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  1. Which one of these water parks are better? My family and I arn't sure which one we should go to!! We are leaving in a week!! Thanks for the help!!
  2. Which park is better, Busch Gardens in Tampa or Busch Gardens in Williamsburg?
  3. I am down to the final tvs. I'm not sure which one I want to pick! Which is better for my ps3? Compare resolutions, contrast ratios, and size, not just brand. Thankyou http://www.starsurplus.com/viewitem.lasso?i=AOC-20W421&ref=SP http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-LNT1954H-LCD-HDTV-White/dp/B000N50RAK
  4. sydney

    Busch Gardens

    I am going to Busch Gardens this july for summer vacation. I wanted to know, besides Sheikra, what is the best ride? Is Kumba rough?Thanks.
  5. PROJECT X HAS AWAKEN. http://sscoasters.net/forum/showthread.php?p=102828#post102828
  6. Project X is almost, but not quite, complete! I am still making some finishing touches to make it more stable and I am adding the theme.
  7. Merry Christmas Everyone! Look at Project X in the previous reply! Please comment!
  8. Project X has returned with 4 constructed drops! As you can see, the 3rd drop has been rebuilt! I changed it because, before, it was too long and I did not have enough room for another drop. I like it better like this anyways! The ride so far is so smooth and so sharp. I have been ordering more pieces to finish the ride. My last batch of knex pieces should be here tomorrow! Anyways, Project X should, hopefully, be completed by New Year's Eve. I still have to do some theming when the ride is complete. The theme is, of course, X's! Check out the pics! sscoasters.net/forum/showthread.php?t=5265&page=2
  9. Project X is back! I know it has been a long time, but I have been very busy. I apologize for the wait. It's that time of year now.(Xmas)Well, I took pictures of Project X about a week ago, but didn't post them. Here they are! The second turnaround and the third drop. Also, if you have been looking or voting at the previous poll, 6 big drops won over 10 mini drops. Take a look at present construction done on Project X! The second curve of the ride. It rides very smooth. AAHHHHH AIR! The onride view of the second drop! The 3rd drop is nice! Just imagine if you could ride......
  10. Due to the amount of space that I have, I have 2 options. First off, I just want to say that Project X will still be a beast in roller coasters no matter which layout you choose. The first option is to include 10 small hills(drops). The second option is to have 6 humongous hills(drops). I'm not sure which one I want, so you decide! ??? Which do you think will be better?
  11. Project X's 2nd drop is now complete! 2 down, 8 more to go! I've also finally put the tubing on to see it easier. The train goes rides at a perfect speed on the track! It goes not too fast, but not too slow. In the future, I will be putting more crossties on the track. I'm lovin' it! Overview of Project X The frirst drop with tubing looks very smooth! The curve at the top into the first big dip! A view from the first drop The second drop on Project X
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