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  1. Riiiight. There are only three generations of Ride Trade drop towers (Ride Trade is the division of Intamin that control the Towers department). There are the first, which as you know are like the L shaped type rides, which drop from the top and then slope horizontal into breaking, then you have the first type of Ride Trade freefall towers (second generation) that use the traditional 4-across seating with the special "squarish" looking seats and then you have the 3rd which have your typical Intamin seats which are used from basically everything from gyro swings to impulse coasters, with the exception being their new hydraulic coasters, which use a different restraint system anyway.
  2. Rides with a pointless track design. Take spinning rides for example, or even the Cyclone at Dreamworld. Now that it's not in its original home anymore, it just "has a random helix here" and "hey, let's put the station 12 metres high!" What's up with that? Stick some elevators in and do us a favour! Oh, that and generally SLCs, I mean, they're rough, pokey, and generally don't cut it for me. They're not hyped, and I don't what some parks were on but we're seriously lucky that most major parks don't go "hey, let's build some f**ked up coasters..." Well, most major parks anyway.
  3. Get the six pack back. I was sick for a month late this year and lost a vast majority of it. But other than that.... none really. Ben "I've been a good little boy. " Roach.
  4. HAHA, only losers drink Pepsi. Is the only reason you like your home park is because... it's purely your home park?
  5. Yeah, I'd agree with the Thunderbolt being one of the worst rough coasters anywhere. I actually remember a funny little story behind the great roughness of it too. One of my mates was fully anticipating getting his first ride on Thunderbolt, and seeing people wizz past before (only seeing the first row of people though) he thought it was incredibly smooth. Anyway, he's going on how good it's going to be (you know how some n00bs can be) and I just go "look, if you think it's soo smooth I bet you the two people in the back row will walk off holding their back and the two in the front will walk off fine." Anyway, train rolls in, and the restraints pop up, and this man, who's probably around his mid sixty basically cracks his back and half, and his son, who's trying to get some help from the ride-op, is cusping his back into his hands. Funny look on my mate's face too. Ben "the stuff aussie parks can get away with!" Roach.
  6. My first "coaster" would've been the Matterhorn over at Disneyland in Anaheim, but my first "coaster over 100 metres" would've been Tower of Terror all the way back down in Dreamworld.
  7. Dude, coming from someone who works with all of Australia's main tourist destinations, PARTICULARLY Dreamworld, I can tell you now that the filth your spreading is not only a load but can land you in trouble. Do you honestly think that on a normal safety check each morning the engineering team would go "hmm... there's a missing emergency component, maybe we should tell the public?" If you knew anything about premiums and insurance liability claims and whatnot, you'd definitely know the first thing they'd do is shut the ride down. Enough said buddy. EDIT: Why would they use a rubber bolt to stop a ride anyway? I've been on numerous emergency tests and run throughs and on all times I've survived and there was no problem, so stop spreading dribble onto the other respected theme park websites.
  8. For me it'd definitely be Superman: Escape from Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia. Like what DJrappa said, it will definitely be the next world class coaster we've had since.... Tower of Terror. Wow, what a collection we have. On top of that I think Expedition Everest will definitely be something worth dropping your jaw for, regardless of who makes it. But huge mountains, nice drops, all bundled up into a coaster experience, you can't go wrong.
  9. Tower of Terror at Australia's Dreamworld. When it does full speed, it reaches 162km/hr, does 6.5 seconds of weightlessness.....need I say more? MMMmmmm...... Air time....
  10. Also, there is a whole heap of photos being posted here at DN , and you can view them straight away as you don't need to register to see the photos. More are also in other threads, so you can view a few in there too! Cheers thunder001 by the way for those photos, you and Ian sure run a good theme park website there! Ben "thinks red is sooo his colour" Roach.
  11. 6/10 -Just because it sounds like "Marzipan" from homestarrunner.com Cheers!
  12. Yeah, that's cool. Basically it was just showing you dude what you could do. Wasn't meaning to be gettin' all freaky deaky copyright issueing on ya'. (yeah homie ).
  13. I thought I'd make this quick opportunity to show what can be done with cafepress and photoshop. Here I've taken two funny moments (out of thousands) which were worth a funny thing on a t-shirt thingy (sorry, it's 4:30am down here in Brisbane and I wanna go to bed!). Have a look here for the two t-shirt designs I have made. notice the back too....trendy. ADMIN EDIT - Removed Link...thank you for the effort but these are not endorsed by TPR Cya later.
  14. Nah, sorry guys, but you all luck out here. As for our Cyclone, I've done that 73 times, then The Claw with 96 and then.... *Drum Roll* Tower Of Terror with 194 rides. Also, I have done 27 Giant Drop rides in two hours. You figure out the freefall on that! Ben "cya later onnnnnnnnnnn..............." (counter now 195) Roach.
  15. Dude, Pepsi Max is like that liquid they use to preserve things in. My friend loves it because he thinks its better than coke, but WTF is he on? Ben "Coke is the ultimate, only mountain dew is then acceptable:P" Roach.
  16. Ben "I DONT GET MINE!!!!! " Roach. (Thorpey says you need to change it) :o
  17. Hmmm..... how about "Darth Wager"...... (good ol' simpsons) Oooh.....how about rabbit and sheep crossbread? Ugh, i'm so bored, actually, just for laughs Elissa, name mine to whatever you want too. Ben "incredibly bored" Roach.
  18. Yes, I am technically half kiwi, but I have enough australian genes not to be a sheep humper. Speaking of Rainbow End's corkscrew, it was so dodgy. The metal handles were taken out of the OTSR's so when you exited the second corkscrew (which was the most roughest part) you had to hold on for dear life just to leave the ride with a few brain cells remaining. I wonder how my brain's going if I did 35 rides on it in three hours? Ben "my cat's name is mittens" Roach.
  19. Hmmm.... so that's what the New Zealand film industry is like these days huh? Now I definitely know you kiddies across the ocean are very uncultured. Maybe you should say that to everyone else in this thread, and then see how old skewl that joke is Ben "ugh.....new zealand's corkscrew coaster was crap" Roach.
  20. Can I have "Thorpey says its fully sick" please? Don't worry if you don't get it, its an Australian thang. Ben "get tighter with your posse" Roach.
  21. I know. Liam_S and I have had a lot of jokes over the years with the funny sounding "Space Probe". Basically it was a first generation Ride Trade Giant Drop ride. It's sixty metres high and was the first in Australia (woohoo, considering its now closed ). Basically from what I've heard it was very decent indeed, and the themeing back in its hay-day was above-par. But I definitely agree with you maliboomer, Giant Drop is a fantastic ride, but there is literally no themeing. Plus, if you've seen the state of the Tower Of Terror themeing is in, you'd definitely walk out if your used to Disney standard themeing. I think Dreamworld's problem is if they think the ride is good enough, it'll make up for the disgusting state that the ride is actually in. Oh well, someday they'll get off their backside. Anyhoo, here are some photos of the now defunct probe. Ben "remembers those two episodes where the alieans give Cartman an anal probe" Roach. Grrr....scary guys wanting to evacuate you from the anal probing alieans!!!!
  22. I totally agree buddy. I'd say maybe the time of say Space Probe at WLS, but a minute is way too long. But hey, its so funny to hear your friends totally psyche out. "...OMG, I AM SOOO SCARED, I'M GONNA PEE MY PANTS..." derranged friend "...shut up dude, I'm sure you won't stain your pants that bad.....oh, you just drunk a bottle of coke eh?..." Ben "so bored" Roach.
  23. Dude, I'm just showing some passion. Seriously, lighten up. Is it wrong to enjoy thrill rides? And besides, roller-coaster.com.au died long after I left. Ben "enjoys the Giant Drop" Roach.
  24. These are the photos of just some of the coasters. These are some of the best ones, but there are also a whole heap of other cool coasters. Intamin Gigacoaster B&M floorless launched Intamin Gigacoaster
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