Run at Waterville USA, 35 on Batman at SFGAm
  11. Prowler's triple down is beautiful, and was very innovative at the time. So is Storm Runner's triple-up finish. It's the perfect ending. Not to mention the way the flying snake dive thing sets it up. Renegades double turn first drop, and Thunderhead's double turn first up. I love the pre-drop dip on some of the B&Ms, most notably Raging Bull, and Alpengeist. I know it was more function-related than experience-related, but it rocks. Goliath's (WW) stengel dive (and Maverick's). This is small, but I love the slightly nuanced transitions that B&M has, like the heavily banked turn into Katun's cobra roll, and the turns into and out of Wildfire's cobra rolls. I think they're so elegant, and add a lot. I love the aesthetic appeal of the cobra rolls on B&M coasters when they're bowed outwards. The megalites, as a whole, hit the nail on the head. So smart, so compact. I (like others in this thread) absolutely love the 'floating' lift hills of Goliath and I305. The Pax masterpieces Jungle Storm in Bahrain and Wild Train in Austria. Some of the Winjas' tricks are pretty great. Outlaw Run's sideways airtime hill. Medusa Steel's everything, especially that first drip, and the plummeting barrel roll Mystery Mine's finale is brilliant. Tornado at Bakken's spinning launched lift hill. Starry Sky Ripper's 1.5 barrel roll. Good thread
  12. I typically love most B&Ms, even the more 'forceless' ones. But X-flight comes off as one of the most nondescript layouts out there. I've ridden it a handful of times and can't remember it at all. Also, Batman the Dark Knight at SFNE, and a handful of the morgan/arrow hypers. Some of the reeeeaaally old woodies ride pretty forceless as well, like the ones with the raised turn around and no airtime (unless you consider general discomfort as a force). Mine trains usually fall into this category for me too. Even the Intamin mine trains.
  13. I'm not too surprised either. I'd say it's about time. 80 million people, a booming economy and a growing world presence. I love seeing more and more high-level parks emerge out of the developing world.
  14. I'm pretty sure it was Batman the Ride at SFGAm, back in the mid nineties. Still love it.
  15. ^Ha, thank you! Edited to Storm Runner. Got my storms mixed up.
  16. My highest are: Expedition GeForce New Texas Giant Fury 325 Pyrenees Shambhala Anaconda (Gold Reef City) Flying Aces Dragon Khan Skycar (Mysterious Island) Sky Scrapper Outlaw Run Wood Coaster (Knight Valley) Lightning Rod Ravine Flyer 2 Rampage Tremors / Timber Terror Troy Also, in a whole different category than 'quality', I have an affinity for obscure rides. Like, Wild Train (Austria), Diving Machine G5 (Taiwan), Tree Topper (Nova Scotia), Montezum (Hopi Hari), Animal Coaster (Indonesia), Nefeskesen (Turkey), Nitro (India) and Lightning (Kuwait). These are all freakishly high on my hitlist.
  17. Voyage takes the cake for me, hands down. I'm surprised nobody's even mentioned it yet. I'd also add Steel Medusa, Nemesis, Storm Runner, and Boulder Dash to the others people have already mentioned as part of the conversation. They all have absurd combinations of intensity and pacing from start to finish.
  18. I just noticed that rcdb posted a new B&M for Happy Valley Chengdu, and came here to ask if anybody knew anything more about it. A big B&M dive machine is a solid investment.
  19. We just moved back to the States, outside of Atlanta, so we have some catching up to do. Lot's of big plans to fill in some of our holes. We're looking to clean out the south, and get new coasters at: Carowinds, Dollywood, Wild Adventures, Alabama Adventures, and Family Kingdom. We might even make it down to Central Florida again for BGT, Sea World, and Fun Spot America. We have friends we need to visit in Texas (SFOT, SFFT, Kemah boardwalk, and ZDT's), and in Missouri (SDC), which is convenient. My wife's parents are in Pittsburgh, so I'm hoping to go to Waldameer, Conneaut Lake, and Lakemont (those are my PA holes), and I haven't been to King's Island since 2007, before Diamondback and Banshee. Bonus parks would be others around there, such as Stricker's, Holiday World (Love Voyage, need to ride Thunderbird), the new Kentucky Kingdom, and Camden. But it's way too early for us to tell which of those plans will actually stick. Things might look totally different for us in 6 months.
  20. Wow! I didn't realize Viper was that tall, that long, and that... standard of a layout (for GCI at least). It looks much less aggressive in its layout and turns than a lot of their designs, which honestly might be good for such a big ride from them. The Nanching Intamin's lift and first drop looks so weird to me. The supports just look messy. I don't think we've seen Intamin take a steel coaster up that high and then just coast around for a while, have we? They've done it on their wooden coasters I guess. It just seems weird. Why not just make the lift less steep, to get rid of the flat track before the turn? It looks old school and slightly amateur-ish to me. IMO, it's not nearly as elegant as a lot of their designs. Not that it matters, really. The first drop looks great and steep though, so that's what counts. Also, I noticed that Intamin has changed the support structure on their mega and giga coasters a number of times. I305, M Force, Superman ROS, GeForce, Thunder Dolphin, and Goliath Walibi all have very different support structures. Just an observation.
  21. Wahhhhhh that quadruple down finale of Lightning Rod looks spectacular. It's slightly longer than I thought it was. The T-Rex concept art looks amazing, especially that 270 degree barrel roll, then reverse out of it. Thanks for the updates guys!
  22. I don't think this is fair. I think that quality is always considered, but nostalgia and relevance (two sides of the same coin) will always slightly color an opinion. It's why some coasters debut very highly in their first year (particularly B&M hypers or GCIs), and then fall. It's why Morgan/Arrow hypers will never rank higher, because B&M and Intamin have made them more irrelevant. It's why people either love or hate rides from their home parks more than other enthusiasts - because those ride experiences are supercharged with memories, either good or bad. It's why rides that hold up well over the years (ie Nitro, MForce, Nemesis, Phoenix), even if they're older or just slightly degraded, raise in the polls - because these rides are establishing reputation. And it's why more obscure rides just can't hold their place as well (ie Shivering Timbers, Atlantis Adventure,ipseed/Katun, Coaster@Playland), as they're just not in the public spotlight as much. And a lot of this is also related to maintenance. You can have the best ride in the world, but if it starts becoming rough, now you have a wide spread in opinion, between people who can't stand it anymore, people who think the roughness is tolerable, and people who only remember the ride in its heyday. Rides are only as good as you last enjoyed them - subjectivity is always going to be present.
  23. The Intamin looks GREAT! We can't go too wrong with a new Intamin, as long as it has twists like that. Side note, are Starry Sky Ripper and a Parrot Coaster really that good? I wanted to believe they were, so it's good to hear it. Is Parrot Coaster rough, as in shaking, rattling, banging? Or just intense. You wouldn't think it was so intense just from videos.
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