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  1. The coaster is WAY WAY more important in my book. I go to an park for thrills, not theming. Theming is a great plus, and certainly can make an average park, coaster wise, great or even amazing. However, I would still rather ride intense, unthemed coasters than bland, amazingly themed coasters. ie, Even though I hate the fact that Cedar Fair is horrible with theming (ok, other than trash cans and cement), I much prefer their parks/coaster than, say, Disney. I think Islands of Adventure, Busch parks, and Alton Towers are almost perfect parks in the respect that they coasters that are both terrific/intense and well themed. Six Flags is getting better with theming... but I'm still a bit nervous about their plan ahead. If theming means they spend less on the actual ride, then I'm not for it. I'd rather have a $20 million intense, ground breaking or innovated coaster than a $10 million "good" coaster with $10 million in theming. Sea World spend $50 million on Manta, including the theming, right? If so, they probably could have build 2-3 amazing, unthemed coasters for the same price. Is that money worth it? Is the $100 million Disney spend on Expedition Everest worth it? For that much money, they could have added 5-7 top notch coasters. 1 vekoma vs A B&M invert, a floorless, Intamin Hyper, Intamin rocket, and Intamin wooden coaster. I'd take the later 5 without theming.
  2. I still think they need to bulldoze cyclone and build a Balder clone. I really don't like "pacing" on coasters. I want it fast and intense the whole way through. The turnarounds on Cyclone are soooooooo slow it just bores me to death. The ride is just - drop, jackhammering, climb and creep through a turn around. The one "good" turn is just to painful. I like laterals, but not to the extent that I can feel my ribcage breaking every time it smashes against the side of the train. Looks like you picked a great day to visit the park. I would have been there myself if only my friends weren't so lame....
  3. I think his point was that Intamin is a HUGE company with many sections. Although I don't have any facts, I'd bet that Intamin's roller coaster section of the company is just as big as B&M.
  4. I do think that B&M flyers, Dive Machine's, and Floorless, and standup coasters to be gimmicky. I've never really felt any difference between a floorless and regular coaster, it's the same thing. Standup's are just a bad idea, it's just more comfortable and enjoyable sitting down. For Flyers, I'll admit that I've only been on the Superman: Ultimate Ride layouts and Vekoma's models, but I didn't like them. They are just too boring. Yes, the pretzel element is cool and the loops on the vekoma are nice and forceful, but the rest of the ride is just boring and almost forceless. For me, it's all about forces. A forceless roller coaster is a worthless roller coaster, to me. Also, I pointed out the Mitch Hawker ratings to show what other enthusiasts think. I still love B&M, but they really haven't gone anywhere all that intense in the last 10 years. B&M seems to just crank out their same old "floater" air hypers and inverts while Intamin is building them taller, faster, and more intense. Again, I really don't care for Flyers and Dive Machines just seems like a floorless with a vertical drop. To sum up my feelings, I just want insane ejector air and bone crushing +gs. You simply can't get that on a B&M.
  5. I used to be a big Dream Theater fan. If you are into prog-rock, I'd start with "Images and Words". "Awake", "Falling Into Infinite", "A Change of Seasons", and "Scene's From A Memory" are also good. If you like metal, go with their later stuff, like "Train of Thought", "Octavarium", "Systematic Chaos". Personally, the only stuff I listen to anymore (occasionally) is Images and Words and some Awake.
  6. Pat Metheny Group. It just doesn't get any better. Never have I heard so many styles of music fused together so perfectly. Its melody after melody after melody. Intoxicating.
  7. I hate Americanization of "Fast Food". There are great food options that can obtained/consumed fairly quickly. I'm all about good food, fast. Not just fast food. One of my favorites things about NYC are the Delis. There is nothing like a fresh Deli sandwich. Absolutely kills, slaughters, devours, regurgitates, and p*wns Subway. I'm not even considering the bile that is McDonalds, Burger King, etc. These "restaurants" have killed the way many Americans view food. The thought of consuming a "Big Mac" should never cross one's mind. I wouldn't even subject me dog to such filth. I seriously just don't understand how people could pass up a big, MR, juicy, high-quality burger for McDonalds. Every time I see someone "squish" down a "patty" with a spatula I cringe. It doesn't make it cook faster, it just lets all the juices out. The most important thing in life? Quality.
  8. "Solar" - Pat Metheny, Holland, Haynes - off "Question and Answer"
  9. Nice TR! I loved the focus on Ice cream. I too am a Ice Cream enthusiast, but I admit I'm also a bit of a snob. I'll definitely try Toft's the next time I go out to CP. My favorite shop so far is a small Boston chain called JP Licks. All natural, lots of fat, homemade goodness. I, though, am a big fan of "plain" flavors. One of my big turnoffs with Ben & Jerry's is they cram too much stuff in the Ice Cream. I want the focus to be on the flavor and texture, as a perfect Vanilla or Chocolate is incredibly complex and satisfying, you just have to really "taste" it. Some of my biggest turnoffs with Ice Cream are food coloring (I will not eat Mint ice cream that is green, etc), gums/preservatives that make the texture "gummy", and a lack of the best quality ingredients. I, to, believe that the vanilla base should be cooked. I believe that they should NEVER use a standard vanilla extract, I prefer the use specific beans (Madagascar being my favorite) over extract. Extracts don't belong in ice cream. My favorite brand of store bought ice cream (really, the only brand I'll eat) is Haagen Dazs - Vanilla being my favorite flavor. It's incredibly complex, rich, has that golden, nutty Madagascar vanilla flavor, and has the absolutely perfect texture.
  10. I've had a taste of every region (except South-west) and I would have to say the North East. We have some great park, but, above all else, we have the best of the best. I've always been a guy about quality, not quantity. I'll take 1 amazing coaster over 10 good/great coasters. After that, I'd say Mid-West, South, Mid-Atlantic, West, with South-West omitted for a lack of experience. With that being said, though, I must admit, come January, I sure as hell wish I was a west-coast/Florida guy.
  11. I'm jealous. I sooo should have gone. I immediately regretted not going when reading about all the awesomeness on sfneonline. I'm thinking of getting down there this Tuesday or Thursday. I'm so friggen' excited!
  12. Alpengeist Montu Raptor Top Gun: Great America Top Gun: Carowinds Special mention: Talon
  13. That Blows. Honestly, though, I'm not sure how well a "sex-themed" amusement park would do. They would surely alienate a whole lot of potential visitors.
  14. Location location location. Alright, there is probably a ton more to it than that, but a lot of those parks are right near a major city (Philly, the Pit, NYC). There were many, many great parks throughout this country, but most of those have gone out of business for many different reasons.
  15. Nice TR. I hope I can get down to Morey's Pier sometime in the near future, maybe when they get that new woodie they are planning. Too bad about losing your hat, hopefully you'll get it back from them. I lost my Sox hat on The Dark Knight at Great Adventure on opening day, although I didn't bother to fill out a form to get it back. It did give me a good excuse to go out and buy a couple of new Red Sox hats! As I can see, you thought the same (although, not a hat I would approve of ). And a note about the "What was the you're last coaster ride", Boulder Dash is one of my favorites as well, it might have even bumped El Toro out of the #1 wood spot... Are you planning on heading up to Lake Compounce sometime this summer?
  16. I don't understand why people seem to think track replacement would be impossible. They had to build the thing in the first place, so why the heck couldn't they replace some sections? There are trees in the way? No problem, they have great devices called chainsaws. I'm sure if it was necessary, they could clear away some of the trees/brush.
  17. What parks are you familiar with? It's a nice small park well run, friendly staff, has plenty of history, lots of flat rides, has a lake (obviously) with a train that goes around it (1/2 of it). The park right next to a mountain, which they take use of with a cool chairlift and Boulder Dash. For coasters, It's pretty much all about Boulder Dash. Wildcat is a decent classic woodie from the 20s, but nothing to write home about. They have a kiddie coaster for credit whores and the vekoma death-machine boomerange. BUT, Boulder Dash makes this park a must stop. It's simply amazing, for my #2 right behind El Toro. It's everything you want in a wooden coaster, it's got speed, tons of airtime, it's vicious, has some great laterals, it feels like an out of control train, and it's built on the side of a freakin mountain! Yeah, it's awesome.
  18. Nice pictures! I was there opening day as well. The crowds picked up later that afternoon, but nothing too heavy. Boulder Dash ran great and no, there aren't any trims. I really really like the re-tracked ending (I hadn't ridden it since then), it's vicious with some good airtime. They stopped running the right arm of Thunder & Lightning later that day, there was about a 5-10 minute line, so I assumed it was due to a problem. Wildcat broke down around 1 or 2; I heard it was something with the brakes. The Slushy stall opened a little later and looked great, although I didn't try it. Sue had a cheese steak from the new store and she said it was awful. I found Wipeout pretty boring. I can understand the attraction, but it just doesn't seem to go fast enough for me to really enjoy it. I just felt like I was in a centrifuge... not good (for me). All in all is was a great day with some great people. The weather cooperated (rained until about 10:15 and didn't start up again until a little after 8:00). I can't wait to get back sometime this season.
  19. You do realize that it is very likely that just about everyone (especially the stars) in the 90s-2005 were using PEDs. Also, take into consideration that HGH is still almost undetectable. I would not be surprised if Ortiz, Longoria, Fielder, Dunn, or even Pujols have taken steroids or HGH. Heck, players have been using "greenies" since the 60s. Willie Mays has been accused of using "greenies", supposedly he kept a bottle of "Red Juice" in his locker. From the very beginning Pitcher have been trying to gain an edge on hitters by altering the ball. It's a part of professional sports. Why do you think there are so many damned rules that get added year after year? Now, that said, I don't have sympathy for them, but I'm not the type of fan that just wants to crucify them. It is what it is. Professional athletes will always do anything to try to gain an edge. If they didn't, they likely wouldn't make it pro. That being said, it doesn't mean they have to take banned substances, but it certainly is understandable. If they could get away with it (and many can), many would. I don't think releasing Manny would be a good move. You have to believe that he will still be productive when he returns. The Dodgers should only be concerned with fielding the best possible team, not pleasing all these fans that want sports "pure". The Dodgers are a MUCH better team with Manny. Let him play out his contract.
  20. I don't think he had a legitimate use for the drug. If he did, he would have seen the team physician, gotten permission from the team/MLB to use a banned substance for a real medical reason. Even if he failed to do that, if he got the prescription from a legitimate physician and for a legitimate medical condition, I'm sure MLB would have either given him a less extreme suspension or made sure to explain the reason why he was getting suspended. Also take into account the fact that he turned down the appeal, he really looks guilty. The way it has played it, it just doesn't make any sense for this to have been for a legitimate medical condition.
  21. Manny reportedly got caught (I've heard he actually didn't test positive) using HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatropin). It is a woman's fertility drug, but is widely used for ex-steroid users. It is used to basically kick-start the body's production of testosterone. When someone uses a regime of steroids, the drug takes control of the production of testosterone. Once you stop using steroids, your body has trouble producing testosterone, thus you would lose the lean muscle mass that you gained from the steroids. So Manny didn't get caught with steroids, but this is definitely a smoking gun. As far as I have read, there really isn't any real medical use for men to use this drug. If the report is true, it is almost certain that he was a steroid user.
  22. That was me. I was using 'fine' not as "fine wine", but more as OK. Iron Dragon is OK. Its not terrible, it's not great, it's OK.
  23. Also, I forgot to add, King's Island is 4 hours South of Cedar Point. Morey's Pier is about 2 hours South of Great Adventure. Kings Island is also a fantastic park. You would get to ride Diamondback, which is getting reviews to be at least as good as Nitro/Behemoth, if not better. The Beast is a great terrain wooden (some don't think so, but I do) with a ton of history and one of the greatest ending of any coaster. SOB is, well, at least the tallest wooden coaster. There are plenty of great coasters there. Morey's Pier I have never been to, but I do know that the park/pier can't compare to Kings Island. Morey's doesn't really have any great coasters. Great White is supposed to be a decent/average woodie, and well, then the rest are just credits. Kings Island has some real world class coasters. If you go to CP/KI, you can get up to 31 credits (including some of the worlds best). If you go to SFGADV/Morey's Pier, you can get up to 19 credits. Go to CP/KI. You won't regret it.
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