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  1. Who here from America has actually been on the Giant Drop? 135k/ph.... 120 metres.... 5.5 seconds of weightlessness ten metres of brakes Freeeeeeeefall This unfortunately shows about sixty metres of the tower This is from over five kilometres away
  2. I've been a guinea pig on the claw (my avatar on the left) quite alot in the past when it first opened. Basically it was having problems docking back into the station and so the floor wouldn't lift up. Not only have I been stuck for about ten minutes on it but I've been a tester on it afterwards. I was also on the first official ride ever on it, and we had a specially altered ride that went on for twice as long and was on the maximum velocity settings. I definitely didn't feel too good after riding it for over four minutes. Also, I rode the TOT (dreamworld) recently by myself after an e-brake had happened. Basically I was given a media pass to take onride footage and so I was the guinea pig for that. It was just utterly awesome because there was no load, and so i did 161 kilometres. Just fantastic.
  3. I still laugh at your puney freefall rides. Its funny, we have the worst rollercoasters, but the best flat rides. Ben "ITS FOUR HUNDRED FEET!!!" Roach.
  4. G'day kiddies, just thought I'd drop my coaster pack i for all of you to enjoy. Some are old coasters, and some are new, so take care and share your thoughts about my creations. Well i'm off, cya later. Ben "isn't affiliated with Steve Irwin" Roach. DN nolimits track pack.zip Some awesome coasters.
  5. Arman Van Helden - Hear My Name. Ben "loves Yellow card and techno!" Roach.
  6. Could Elissa or someone delete this post please? there's no place where i can do it myself, and my sometimes dodgy computer double posted the same thing. Ben "grrr..." Roach.
  7. The cyclone at dreamworld is by far one of the most boring coasters on the planet. It has zero airtime, a super ultra uncomfortable half corkscrew attempting a sidewinder, the smallest vertical loop you'd ever see, EXTREMELY ROUGH, and the queue line is terrible. It's like Windjammer except made by arrow! Here's some ultra tiny photos after finding out that photos should be under 800X600. Ben "thinks they should be thumbnails so my photos can be a decent quality " Roach.
  8. Ahhh yes, I was thinking the exact same thing Elissa. Actually, about half an hour ago I watched the episode of Futurama with the bouncing ball planet. Long story short, they wired Bender with a bomb so when he said his number one most utterly spoken word, which was ass, it would blow up the planet. The point of that though was that number six of Bender's most spoken words was "pimpmobile".
  9. Dreamworld is definitely my home park. The Gold Coast chicks there are fabulous, and the rides are pretty good too. Apart from Dreamworld, which is thirty or so minutes away from where I live by car, we also have Wet'n'not'wild'anymore and Movie World *cough crap*. We also have Sea world down on the gold coast, but its nothing too get excited about, only an arrow corckscrew coaster, so you guys can go back to dreaming about Intamin coasters now..... Ben "just wants a B&M/something smooth and NOT made by arrow for a change" Roach.
  10. Ahhh, a moser kiddie drop if i'm not mistaken. I rode one of them at Luna Park Melbourne (australia) about fifteen times because I was getting lonely without my Giant Drop down at Dreamworld. Okay, before you ask "who the hell is this guy?" my name is ben, or Slick, as the australian community knows me. Basically I've seen all TPR's videos since the cedar point video you guys have done and I must say you guys certainly know how to make a day out of anything, even if it is Matterhorn Express :o (ugh, lucky we don't have any togo coasters down here in oz). As the australian community knows, I'm about to launch a revolutionary new Australian website called DreamNova.com . It'll have thousands of high quality photos, music videos, and on-ride videos of say the Giant Drop that dreamworld allowed me to take recently when they gave me a media pass. 8) But yeah, Dreamworld is definitely my home. I've beeen absolutely everywhere bar inside the Dreamworld Tower. Well anyway, look forward to becoming a life-long member here, and so, I'll return to the topic now! For anyone interested, the actual Dreamworld tower is 420 feet (120 metres) tall and the Giant Drop is something around the 400 feet mark. It does 135.5 k/ph, and basically i have no friekin idea what that is in miles. Also, just like STE, the Tower Of Terror is constantly experiencing e-brakes and never works. But, stay tuned and I'll keep you informed about future experimental projects that they will be doing on the tower :o . Well anyway, here are some photos, and Robb, give me a PM or add me to your messenger list. I'd be definitely interested to talk some random stuff soon. PS:the tower of terror is utterly awesome when it does 162 kilometres as I experience when they gave me my media pass (that's 101 miles for those not into the whole converting in their head thing).
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