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  1. Probably http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/ but that is more of a fan site so it was probably RCDB or something like that. The sight I visit most is http://www.tbppbguideforums.info/bpb/index.php
  2. Wow! That looks absolutely immense!!! I have my fingers crossed that it will be opening this month because I am going to visit my dad in Houston for a month on Tuesday, so I hope I get to ride it before I go back!! Do we know how much it will cost to ride and if it will be included in the wristband system?
  3. Looks like you are having an ace time! That has to be one of the funniest POV’s I have ever seen in my life! "Bonus Helixxxxxxxxx!!!!" Lol. The random drop tower looks fun too. Hope you continue to enjoy yourselves!
  4. ^ Hope everything is sorted with you and your parents and also that you have good holiday! I am straight.
  5. Well when I rode it I thought that it was really smooth. A lot smother than other slc’s I have ridden. Infusion is a very good ride for an slc and looks amazing. I can’t believe what a good job the pleasure beach has made of it. There are a loot foot choppers on it as well, like when you run up the water fall and come within what seems like inches off hitting the big dipper. Very good ride but red paint is starting to show through already and I am sure it will start getting rougher. I just hope pbb maintain it well and keep it looking as good as it dose now.
  6. A few of my ORP’s. sorry for pour quality, no scanner or decent camera atm. Infusion – Pleasure Beach, Blackpool. Rita – Alton Towers Insanity – Las Vegas Apocalypse - Drayton Manor Rode Runner Express – Six Flags Fiesta Texas
  7. Mac OS X Absolutely love the operating system. It is so easy to use, has so many cool features, and doesn’t crash and get viruses half as much as windows do imo. I never play games or do anything like that so I don’t need window’s, and I have RCT3 for my mac. Cant wait to get the next OS for mac. It will kick vista’s ass, lol.
  8. Well I lost my camera last month on a trip to Drayton manor, so I decided to by a new one on ebey. I have never used ebay before. The seller sent the item out 2 days after winning it, and then when I called DHL 2 days after, they said that they tried to delver it but no one was in, then changed there story to having problems with the address when I tolled them I was in. They rearranged it to be delivered yesterday. When I called up yesterday they tolled me that it had been sent back to the sender!!!!! So now I am in a dispute on paypal to get a refund, and I am not going to have a came
  9. Expedition Everest – animal kingdom Test track - epcot Rita – Alton towers Air – Alton towers The bounty – Drayton manor Tony hawks big spin – six flags fiesta Texas Sand next month I will be doing journey to Atlantic – sea world San Antonio I have done probably done more that I am un aware of. EDIT: I have also ridden colossus, nemesis inferno, tidal wave, and vortex at Thorp park, charley and the chocolate factory at Alton towers, and tomb blasters at Chessington in their fires season.
  10. I live in a small village near a city called Lancaster in the north of the UK, but I spend quite a bit of my time with my dad who lives in Houston, Texas.
  11. The last coaster I rode was spinball whizzer at Alton Towers on 1st June.
  12. This is a funny video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaOEmDJUNmM hope it hasn’t already been posted.
  13. I am 16. I don’t actually know what my first coaster was. It was probably at Chessington World of Adventures because that is the park my dad used to take me to when I was very small. I would guess that my first coaster was the runaway train they have there or maybe the vampire, before they got the new trains.
  14. I voted Cedar Point, mainly because that is the park I most want to go to out of the three and it looks to have so very decent rides. They all look good parks though. Enjoy your trip where every you decide to go!
  15. Hi! I am Lewis and a live in a small village called Silverdale, near Lancaster, in the UK. My local park is the pleasure beach Blackpool, and I also visit Alton Towers. My dad lives in Houston, Texas and I go and visit him quite often so sometimes we go to san Antonio and do the parks there. I have absolutely no idea how many coasters I have done because I have been doing them since I was small so cant remember a few, but I won’t have a ride count anywhere as big as some of you. I am a member of a few different forums, and the one I post the most often on it BPB guide. I have been
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