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  1. it will also feature 2 Immelmann loops. That will make it stand out a little more then sherkia. The second drop is not 90 degrees.
  2. Check out the link for the full story. http://rjr10036.typepad.com/proceed_at_your_own_risk/2006/04/the_utopiaasia_.html "MALAYSIA TO HOST FIRST ALL GAY THEME PARK The Utopia-Asia Gay News Service reports that plans to open Tongziland, the world's first homosexual theme park, have been given the green light by Malaysian authorities. Scheduled to open in 2009, the adults-only amusement park will rise in Johor Bahru, in view of neighboring Singapore. Spokesperson Tang En Chee of Same Joy PTE, Ltd., the Malaysian/Hong Kong joint venture which is funding the project, says that government licensing has been granted to transform a 120,000 square meter area of landfill into a full-featured, world class recreation and entertainment tourist attraction. Local businesses hope the park will attract the lucrative pink dollar from affluent gay travelers from around the region and Australia. Malaysian tourism spokesman, Datuk Ibrahim Ali, citing the success of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras which has become Australia's leading tourist attraction, said, "We are excited and already planning to offer a special shuttle service from Singapore for tourists who would enjoy spending the day at the gay park and an evening or two in our gay-friendly hotels here in Johor Bahru." Organizers have been working closely with the government to revise Malaysia's colonial-era anti-sodomy laws to permit homosexual social interaction within the park's boundaries. A Malaysian Health Ministry "Safer Sex Tourism Kit" with a map of Malaysia's other gay attractions will be developed to emphasize that the nation has "a lot more than just a gay theme park" to offer homosexuals on a daily basis. Preliminary designs for the park call for an authentic Chinese dynastic palace throne room populated by animatronic figures of famous gay Emperors and their favorites, a branch of Osaka's Takarazaku all-female theatrical extravaganza, a Thai-themed sports complex with transgender kick-boxing arena and Iron Ladies volleyball court, Cinderfella's Enchanted Castle sauna, an Old West themed Lesbian Round-up, and the 10-story tall Tower of Pride with rotating disco and high-powered lasers."
  3. I should have stated that my rant was not geared toward those that have a large stature naturally. I understand that some people are the size of football players and basketball players, but making a train or seat to accommodate Sahquile Oneil would be the same as having to make seats that accommodate small people such as midgets and dwarfs. The fact is most of American’s aren’t the size of the average Center in Basketball, they are plain and simple OVERWEIGHT. The initial comment I quoted stated that B&M’s were for “Small people only, no fat people.” The complaints I am commenting against are from the lazy people who won’t exercise but have no problem complaining every time they try and ride an amusement park ride. I see or hear it at just about every park I visit. I am more concerned with obese weight weighing in as the issue. As I stated before I was joking about the “you must be over 200 pounds to ride” sign, please don’t take that part so literal. So do you want all the seats in a coaster train to be able to accommodate larger riders or just one or two seats? This is where it becomes an issue for myself, because when you make the seat more accommodating for larger riders then smaller riders are left uncomfortable. In the “big boy seats” there is more room to move around making the ride sometimes bumpier then it should be. I would be willing to compromise and say that manufactures could make a set of larger seats on each coaster if it was around the middle of the train, that way it doesn’t take way from my experience of the front and back seats. All overweight and large riders should be aware of these seats and which line they should wait in. How do you make a seat that is so accommodating for a big/overweight person and at the same time one where a small teenage girl or boy won’t be able to maneuver their way out of the seat or restraint? Should these seats be strictly for large people?
  4. I have been visiting coaster sites for the past eleven years and was heavily involved in forums around the Roller Coaster Tycoon craze. I since have taken a step back and rarely enjoy reading them anymore but something caught my eye, so much so that I have signed up to respond. I apologize beforehand if this topic has already been discussed but I would like to see if I am on the majority’s side and hate the people that dig up old topics. I am going to try and figure out the poll feature but if I can’t here the question: Is it the manufacture’s obligation to accommodate the overweight enthusiasts and public, or should the responsibility lie with the rider to shed some pounds before riding? In your response it would be great if you posted how much you weighed (lbs) just to get a feel on who is really fighting for this issue. Here is the post that made me gag. It was in the topic of GOLIATH the new B&M at Six Flags Over Georgia. My Response to kingdanny: Think of all the small people that might fall out if B&M made every seat accommodate Americans with weight issues. If you love coaster but can't seem to ride all of them there is one thing that you can do: Lose Weight. It seems like a simple solution. My Overall Opinion (135 lbs): When I travel to other countries the ratio of obese people is so much smaller then here in America. So it seems to me that American based companies such as Six Flags and Cedar Fair are the ones pushing for these more accommodating rides. When you are trying to tailor to a larger mass (literally) the other end of the spectrum is being left in discomfort. Looking back around 2000 I think that ride manufactures ended up caving in to Amusement Park demands and decided to accommodate the ever-growing weight epidemic in America. I know this was never stated as fact, but it is my true belief that trying to accommodate overweight Americans was the reason behind the three Intamin deaths. For a minute I was scared to ride new Intamin creations because normal, healthy, people were flying out left and right. On some B&M coasters there are already one or two seats larger on each train to accommodate larger people. I have always felt safe on B&M coasters even in the Big Boy seats but they seemed to have a noticeably wider base that can take away from the ride experience. If you are overweight you can do something about feeling uncomfortable or not being able to ride some roller coasters, just lose weight. Why should people that care how they look and maintain a healthy weight be punished with discomfort or the thought they might fall out, so that someone unhealthy can fit in a horseshoe collar restraint? Personally I think it was not Intamin’s desire to make more accommodating seats but the pressure put on by American buyers who’s market is getting fatter and fatter every year. I can already see the future of Theme Parks: YOU MUST BE OVER 200 POUNDS TO RIDE. Thought I would end on a joke and say this is not meant to hurt anyone’s feeling but the overweight pity party has got to stop. --I just pray they never put big boy seats on Swat.
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