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  1. Well as I was down visiting old friends and relatives down in Kent, I thought I might as well make the most of my annual pass, and head over to Thorpe for its opening day, but what a disappointing day it was. I don’t usually do long written trip reports, unless it has been a very good, or in this case, bad day, so here goes. Got up early to catch a 6:50 train, with a few stops, got me in to Stains around 9:20, where a chav filled shuttle bus to Thorpe Park awaited. It is a pretty good service, as it only costs £3, and is very regular, but they truly couldn’t pack any more people on
  2. After watching that video, I actually can’t wait to ride this thing!! Although, it will probably be next year now. I bet landry's are a bit peed about the amount this thing has been delayed. Can’t Waite to see an actually POV of it!!!
  3. No, it is pay per play only. No wristbands, which is a huge let down for me but I think the reason for this is because different rides are owned by different people.
  4. Well, I went to sea world San Antonio on Monday and had a brilliant day. Who went: Me Max H My Dad Arrived at 12PM Left 9AM Ride/show count: Steal eel 2 Texas splash down 1 Grate white 2 Rio loco 1 Journey to atlantics 6 Haunted lighthouses 4D 1 Believe 1 Cannery Row Cape 1 Viva 1 Good point: Converting H on to loving coasters Riding Journey to Atlantic for the first time and the ride op letting us stay on for 4 rides in a row at the end of the day Very good staff, especially the journey to atlantics and grate white staff Lots of fun and randomness Quite goo
  5. I think the trains look pretty good. It is a shame that they have to do yet more work after the delay they had with all the rain. Now I am back in the UK I have to wait until next year to ride it.
  6. Just had my 2nd bad ebay experience and won’t be trusting it again. 4 weeks ago, I ordered a camera off of ebay which I never got, but on Sunday I ordered a pare of Oakley Gascan sunglasses. They arrived this morning, but they are obviously fake, which after paying $70, I am not happy with. This now means going through the whole painful poses to get a refund. Not happy.
  7. I like a lot of different types of music, but if I had to chose one, it would be rock.
  8. I have always wondered this every time I go in to a shop selling magazines, but always come to the conclusion that there isn’t a big enough market for it. I do however think that a theme park revue magazine would do quite well. It is already an established name, and I think quite a few members would buy it, along with members of the public that are planning a visit to an amusement park. It would have to be soled in the correct places e.g. near amusement parks, air ports, etc. and it would also make people that are un aware of the website aware of it, increase sails in TPR merchandise, and
  9. Either sea world San Antonio or Kemah Boardwalk. It will probably be sea world San Antonio.
  10. I personally prefer Typhoon Lagoon because of the themeing, and the atmosphere. It is like being on a tropical beach, a very busy tropical beach, lol. It has a few good slides and rides, the huge wave pool is good, and the beach areas are nice, if you can find a space. If you are looking for a more fast pace day at a water park, I would go for Blizzard Beach for all the slides, but if you want a slightly more chilled out day, go to Typhoon Lagoon.
  11. Texas Florida Nevada. I think I have passed through some other states, but these are the only states that I have stayed in for a period of time.
  12. Braking Benjamin at the Verizon Wireless, Downtown Houston. Was a very good gig, and they are very good live. I must get there new CD!
  13. ^ Thanks for the update! It is looking good, but I am very doubtful that it will be open within the next three weeks, which means I won’t be able to ride it for a while now.
  14. My first kiss was a funny story but won’t go in to depth about it. It was at a wedding and was with a girl that I had only just met, and we had been drinking some sort of cocktail alcoholic drink, but at the time we didn’t know they were alcoholic. We did a while after when the world was spinning and I had my mum telling me of, but they were giving them out and I didn’t know they were alcoholic, so what was I meant to do!! Lol. Anyway, I think I was 13, but I have never seen the girl since which is a bit sad. Would love to see here again.
  15. I watched it on its opening day and thought that it was quite good. There are quite a few funny bits, good special effects, and a good story line. I didn’t except much from it tbh because I didn’t really like the 2 or 3 I have seen in the past, and I don’t like other films of this sort of nature like pirates of the Caribbean, and lord of the rings, but it is worth a watch. A good bit of British hummer in it too. I am in the USA visiting my dad atm and me and my dad found ourselves giggling at things that no one ells was finding funny, lol.
  16. Thanks for all the updates of your Spain trip! They have given me a good few laughs. Looks like you had a lot of fun and it makes me really want to come on one of your trips when I am a bit older. Thanks for the updates and the laughs, and for teaching me something… there are quite a few decent parks in Spain.
  17. When in the UK (which is where I am most of the time) my nearest park is Pleasure Beach Blackpool, which takes about an hour to get to, and I also visit Alton Towers about the same amount as pleasure beach, which takes about 2 ½ hours to get to. When In Houston, my local park is sadly 3 hours drive too San Antonio, and is six flags fiesta Texas and sea world. Ooooh I which Astro World was still here, it was about ten minutes drive from where I am.
  18. Big Mac. They are both good but I like the sauce on the big Mac, plus, I don’t know, it is just more appealing. The double quarter ponder is very nice though.
  19. 1. Steal eel – sea world San Antonio 2. Shikra – bush gardens Africa 3. Nemesis – Alton Towers 4. Increasable hulk – islands of adventure 5. Super man – six flags fiesta Texas 6. Stealth – Thorpe park 7. Infusion – pleasure beach Blackpool 8. Grand National – pleasure beach Blackpool 9. Expedition Everest – animal kingdom 10. Irn bru revolution – pleasure beach Blackpool
  20. Non-smoker. I find it discussing and would never be able to do it.
  21. This is good news. I was so sad when Astor world closed down, and whenever I am in Houston with my dad, if I want to go to a theme park, we have to travel 3 hours to San Antonio. I wonder what ride line up they will have. I can’t see there being any big thrill rides there for some reason. It is going to take a long time until it is open. I probably won’t be visiting Houston anymore by the time it opens! Well at least I have the boardwalk built to keep my going in Houston.
  22. I prefer MacDonald’s, just because I prefer what is on their menu, I love big Mac’s and their milkshakes are nice. Berger king is rubbish in the UK but it is nice in America. MacDonald’s still wins though imo.
  23. Looks like a fun little ride. Could do with a bit more themeing, but no the less, it will be fun, especially on the hot sunny English days… wait a second, what hot sunny English days? Lol. I have never been to this park and I am going to make it my mission to get to it asap. Looks quite good. Thanks for the pictures!
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