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  1. Do women count as rides? ... Oh, haha, right, "theme park" rides. In that case, in terms of general experience, I'd be looking at either Star Tours at Disneyland or Wild West Falls at Warner Bros. Movie World, Australia.
  2. No. Do you like saying No to people?
  3. Seeing someone drop a handful of tampons into the Wipeout lagoon below (at Dreamworld of course) pretty much tops the "wtf" list of things i've seen at a park. Ben "damn those things take alotta water!" Roach.
  4. Due to the nature of the Giant Drop's height, rather than using say two or three sensors and then have a seperate circuit that controls how long the triggers last for, the Giant Drop has a hole system of sensors setup up at the top of the tower (about 10 from memory) that essentially tell the engines at the top of the tower to decrease the outputting RPM pulling the steel cables. Essentially the very last sensor stops the motor for only about one and a half seconds before activating the latch mechanism, releasing the gondola from the cable winch car. So in essence, while many, many other Giant Drop rides have a system where operators can adjust the "hang-time" at the top of the tower, due to the design and frankly the liability complexities due to the sheer height of this tower, the actual ride cycle doesn't change, and never has. Of course then there's a manual over-ride sequence, but that's only ever "activated" as such when the power get's cut to the engines or there's some sort of safety breach (cameras and the likes that aren't authorised, that sorta thing). But yeah, 395 feet and 119 metres. 135k/ph downards and around 5.3 seconds of weightless depending on the mass of the people onboard. If they did some acer ERT sessions on this thing I really think it'd let some people down, I mean, all that extra falling weight and all, you'd only be getting 3 second freefalls... Oh, by the way, I've got heaps of onride footage and simaltaneous TOT/GD ride shots to keep you guys entertained in a bit (and yes, they're completely authorized and decent .
  5. I just want to also point out that after seeing the promotional video, the design is definitely different to X. But i mean, 76m? Sex in the 4th dimension anyone?
  6. Just incase you missed it, the website now has a video and quite a few cool little facts on it. http://www.eejanaika.jp/ So yeah, 76 metres tall... that'll kick arse.
  7. http://www.kare11.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=125295 I love it how in that video on the site when they say "undergoes rigorous daily testing" they show a video of a vomitron as if they're "testing the passengers" and not the ride.
  8. If they were playing Sugababe's "push the button" in the background for the duration of this hypothetical question, hell, it'd me a matter of who runs to the button the quickest.
  9. With those photos on the last few pages, in comparison to the length, paint finish and steel edges from the Intamin Accelerator we got at Movie World last year, it's definitely Intamin track fo' show. And it's going to be big. The triangular piece on the right under the tarp has a very small radial curve, so I reckon you could narrow it down to a big Intamin... something.
  10. I can do only so much as to tip off what these are going to be, but let's just say these mystery walls go with the flow, and those footer blocks are going to be for something "thrilling."
  11. That's pretty damn cool really. I can just imagine this guy's house in a few years time... "Needa get the mail? Take the Chairlift." "Mow the lawns? No worry, just train it round the place." "Memory loss. Flashback!"
  12. Another Volcano person here. Who doesn't enjoy some Intamin lovin'?
  13. Actually Robb, us Aussies have been getting a bucketload of problems from our accelerator. But ultimately all rides will get these sort of "teething" problems, all machinery need to be broken in, and huge steel thrill rides are no different.
  14. No. Here's a good one, and thanks to Duane Marden for this one but hey, if it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck and craps like a duck then chances are...it's a duck.
  15. You know what'd bring some irony to the situation? Get some crappy flash animations of TPR going and then suscribe to whicever pop-up service CoasterBuzz uses. I mean, we all know TPR is "unescapable."
  16. There's definitely a degree of "general public" intelligence, and from experience it's only a minority that talk up the crap i.e. the teens. But even then I get mates (blonde, female mates) who have come back from rides and given me the same feedback that I thought. And I do think that the enthusiasts do hold a certain input into new thrill rides. We're the ones with the "realistic" creative perspectives, and I know for a fact not many attractions would be out these days without a bit of ordering out thrown on the side. But like I said, there's a degree again. We might say "inversions with lap-bars" while the public will be just as happy with none with OTSRs. While there's definitely a point where the mainstream of society who has intelligence will pickup things such as "intense" and "coming out of your seat," the little nit picky things that we see aren't necessarily what a guest cares about. Shame too. But yeah, some people are just idiots. I have heard just about every single thing in the book, from "this ride (which does 30kph) does 300kph" to "they're just in the process of fixing a restraint which I saw open up half way down the ride."
  17. I really couldn't be really stuffed reading four entire pages of argumentive literature so i'll say this in defence of little people (even though i'm moderately tall): Small people can't get taller, but fat people can lose some weight. Seriously, if you love rides and you want to hit the thrills, do yourself a favour and change your diet before we have some more Intamin ejectees.
  18. Don't suppose anyone would have some actual song names from these rides that I can check out or is a vast majority of music over there produced independently by the park?
  19. My vote would go to Tower of Terror at Dreamworld. Seriously, getting pure speed and very pure airtime for 104 days or more is fine by me.
  20. Yay! Go Slick! Yep, Aussie parks rock too.
  21. ...And hanging over a mountain, oh, and don't forget the fact that it looks cooler because, you know, even the brake run is like a 100 feet in the air.
  22. Quick happy b'day to a great legend amongst the community, and I hope you eat ACEr ammounts of cake (seems like the natural thing to do) and just remember, wait 30 minutes after eating before going on a DDR machine! Cheers, and merry chri..... uhh, I meant, happy birthday!
  23. Mr Burns approaches a candy machine... "Oh yes, hello there, I'd like 2 serves of butterscotch brittle, but don't wrapt it too tightly, I want it now!" Machine does nothing. "...You've made yourself a very powerful enemy."
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