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  1. ^ Just Griffon has the single rider line. But most of the lines moved pretty quickly, and all of them are certainly worth it. And yeah, it was too bad, we had to get back in time for the two of us to make their Sunday morning 9 am job interviews, and we chose to leave Saturday instead of Friday so that we could use Friday to study (like that actually happened) since most of us have a big computer science test this tomorrow. But it was totally worth it.
  2. First off, I have a lot to say about this park. If you don't care to read it, feel free to skip ahead to the pictures, but I'd prefer it if you didn't. Saturday was definitely without a doubt one of the best days of my life. A group of five of us drove down Saturday morning at about 3:30 from NJ, arriving around 8:45. We had been lucky enough to borrow one of my senior friend's $50,000 Mercedes (don't ask me why he let us drive it, I honestly have no idea), and had made the trip down in really good time. About two miles outside the park things got really interesting. While getting off the high way, I discovered I couldn't turn the wheel, and ended up in the on coming traffic lane. If there had been cars coming, we would have gotten into an accident, no doubt. We maneuvered into a parking lot, popped the hood, and discovered there was virtually no power steering fluid. Perfect. We were 6 hours away from home, in a $50,000 car, and now we were going to miss opening (yes, that ranks right up there with the others in terms of priorities.) But, with a call to the local Mercedes dealership, they sent out a guy who came and refilled it for us, tightening the clamps to stop the leak, and writing it down as a flat tire to spare us the $75 surcharge. He was kind of the man. Two hours later, we were back on the road, and at BGE in about 10 minutes. The weather was amazing. Almost 95 degrees, not humid at all, sunshine out the butt and everything. The crowds were a little heavy, but it happens. This park was amazing. The paths just sprawled in these organic trails that wound through the woods and past incredibly elaborate villages, and various animal exhibits. The feel of the park was perfect. The only complaint I have is that this park is not meant for heavy crowds. So many people kind of started to destroy the peaceful atmosphere and injected the park with an air of commercialism that kind of ground against the Busch Garden scenic ideal in a really weird sort of way. But I bet that on an emptier day this park is perfect. We started the day on Griffon of course. I could barely contain myself. The coasters here all looked BEAUTiful!!! The were so well displayed and integrated into the landscape, that they just kind of rose majestically and organically, monolithic firmaments that brushed the sky artfully and gracefully wound around the park's naturalistic terrain. I could look at Griffon all day. The sharp blue track poised importantly over the queue, the supports blending in with the sky, the sun sparkling off the splashdown. The imposing train's yellows and reds stood out beautifully against the deep royal blue, adding to the surreal magnitude of her mere stature. I mean, I could go on all day. It was amazing. The ride itself was fantastic. The first ride we got was in the third row, and was about a 45, 50 minute wait. The airtime in the back thrust your shoulders up and your butt forward in a really fun way that Ive nearly really experienced before. The first drop was amazing, and the light, graceful immelman just kind of rolled out beneath you, the turn into the MCBR tossing you lightly into the sky. And then all of sudden you were moving again, swooping down, and then racing over the water, the sun glinting off spectacularly. It was unbelievable. Alpengeist was next, and on the walk over, the smells from the grill gave the park an aura of summer that was completely irresistible. Alpengeist instantly became my favorite coaster, not only of the park, but out of all 104 steel coasters that I have ridden. I'm definitely a sucker for inverts. It's by far my favorite style of ride, and I've been eying Alpengeist for years and years and years. It was an hour wait almost, but I would wait for that thing all day. I loved everything about it. The theming was awesome. I don't really need an in-depth plot like they're trying to do nowadays, just give me a theme. The lift hill was enormous. I'm not used to inverts going that high. And then the train disengaged from the lift hill, and if you sat in the back left, you were thrown to the side as it started the descent, plunging what seemed like forever in that three quarter turn down into the ravine. That first drop was unbelievable. The nice graceful float off the immelman, into the enormous loop, down into the tunnel at the bottom of the ravine, and then the cobra roll that whipped you around so forcefully, it was fantastic! The only complaint I have was that it took the barrel roll a little slow, but still, a barrel roll is a barrel roll, and it's still probably my favorite element on any coaster. Although those immelmans sure are nice, aren't they? I could have ridden Alpengeist all day. Forceful, huge, a ton of power, an aMAZing first half sequence, and an awesome theme and integration with the landscape. Awesome. BBW was next, and it was pretty nice. Only a half hour wait, if not less, and the line moved quickly. Nothing compared to the big three, but it was fun, as it should be. The village theming was cool and all, but the drop down to the river, as much as I've read about it, was still a surprise. And then you were tossed higher than horizontal, and ripped all the way back up the hill into the brake run. Solid. Apollo's Chariot was awesome too. Waited 45 minutes with a minor breakdown in between. I wasn't expecting too much since it was the first mega, and I've ridden both Raging Bull and Nitro, both of which are ranked fairly well in the world of mega coasters. But I actually preferred it to Nitro (though Raging Bull still came out on top.) I think what I like best about mega coasters is those that have a fresh layout. Nitro's layout is too boring for me, too standard, and the location has much to be desired. I really liked the flat part after the lift hill, it gave you great airtime in the back, although it wasn't sustained all the way down, it was still good. I also liked that the second hill kind of comes to a point. It doesn't start the airtime as early, but it gives you a nice kick in the butt at the top which is neat. And the third drop that twists into the unique little helix around the hillock type patch was really fun. And the return trip provided nice air, as well as a few good turns. Overall, it was just more fun and organic than Nitro. And it utilized the landscape much better. Although, that swamp type ass pond at the bottom of the first drop is one of the ugliest things I have ever plummeted towards. Grover was nice. For a kids ride, I think they all really enjoyed it, as well as the water area, which was getting a ton of use that day, seeing as how I think it peaked at 97. Deciding that we were all too hot, we got on that landing to get splashed by Pompeii, thinking a little water could go along way. Good GOD, I have never seen a larger amount of water rushing towards my face. It wasn't even a question. That wave kicked the crap out of us. Lochness opened as soon as we got there, having been testing for a while. I really liked that path on the water at the bottom of the loops. The ride was nice, the loops were cool, it was a little rough, but manageable. Ummm... how did I have no idea that there was an enclosed triple helix?? That was an enormous shock. But it was cool. After that, we split up, and went our separate ways. Dave and I ended up getting 4 more rides on Griffon, making use of the single rider line, two more on Alpie, and one ore on Apollo. The single rider line only took about 15 minutes, and was really pretty nice. I was lucky enough to get the front left twice, which was easily the best seat. That hang over the drop was insane. And after that, plunging through the tunnel, and being tossed into the sky by the immelman and the MCBR, it was the closest I've ever felt to flying. It was truly amazing. Overall it was an amazing day, but we had to peace around 7:30 to make it back to NJ without dying. It was SUCH a long day, and we were all exhausted, sweaty, disgusting, but completely pleased with how the day had gone. It was truly an amazing day, one that I've been looking forward to for years, and one that I probably won't get to repeat for quite a long day. After this day, my top ten steel list changed quite drastically. Here's how it ended up 1 Alpengeist 2 Millenium Force 3 Griffon 4 Raging Bull 5 Medusa (SFDK) 6 Batman the Ride 7 Apollo's Chariot 8 Mantis 9 Nitro 10 Top Thrill Dragster Thanks a ton for reading, hope you made it all the way through. And now on to the pictures. And... this is how I wish my life was every second of the day. Thanks a ton for reading, I had an amazing time. This park has an inordinate amount of world-class first drops. One last immelman shot. I love these pictures where it sticks out over the village. I don't think I'll ever get sick of looking at this ride. Haha, nice. Easily the most impressive coaster I've ever seen. I don't care if people like Shiekra better, or if maybe it is a little short, this is one heck or a ride. GOD! It's like a freakin bird! It's more like flying than those dumb flying coasters. It's simply amazing. There's no keeping my camera away from this coaster. It's just beautiful The forces on this cobra roll were amazing! I liked how nostalgic this ride was. It really can't compete anymore with the B&Ms, but it's got a history and it's got a personality, and that certainly accounts for a lot. This pathway under Lochness' loopage was really somethin else. Not many parks are built like this. It didn't quite measure up to Raging Bull for me, but I preferred it over Nitro. Apollo's Chariot looked beautiful from this angle. And it rode just as well as it looked. Who doesn't have this picture? LOOK at those flowers. Those are some nice flowers. And that drop over the river was spectacular. This perfect really was beautiful. Aww.. I miss you two already. I loved this ride's station. It made me miss skiing though. AAAAAaaaaaaa AAaaaaAAAAAaAalllpengeist! This ride was so worth it. Check out that guy behind Robin. Priceless. The first half of this ride was just about perfect. The back side, the butt was fun too. This lift hill was a monster. I love the ski lift style supports. It just seemed to drop on forever into this ravine. It was amazing. Alright Alpengeist, it's finally your turn. This first drop, in all it's splayed out glory, was phenomenal. I've been waiting to ride this thing since its inception into this world, and it certainly did not disappoint. I just can't get enough of this inversion. It's absolutely amazing. If you sat on the left, you would charge through the water dripping off the track above you. I thought that was really fun. This really is one of the most beautiful, photogenic coasters I have ever seen. Alright, I'm no Hanno, but still... I could look at this inversion all day. This first drop was glorious. Why aren't there more of these? We'll get to you later, bud. Best group IVE ever seen... We could hardly contain ourselves. UGH! Look at it. From the queue. This was one of the hardest waits of my life. This immelman was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Therefore, there will be a buttload of pictures of it. You have been forewarned. See how big that sun is? That's how excited I was. this second drop was a lot of fun, with it's little point thing it had going on. Apollo from the driveway. After a 5 hour drive and an empty power steering fluid tank, this was one of the most welcome sights of my life.
  3. Amazing Trip Report!!! Your Wildfire pictures look like they could all be on the park's brochure. Thanks for sharing, it looked like an amazing day.
  4. I was there Saturday as well, and rode Alpengeist for the first time. I don't remember rough off the cobra roll so much as an insane amount of power and forces, but there was that snap into the MCBR. But even so, it became my number one steel coaster out of over 100. I absolutely loved it.
  5. these are some incredible pictures. It's such a beautiful ride, with the deep red track towering over the rest of the park. You've done an amazing job capturing the coaster's impressiveness. Part of me doesn't even care how it rides at this point, it just looks so nice!
  6. Hahaha, thanks for the compliments everybody. I'm glad I was able to get so many of you in my pictures by sheer coincidence. It's a gift...
  7. Sooooo, today was frustrating. It really isn't the easiest thing in the world for me to get to Six Flags, so when I do go, it'd be nice if everything worked. Unfortunately, it wasn't even close. And I mean, most of it was understandable. Due to high winds, when the park opened, Kingda Ka was closed, and El Toro was closed, and Nitro was closed. So I can kind of understand that, however much I might not of liked it. So we rode Batman a couple of times, which was a walk on the entire day. Then we saw Nitro testing, and headed on over, only to be told it had broken down, but should be up in another 15 minutes. When I asked what was wrong, and he said that the train had valleyed... 15 minutes. Right... And then we tried Dark Knight. One of the only things in the park that COULD have run regardless of the weather, had broken down within the first 20 minutes of seasonal operation. Nicccceeee. From there, we went to Superman. Which also broke down. The rest of the day we spent between Rolling Thunder, El Toro, which did open up after a couple hours, GASM, Superman and Batman. But, even though 3 of the best 4 rides weren't operating between Ka, Nitro, and Medusa, we still managed to enjoy ourselves. El Toro, even though it was slower due to winds, gave a top notch ride once or twice throughout the night. We had one back row ride, right as the sun was setting, and the lights in the park were coming on, and the wind died down enough for El Toro to really fly - made the whole day a little more worthwhile. But guest relations. Man, I have never seen a bunch of angrier, more unhelpful and antagonistic people in my life. All I wanted was information for a parking pass. Yeesh. All in all, though, what's not to love about the beginning of coaster season? It was a great day - thanks for reading. And... the world's most intense heal click ever. Thanks a lot for reading Good day. Goooooooood day Ride with Big Mike? Check. Well, kind of... The back row shuffle El Torgasm The El Toro dance. I spy Big Mike This view will never get old. I wish there was a whole park that was themed like this area. Deep Southwest, adobe houses, lights, sand, the music - I love it. At least El Toro was open. Would have been nice to have it open. Would have helped the El Toro line a bit. Like a postcard. Two things in this picture were incredibly frustrating. Ka, and season pass processing. You can't get this view of the ride in Chicago. I like it. At least Batman worked, even if it was a little slow immaturity at its finest. At least they had Mr Six out and about. Coasters I can do without, but heaven forbid, if Mr Six didn't show and Coldstones didn't open... That would be unforgivable. So I found this spot. NO ONE has ever taken a picture like this before. I wish there were better spots to take pictures of the major coasters from. All your pictures start to look the same after a while. I love how vertical the drop looks from head on. wooooooot Even though El toro was running a little slow, and only running one train, and loading incredibly slowly... It was still El Toro. And that drop is still unreal. GASM was... relatively painful, as usual. 2 out of the 4 of us had never been on Ka. Unfortunately, that wasn't going to change. And a valley. Well shoot, I was really hoping to ride roller coasters today. I spy... three closed rides. yayyyyy...
  8. Steel: 1)Mantis 2)Batman (SFGAm) 3)Medusa (SFDK) 4)Millenium Force 5)Nitro/Raging Bull - I can't decide Wood: 1)Voyage 2)El Toro 3)Shivering Timbers 4)Thunderhead 5)Hades/Cornball Express - Again, I can't decide
  9. Huh! I searched the site multiple times to try and find anything but nothing came up. My apologies.
  10. 12/30/08 - My family and I went skiing over winter break over at Park City and Deer Valley in Salt Lake City this past week. And turns out, though I never would have expected it, Park City has a coaster that they operate all year long. I've never heard of it before - I tried looking it up both on TPR and RCDB and didn't find anything. But I did find a site http://www.sgeise.com/alpine_coaster.htm from Geise Engineering that talks about bringing the alpine coaster to the states, yadda yadda yadda. But the coaster. So in a word, it was nifty. Not terribly thrilling, not terrifically intense, not threatening any top ten lists, but it was a pretty neat, pretty unique coaster experience. The left makes it's way from the station, across a bridge to the other side of the ski slope, and then up quite a ways. You are seated in these single chair trains, and there is a self-operated hand brake, and the only restraint is a seat belt. Once you reach the top, you push the brake lever forward to accelerate, and hold it there for as long as you feel comfortable. The track was pretty smooth, and surprisingly long. It wove in and out of the trees, stayed pretty close to the ground, and was really pretty cool. Would I rush up here to ride it again? No. But the one-time experience was pretty worth it I'd say. The website says it's 4000 feet, and can get up to over 30 mph, but who knows. Anyways, on to a few pictures. One final shot of the coaster cutting back across the mountain. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. They did allow cameras. This was one of the rare moments that the ride wasn't hugging the ground, zooming in and out of the trees. One of the multiple helixes. You could take some of these turns really fast. Surprisingly fast, when all you had on was a seatbelt. Sorry about the glare. The coaster is off to the right, you can kind of make a little of it out. Over the bridge. This was pretty cool Coasting down the ending strip It was really exciting, ok? Give me a break Lift hill POV. No joke, the lift hill took at least 4 minutes squinty It was so weird getting ready to ride a coaster in the snow and 30 degree weather Here's looking back. You can see the bridge that takes the coasters over the ski run to the station on the other side. You can kind of get an idea of the layout, a lot of meandering low to the ground and through the trees. You can imagine my surprise riding up this chair lift, only prepared to ski, when all the sudden there was an operating roller coaster under our feet
  11. Robb, I completely agree with you on that. Well, not on your opinion of Voyage, really, although I certainly respect it, but definitely that different rides do different things for different people. But I think just about everyone has at least one ride on their list that is ranked completely different from the general opinion. Mine is Mantis. I ranked it as my #2 steel, and I know I'm probably the only one. Could have just been the day. Could have been... I don't even know, but I had a blast on it. I find that it actually impresses me more when people break away from traditional rankings, because it shows some integrity in their thought processes... - or they're just completely wrong, haha, but I like to keep a positive attitude.
  12. Hey Robb, quick question. I was just wondering what your thoughts on the Voyage are? I mean, for it being ranked #1 last year and the year before, and not even being in your top 20, I was just wondering what the disparity is caused by. If this is already an over-stated topic I apologize.
  13. Yeah, they kind of had a trip, but the way Princeton works is there are six residential colleges, and each one plans trips separately, so there were two that ended up going, but I wasn't in either of those residential colleges. Which is too bad, because they do an amazing job of keeping the cost way down.
  14. Yeah, STR8FXXXNEDGE, if you look at that picture of me in the empty El Toro station in the first half of the photos, you guys would be in the front seat of the train pulling in to the station. By your account that should have been your third ride. Though it's just about impossible to tell because it's so blurry.
  15. I apologize if I offended anyone with any of the pictures I posted or the captions I took. So you said you rode El Toro front seat without moving three times in the morning before switching to the back? We were the group that got in line for the front that made you change seats, haha. Sorry about that. Congrats on your 200th coaster, that's pretty awesome. Good choice, too. El Toro's quite the pick for number 200. I somewhat disagree with you about comparing SFGA and GAdv. I agree that GAdv had a better rides, but not necessarily that they had a better ride selection. I don' quite agree that GAdv was a better park though. Maybe this is because SFGAm's my home park, but GAdv didn't have nearly the atmosphere that SFGAm does. And the layout wasn't as efficient at all. SFGAm is much more logical in its ride placements, and much more accommodating, with the circular layout and all. But it's hard to compare because I'm sure the weather has a lot to do with it. Thanks for reading.
  16. haha, thanks. I somehow managed to get into Princeton, actually. Yeah, public transportation will get you to New York or Philly but that's about it. But I'm a freshman, and nobody I know really has a car up here...
  17. Oh yeah, this was Saturday by the way. Sorry. the date on this TR was Saturday, Sept 27th, 2008. I forgot to mention it. It was a little frustrating, I agree. Especially because it was 2:30 before they made the announcement, meaning we had to call and reschedule our cab pickup for 6 hours earlier and whatnot, which was frustrating because the guy we called didn't happen to have his phone on at the time. But thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.
  18. Hey! My name's Danny Weiss, I've been a member for a while, but have never posted before. But since I have a ton of homework to do, this seems like as good a way as any to not do it. I'm a student in NJ, but my hometown is Chicago. I've been at school a month now, but haven't had the opportunity to make it out here yet due to the unreachability of Jackson NJ by means of NJ public transportation. But we finally managed. There were four of us, and two of us were from Chicago, so if I happen to mention Chicago alot or compare to SFGA, you know why. We arrived about 45 minutes early, and waited anxiously, due to the impending weather. It was supposed to rain all day, and we were worried, since it was such a hassle to make it out here, that we wouldn't be able to ride anything. Especially Kingda Ka. But we got insanely lucky, and it ended up not raining at all, just misting slightly, so there were NO crowds at all the entire day. It was unbelievable. The longest we had to wait all day was one train. The park ended up closing at 4 due to approaching thunderstorms, but we managed to get in all the credits and had 30 coaster rides by the end of it all. We started the day off on Kingda Kaaaah - us Chicagoans got made fun of all day, so we made a habit of pronouncing it as obnoxiously as possible after a while. We walked on to the front row of the first ride, and then walked again for another round. The rest of the day went kind of similarly. El Toro was amazing! We rode it 5 times in the back row without having to get up early in the day, and loved every second of it. Although I did prefer Voyage, but only slightly. Nitro was great, but again, I couldn't decide if I preferred Raging Bull or Nitro. Raging Bull had a much larger aesthetic appeal, and had a more solid theme, and looked nicer. Nitro had better spots of airtime though But Bull has such a unique layout compared to Nitro. But Nitro felt a lot longer. Hmmmm... I can't decide. Medusa was a lot less forceless than everybody makes it out to be, in my opinion. I don't know, we liked it a lot. GASM was not as bad as I was expecting, SUF was really really boring, Skull Mountain kicked the Dark Knight's butt any day. It was smooth, had air on that first drop, was darker, nice and fluid, had a good amount of air circulation, which was very pleasant. Very nice. All in all, it was an AMAZING day, couldn't have asked for more. Our ride count was KK-2. ET-9, Nit-3, Med-4, SUF-2, DK-2, Skull MT-2, everything else 1. That should be 30. But I'll let the pictures do some of the talking. Overall it was an amazing trip, though. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed. One final majority-group picture before the cab came. All in all, an aMAZing day, thanks for reading. Riding with strangers to get an extra ride in - classy. And check out the girl with the pigtails waisting her sweatshirt. Perfection at its finest. This was the let's-try-to-run-all-the-way-to-el-toro-before-the-park-closes picture. Fail. Although we did make it, eventually. But that's a looooong way to run. If you look closely, I spy us in the front row. This is an alarmingly bright color scheme. Batman was essentially the same. Chicago's was in a nicer landscaped area though. Running away, gangster style, from the far side of the park. This was over by the kiddie coaster. That's how she feeds. Haha, this was our impression of the Dark Knight. BUT, we got to reride without exiting because there was NO ONE in line. Again, this would not happen in Chicago in a million years, regardless of how crowded it was. This is what credit whoring does to you. It makes you inordinately hairy. this is either the best or the worst picture of my life. I can't decide. But we rerode it anyways, because in Chicago, the station wouldn't look like this even if there were only 5 people in the park. It will ALWAYS have a line over an hour. Hahaha, NJ's Superman was a liiiiiitle worse than Chicago's I think. I'm not really a fan of either. It was nice to ride a Shockwave again. I remember it still as a child. And GASM wasn't as painful as I expected. It was built over like the park sinkhole though. The reasons I like Voyage better are these. The length. Voyage had more sustained power. El Toro's airtime was significantly better, but still. And Voyage's location is better. And it does more. Plain and simple. But it was close. And I can see why people would disagree The mine train ride smelled like urine. No joke. This was probably the most painful ride in the park. I don't know what was up with it. No good. Both ends of this picture are sheer beauty. One of the best pictures of my life. Classic shot. Too bad it's a little blurry. This is really the best picture you can get of Nitro I think. Too many darn trees. I can't decide if I liked it more than Raging Bull though. Most think Medusa is too forceless. I thought it was fine. Not the best ride in the park, but in most anywhere else it would be. Group shot in front of the best view in the park. I actually prefer this view when it's cloudy, for whatever reason. It looks nicer. This is not. This is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever taken. I consider myself the luckiest person in the world. We walked on to the front row, 20 minutes after park opening. It was joyous to say the least. Classic, 'El Toro with sign' picture. The airtime on those hills was unreal. This does a good job emphasizing the size of the ride, even without the tower. Haha, Karen. And, you can tell how empty the station is despite the fact that the park has been open for a good 10 minutes now. The Kingda Ka dance. Thar she blows. What a wake up. I think I liked TTD better but it's hard to tell. It could have been the restraints, or it could have been that I rode TTD first. Who knows. It was exciting, ok? Give us a break. (That's me on the left, by the way. Karen is in the middle, and Renee is on the far side. Justin is the Asian not in this picture.)
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