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  1. Shivering Timbers. Silver Comet - Martin's Fantasyland Outlaw - Adventureland Cornball Express Thunder Coaster - Tusenfryd Storm Runner Alpengeist Raging Bull Riddler's Revenge Atlantis Adventure Superman - Six Flags Mexico
  2. Now you guys have got my head spinning, ranking the coasters in Asia. It's gotta be T-Express, right? Then Kawasemi. Next in line would be what, Pyrenees, Atlantis Adventure, Wood Coaster at Knight Valley, Fireball, and some of the new GG woodies? Formula Rossa if you include the middle east? Flying Aces looks promising too. It'll be cool to see how the new China Parks shake things up. This new Wanda hyper is exciting, even if it is tamer - it's been a while since we've seen a more classic Intamin hyper.
  3. I actually looooved the Wild Wind in the Philippines. Caught me totally off guard. Definitely a bright spot
  4. I completely agree with Robb about the potential overuse of media-based rides, and the comment about Universal becoming 'simulator land'. We just visited Universal and IoA for the first time, and while we had a blast, our biggest and only criticism was how similar all of the rides started to feel after a while. And especially with Hulk down, the overabundance of simulator type attractions was really noticeable. Hulk would have definitely helped break up some of the repetition. By the time we got around to Simpsons at the end of the day, I was ready to hurl. If Gringotts had been a little heavier on the coaster side, and a little less on the media side, I think it would have been better-balanced, and helped balance out the park a little more too. That being said, the media portion was stunning. Also, Hollywood Rip Rid Rockit was TERRIBLE. I wasn't expecting too much out of it, but it was SO rough and uncomfortable. Really disappointing, because like we're talking about, the parks feel a little lacking in the 'real rides' side of things, and a good, smooth coaster would add so much to the line up.
  5. I just can't stand top spins. Pointless and uncomfortable. No thank you
  6. Thanks for the report! Great to hear others' experiences. We were there a couple weeks ago. We absolutely loved SFM and Medusa (and Superman), but La Feria was a big disappointment. Unfortunately, both Montana Russa and Raton Loco were down for maintenance, but even beyond that the park and its operations were a disaster. I was disappointed to miss the woodie credit, but all in all, we loved Mexico City.
  7. My wife and I are in Mexico City now - we were somewhat shoehorned into visiting SFM late-ish Sunday night, during a light rain and an unusual cold-front, due to the fact that SFM isn't open on weekdays now during the time that we're here. And we were still blown away by this park. The landscaping and themeing of the rides and really the whole park was impeccable. All of the space was utilized brilliantly. Frightfest events had started, and there were actors and heavy fog / light effects throughout large sections of the park, which were fantastic. We didn't have time for any of the haunts, but the frightfest themeing was far above that of most Six Flags parks we've seen. The park was open until midnight, which was awesome, and nothing closed despite the weather. Props to the Mexicans too, the park was still lively despite the poor weather. The operations were fantastic, which we weren't expecting from previous reviews. Every single ride was pumping out laps as fast as they could, with all major rides running multiple trains. Lines moved quickly, and there were plenty of staff around, especially in the stations, where each train was loaded and checked by at least 4 ride operators - the park was clean and the crowds well-controlled. And MEDUSA!!! Was life-changing. We only had a chance to ride it in the dark (we aren't complaining), and twice, (which was an unexpected gift, as someone at the front of Boomerang handed us their unfinished flash pass tickets), but it was start to finish incredible. The line was great (through the crooked house, and the long meandering walk through the middle of the ride). We were impressed how the ride fit so well into the surrounding area / trees / rocks, with no deadspace. The fog was coming in from fright fest areas. The loading was quick and efficient. The first drop was fantastic, the airtime was insane and relentless and consistent, the pacing (as everyone says) was perfect, the inversions were so well-placed, the over-banked turns and the overall relentless intensity - my biggest takeaway was 'wow, what a breath of fresh air', which is a lot for us jaded enthusiasts, and something I didn't expect from a recycled layout of the old Medusa. Really, we were so impressed. I had a little bit of a tough time placing this ride, but it's definitely in my top 5 - if not my #2 steel. We had just ridden Twisted Colossos a few weeks earlier, and Medusa was our hands-down favorite. And as if Medusa isn't enough, Superman at night with the fog rolling in was a real treat as well. My wife grew up in Pittsburgh with Phantom at Kennywood (which she loves), and she much preferred this. I don't know where I stand on the comparison, really, but Superman is definitely one of the better Morgan (or Arrow) hypers.
  8. Bungee jumping is an absolute rush, and is so so thrilling / terrifying. Sky coasters and slingshots are tame by comparison, and I wouldn't pay to do either again. If you're into big thrills, I haven't found anything more exciting than bungee jumping, including sky diving. I would go bungee jumping every day if I could.
  9. Holy Lord!!! You guys nailed it, top 5 for sure. We're in Mexico City now. Medusa was SUCH a breath of fresh air. Just incredible, start to finish, and unique! Smooth, insane speed and pacing, well-integrated into the landscaoe, the airtime, at night, lit up, with fright fest fog ... So unbelievably good. And Mexico City is incredible too, we're loving this place. The food is to die for.
  10. Hey guys, my wife and I are currently in Hyderabad, India. An American expat who's been living here for nearly a decade seemed very convinced that Disney had plans to open up a park on the East Coast of India outside a city called Vizag (also called Visakhapatnam). I generally take this sort of information as uninformed nonsense, but the idea is pretty intriguing. I did a little digging - while the east coast of India is generally pretty well-populated, as is the State Vizag is in (Andhra Pradesh), Vizag itself only has a metro population of around 2 million people. I found a few articles online saying how the Andhra Pradesh tourism board was in talks, especially due to the beach-side location, but that Disney itself (at least of 2014) has clearly stated that there are no current plans for an Indian park. Anyways, I was just wondering if anybody had any more recent information or insight about any future Disney plans, or at least options for plans, in India or in any other developing country. I dug through TPR forums and found a few posts from a decade ago about smaller options in Australia or South Korea, and an article from 2012 about how the Philippines was trying to lure Disney there. Obviously, nothing has come of these yet. Even if it's only a wild rumor, does anybody have any more information/speculation? I think it's fun.
  11. I think it's wonderful how innovative and "fresh" this park feels. It doesn't feel tired or "same-old" at all. The details look amazing, and are very impressive. Very exciting.
  12. I have a particular sweet spot for bad/obscure Asian parks. And also a really-wanted-to-love-it / wish-I-loved-it-more relationship with Indonesia. So I'm really enjoying this TR, thanks for posting. Those old wooden mouses are on my list. We weren't able to get out to that area last time we were in the country, but maybe one day!
  13. Wow, it looks really really good! It seems like a very well thought out, well-rounded addition. Smart move, SeaWorld. The first half does look very Nitro-y, which is crazy to think that Nitro will be 15 years old next year. Goes to show, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Having only 7 rows is strange, isn't it? The twisty finale looks really great.
  14. This is an awesome thread, even if I’m a few years late. I left off some that a lot of people have already mentioned, but this list was a lot of fun to put together. The Great… Atlantis Adventure, Lotte World – I expected cute, good things, but it kicked my butt. So good. Alpengeist / Storm Runner – Both in my top 5, both seriously underrated IMO. Transformers, Universal Singapore – Changed my life. One of the best rides I’ve ever been on. Batman the Ride / Raging Bull – SFGAm was my home park, but these are still in my all-time favorites. Hair Raiser, HK – The location, short and sweet, the location, a good little kick, and the location. Man. Phantom’s Revenge – One of the only 2 non-B&M/Intamin coasters near my steel top ten Thundercoaster, Tusenfryd – this thing can haul. It’s classic and intense as can be. Silver Comet – Martin’s Fantasyland / Outlaw – Adventureland – CCI’s most adorable surprises. …And the Weirdly Good - *I live in Asia and love third world theme parks to pieces, and am well-accustomed to the general swill that comes with that. But these few rides blew me away, considering* Jungle Storm, Bahrain – holy cow, just wild. Amazing and wonderful. Worth everything. Twist ‘n’ Shout, World of Fun, Manila – Completely unexpected joy. Aqua Dive – Esselworld / Athisayam – (Good/bad??) SO INTENSE! Like a car crash. People were bleeding Satellite Coaster, Space City, UAE – Couldn’t stop laughing. So fun. The Underwhelming… Balder / Colossos – I love Intamin, but was so let down by both of these. Joris and de Draak & Lightning Racers – Barely a hint of airtime. I felt the dueling was negligible. iSpeed – this layout makes no sense to me whatsoever. I rode it twice and spent all day on Katun. Volcano Blast Coaster – Grew up looking forward to this SO much. It was so weird. Bizarro, SFNE – Not even close to a #1 steel for me. Raptor, CP – I pretended to like this ride (B&M inverts are my favorite) for so long. Just don’t get it. Raven / Legend, HW – One ride per visit is more than enough for me, give me Voyage all day every day. And the Unbearably Miserable Wildcat, Lake Compounce – I think I cried Timberwolf, WoF – Never ever ever again. Blizzard, Al Nasr Leisure land, UAE – Weird and horrible. You don’t know pain until… Super Loop – Izmir Fuari, Turkey = worst ride I’ve ever been on. Just horribly, horribly miserable.
  15. I haven't been to Knott's, but I've been to the rest. As I started thinking, I was amazed that it's been almost a decade since I've been to some of these parks. So, some things might have changed. 1) Cedar Point - mmm, how can you not love Cedar Point? 2) King's Island 3) Worlds of Fun 4) King's Dominion 5) Carowinds 6) Dorney 7) Valleyfair 8) Canada's Wonderland 9) Michigan's Adventure 10) California's Great America Couple thoughts - I love the feel of backwoods feel of King's Island, and what WoF did with Prowler was wonderful. King's Dominion, Carowinds, and Canada's Wonderland all have this generic mega park feel with a lot of filler rides, but to be fair, I went to those parks before Fury 325 and Leviathan. King's Dominion gets major points for I325, Volcano, and Dominator, and Carowinds has Afterburn, which I could ride all day. CGA, this get's last place for me, but this was before the GCI. Back when I went, there wasn't too much to love, even with Flight Deck. Shivering Timbers is heaven, which is Michigan's Adventures' only salvation. Thinking back on Dorney and Valleyfair, they both have a similar medium-size park feel to them that makes them accessible and a little more intimate - nothing spectacular, but certainly far from 'not nice'.
  16. Honestly, Vietnam is ripe for some 'new-ish' major coasters. I'm sure they will do very well there.
  17. Finally it's up and running!! Pretty solid start for Turkey. Whoever posted the list of Intamin's last few years worth of rides, let's give that person a hand, shall we? Haha, well done sir.
  18. Nice reports!! My wife and I just spent the last couple months in the Philippines. Wish I had known there was another enthusiast there. When I was at Star City, the line for the invert wrapped all the way around the ride and then some. Didn't have the time for it. And Blizzard was one of the worst rides I've ever been on. And Enchanted Kingdom was a little too far south for us. Buuuut, there was a Wild Wind model up in Quezon City that was my favorite ride in the country. Not saying much, but that thing hauled! Glad you had a good time! The Transformers Ride in USS is probably the best non-coaster ride I've ever been on. Good stuff!
  19. Any new news from this place? The opening date was moved back to May 29th, now less than two weeks away, according to their site, although I'm not sure when that was done. Does anyone have any construction updates, or word if the coasters are going to open on time?
  20. ^^Come on, I don't think that's a fair thing to say because you're neglecting the factor of reputation on peoples' predictions. In recent years, Intamin has made a number of really intense, world class if not top 10 rides that give them a reputation that allows us to be more certain they will build an intense, top 10 ride again in the future. B&M's on the other hand have been generally much less intense in recent years, in comparison to both recent Intamin rides and old B&Ms. If it was an Intamin wingrider, people would be wary, because Intamin's only previous wingrider coaster was, while intense, very rough in places. B&M's recent wingriders however, have been widely agreed to be rather meh, in terms of forces, layout, and intensity. This in turn, causes concern that maybe Gatekeeper will be the same way, although if you read carefully, I think people are being rather fair, in reserving judgment until they ride it, despite their apprehension. After all, we're all able to recognize that this is a much larger design than their previous models, and will therefore potentially ride more aggressively. In summary, we as a coaster community have every right to be legitimately apprehensive about an upcoming coaster based on previous experience and reputation. Let's stop pretending we can't tell what we like and what we don't.
  21. Stunning pictures. I for one thought the color saturation was breath taking
  22. I'm with Elissa on this one honestly, the wing rider style isn't my favorite. It's just such a big train they can't seem to get any decent forces out of them. Gardaland's prototype was alright for what it was, but X-flight didn't do too much to thrill me. They seem like mediocre filler rides at best. That being said, this layout looks like a big step in the right direction to turn these rides into 'star attractions' and maybe get some power behind them. If Gatekeeper doesn't ride any more impressively though, I'm all for moving on from the wing-rider. This'll be a good test
  23. Guys thanks so much for the comments. It makes writing these things all the more worthwhile. I’m gonna take you way back with this update, tying in the first update of this thread with the rest of my trip through Italy. Italy was the start of my two week break, where I made it from Milan to Tbilisi across land and over sea. My stay in the fashion capital was brief – I had last minute plans to meet up with an old friend from high school who was stationed in Northern Italy with the air force, and was anxious to see him. After an afternoon flight, I hopped on a bus out of town to the west, got dropped off out of the city, and started walking, all the way around the bend to this small park, Europark Idroscalo. I didn’t spend long here, but long wasn’t needed. It was a beautiful day though, and in no time I had the wacky worm, the slightly different mouse, and the other Pinfari ride. It was a nice stop for the credits but nothing spectacular. Making my way back into the city, I caught a late bus to Bologna for the night, and stayed with a short old, wonderful woman renting out rooms for backpackers at semi-decent prices. This woman was Italy through and through, exactly like you’d see in the movies, and she treated me to a wonderful breakfast the next morning. From there it was another train ride to Mirabilandia where I met up with my friend Ben, who I mentioned was stationed up here in the air force. Now, I’ve been wanting to ride Katun for forever, more than just about any other ride. I’m a huge B&M invert fan, and let me tell you, this thing did not disappoint. The ride is stunning, and sprawls out across the entire park. We didn’t have to wait long for it ever, and racked up some 17 rides throughout the day. This was the ride I’ve been waiting for. I could ride this thing all day and not get sick of it. This thing was a masterpiece and sits right now at the top of my steel coaster list with Goliath from Walibi World. The rest of the park was spread out and maybe a little sparse. I know people love iSpeed, but to me it was only so-so. That layout is just all over the place. It meanders without making much sense at all - it didn’t even come close to Katun for me. We loved the vegetable themed kiddie coaster though, and loved the laid back atmosphere of things over here. We took a lunch break in Ravenna, driving through the beautiful old city streets for a while in an attempt to find a pizza joint, which we eventually did. Couldn’t have asked for a better day really. We spent the night in Ben’s room on the base in Aviano, and then headed off to Garda the next day, which I already showed you guys. From there it was an early drive to Venice where I got about 25 minutes as the sun was rising, and then a train to Ancona to catch an overnight ferry to Greece, sleeping on the floor and landing in Iguomenitsa at around 6 in the morning. Overall, I can see why people love Italy so much. What a beautiful country, relaxed and charming, with incredible food and such a luxurious ambience. It wasn’t the easiest to navigate as a tourist, with hardly any hostels and overpriced transportation tickets and rooms, but the food more than made up for it. Thanks for reading guys, and thanks for the comments, I love hearing from you! The little I saw of Milan And after a bit of a hike out of the city and some unclear directions, I finally catch a glimpse of the ferris wheel Welcome to Europark Idroscalo, outside of Milan. This guy is Storm, a pinfari model It was a nice little ride THIS little girl on the wacky worm... oh man, this was the most scared I've ever been on a coaster There's a bit more of the theming around it Here's a view of the park's mouse. The whole park was very carnival-esque. Looked like it could be packed up and taken down in about a day I had my huge backpack with me - it was weird walking around the park with it on and leaving it in the stations while I rode but... you gotta do what you gotta do This was the next day at Mirabilandia, after a wonderful night in Bologna. I love this ride, more than just about any other ride. This thing is absolutely incredible, and is laid out beautifully across the park's entire skyline. There's Ben This thing is a masterpiece, there's no other way to describe it. I could wake up everyday to this thing and never get sick of it Love the theming too, the whole area looked great Took a ride on this mouse before heading over to the other side of the park... To this hotsy totsy This ride wasn't nearly given the attention to detail as Katun was, but it still stood out A little bit of the trackwork. The problem I had with this ride was the layout. It didn't make any sense whatsoever. The top hat was a good one though A look at the kiddie coaster, complete with vegetable thematic elements I, for one, am a big fan of anything themed to food. Looking back toward iSpeed The last credit in the park for us to get... and then we were back to the love of my life There's Ben from the bridge I love how big this thing is, and how it sprawls across the entire length of the park. I love how much space it's given, how it's integrated into the landscape, how it towers over everything, and how high that barrel roll is I love how dramatic it is, how intense it is, how smooth it is, and how classic it is. I love the swooping turn out of the barrel roll, and I love how the butterfly loop is angled slightly. I just love everything about this ride... it's as close to perfect as I believe an invert has come There I go again A look back at the first drop while heading out for lunch We drove to nearby Ravenna, which looked like this... And got lost, driving around in circles for a while, driving us to look like this. And we're back, for the rest of the afternoon, camped out between Katun and laying on one of the lawns This panorama you get every time you leave the station still takes my breath away Finally out for the night, we head back to Ben's home in Aviano This was a smaller town on the way to Garda The day after that, we were at Venice before six as the sun rose, for me to catch a train to Ancona I received the briefest of allllll the Venetian tours, but it was nice while it lasted And welcome to the east coast in Ancona, where I endured the second briefest of all Italian city tours, before hopping on board the ferry And we were off by early afternoon, leaving Italy behind and steaming towards Greece. Thanks for reading!!
  24. Shoot you live in Bergen? Now you have me feeling really self-conscious about the fact that I repeatedly misspelled "Sognefjord". You live in a beautiful place, viking86, but you're pretty far from a coaster. The price difference in Norway is shocking. I mean, Denmark is definitely on the very high end of things, but Norway is just a whole other level. A simple meal at a McDonalds or other fast food restaurant goes for around the equivalent of $17 U.S. I think Balder is great for what it is, and like you were saying, the first drop is great! After the ride was over, it was one of those things where I said "I could see it", in regards to how other people would like it. And maybe if it was really hauling I could see how it could be a favorite to some people. But I think I just look for different things in a coaster. I think it's a really important ride though, to have as a benchmark for airtime, and sort of a base mark Intamin standard that other rides can be compared to.
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