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  1. ^That sucks Darren. Can't say that I'm surprised though. But thanks for the update.
  2. Going through all of this topic, I have seen few speak of Space 2000 at Gyeongju World in South Korea. That must be one HELL of a bad ride to be that obscure and be talked about a few times by those who have ridden many coasters all over the world. What were others opinions on it that may have gone on it in 2007? http://www.rcdb.com/1403.htm My vote for wood is no doubt for Georgia Cyclone. Steel, Sidewinder at Hersheypark, my least favorite boomerang. Worse than Knotts' I thought!
  3. Great TR, always interesting seeing the road less traveled. So how was PAX Jungle Storm? That coaster looks like it has some pretty violent turns and drops, kind of like a Wild Train. I want to visit anywhere that has a PAX freak of nature.
  4. Agreed. BBW was something at 16-20 I ignored...the "wuss" coaster of Busch's big ones. Rode again, shortly after, man I found new appreciation. There are a couple thrills on it that you could not find anywhere else, quite like it (like the back swinging out at nearly 80 degree "whipping" action while falling down the big drop). EF is the only suspended that appeared to beat BBW, as Robb said. However, the BBW was classic, and even if some of the enthusiest world doesn't feel it affected the park, that whole area is now dead feeling. BBW gave a feeling of something "lurking" in the woods; an energy. People happy, jumping around who had just ridden it, smiling. Yeah, I was a huge fan of the ride. I know a few others that kinged it "best of the park" as well. Not knocking Robb at all, and he even admitted that it was probably the 2nd best suspended after EF, but he was probably spoiled by EF having ridden it many times. Everyone has their own opinions on everything. BBW likely is "watered down" compared to the thrill EF gave. Its the only suspended I can think about that had wicked S-turns like BBW had at the bottom of the big drop, only EF did that move more. And HOPEFULLY it will come back! Im going to Korea next year! I feel the jump of the ride in ratings in the poll is more due to a sudden rush of enthusiests riding the ride that may have never ridden it, than people wanting to rate it higher because it was leaving. BBW and Alpengeist are, and will likely always be, my favorites at my home park! Damn, too bad Robb was there and I didn't know it though! I missed him at KD opening day too!
  5. I've heard it wasn't them killing the ivy, but the collapsing of the ivy under the tons of snow Virginia had this past winter.
  6. ^ Many people ask for trouble by leaving expensive items out in plain sight, then say the park is horrible because their items are gone after they get back to the car. I've been to SFA MANY times, its an extremely underrated park and had a LOT of work done to it since my first visit in 2005. Most things are in better condition than SFGAdv. The woodies run great, don't know why so many people have a problem with Roar though? Ride in the front seat of Roar, thats where it runs best. I've actually never seen the drop tower down there, seems reliable to me. Usually runs 2 of 3 sides though. Batwing runs best of all Vekoma flyers out there (shows in Mitchs' latest poll too) but does have a slow loading proceedure. Superman is a front seat ride! Don't accept any other seat. There are also noticable differences in Superman from my experences in the way it runs in the morning and at night (Faster as it warms up!). BUT NOTE!!! IT MAY BE ONE OF THE LEAST RELIABLE RIDES OUT THERE!!! Ive seen it go down every 15-30 minutes on more than one occassion and not open at all on other occasions. Ride it whenever you see it open. Just try to hit it multiple times. Over all. the park usually isn't too busy, and up until this year, I preferred it to Kings Dominion (due to the addition of I305).
  7. ^FoF has the queue filled pretty often on days I'm there, but that is likely due to them closing part of the inside queue for Haloween events. I felt yesterday, as was the case with Hershey's opening, the park was NOT prepared for the heavy crowds that appeared! Good TR. Is snow the really the reason why the tunnel thing near the sky coaster didn't have it's tunnel on?
  8. adavis definately summed up my experience of Hershey almost perfectly. The park has some of the slowest moving lines I have ever experienced. I went twice, on back to back days with thunderstorms in the forecast with boiling hot weather in 2007. Lines were horrific, employees were rude, and most rides were overated IMO. For example, Great Bear ran 2 trains, dispatched every 5 min. Sorry Hershey lovers, I have no desire to ever go back. Dorney Park gave me a great experience. Thats my PA park destination. Maybe I'm just too used to BGE?
  9. I'll be there Robb! Would be awesome to finally meet the famous man himself
  10. Dang! More people need to get out to ride Alpengeist! Its missing from 5 of 6 invert ride lists on page 15 alone! But Montu is on a lot of them. My vote goes to Alpengiest. Just got back from riding Montu and even less brakes on MCBR than when I rode it last, Alpengeist still blew it away. Only thing Montu beats Alpengeist on IMO is smoothness. But Alpengeist isn't bad at all minus the 2 "jolts." 1 in the cobra roll, 1 entering the MCBR. In fact, I love the jolt in the cobra roll, especially in the back. It gives the ride an even more out of control feeling. EDIT: I totally agree with Afterburn being EXTREMELY underrated, as it is #2 on my list.
  11. Great TR man! Glad you enjoyed yourself and was able to do BBW one (or 20) last time(s). Its pretty crazy that it was cheaper to fly into DC than it was to Norfolk or Newport News/Williamsburg. Flights there are pretty cheap usually.
  12. ^ Indeed. Follow the link below to see a pic of GeForce's trims. On that ride, they exist in 2 places. http://www.rcdb.com/977.htm?p=12898 Full POV of GeForce. Obviously the trims occur in different spots than on I305. This is the only possible negative I see. Then again.. Apollo's Chariot has trims on it's 3rd hill and that never really affects the ride.
  13. Just remember people...TPR's #1 steelie has trims as well... You never know until you ride. Kyle "Don't treat this like it's 2012" Olson
  14. Hmm yeah, this place was supposed to open in December. As far as I have heard it is not open. Must not have made deadline. Has anyone heard otherwise? EDIT: Oh wait. Missed the last sentence. My bad!!!
  15. I already said this once about track length, but the reason I305 is shorter than the B&M hypers is because it doesn't have the amount of airtime hills that they have. Airtime hills have way more track length than low to the ground turns. And I don't think I could say this enough, but NOBODY in Virginia cares about Six Flags America.........NOBODY. I used to live in northern VA and I could tell you without any shadow of a doubt that if you asked them where they would want to go for a theme/amusement park, they would say KD or BGE 100 times out of 100. I guarantee you KD doesn't see SFA as any kind of competition at all. Thats a bold outragous statement. There are several people on here even that prefer SFA to KD...I feel SFA is not even known in the DC-Richmond area. I'm from VA and nobody knows SFA is right there. Everyone remembers Adventure World. Somehow nobody knows about SFA. Never say NOBODY, because thats asking for trouble on these boards Chuck, I've seen Volcano with a 3 hour line on weekdays in the summer for no explainable reason, although of course they should be better than Saturdays. I left the park and returned to Yorktown with a wasted trip that day because the park was so bad. Lines. Reason 2 I prefer SFA to KD.
  16. I'm all for innovations with technology and trains and whatnot, but I really have to wonder what Vekoma was thinking with this one. I mean....why? Why not? Only so many things you can do with a coaster. This makes me think Vekoma is trying to bring back the swinging suspended coaster, but with this design. An interesting thought. I just hope it is comfortable.
  17. why? it is there now. I bet if KD had got the boomerang that would not have been "thrown out" All former paramount parks had short coasters (except the Beast, SOB, Vortex at KI) JEFF Actually yes, It would have been thrown out (Good joke on that Chuck ( cfc)), not only because it was not from the park but because it is hard to measure shuttle coasters lengths. Track length is not equal to ride length. I'm very happy to have Dominator at KD though. But in my mind, a coaster that is moved and arrives at your park is not part of the original plan for the coaster. KD likely got Dominator because it DOES have the room for it, and it was going to have to go somewhere with GL's closing. Behemoth was being built in Canada, so they chose KD. It is the only coaster in the park I would say has an above average length as well. All I know is that when I am waiting in these 3 hour lines KD can get, I do not want to have the ride last 30 seconds from leaving the station to returning. True Paramount-Taft-Kings Entertainment built short coasters in their parks, but most other parks are not as large. Take Carowinds as an example. Carowinds, from what I understand, does not touch KD's attendance, and is a small park in size as well. They can be more excused than KD IMO. For the flagship parks of Paramount being KI, CW, and KD, they sure screwed CW and KD in quality and longevity of a ride experience. CF seems to be continuing this with KD with I:305. Behemoth, Intimidator (Carowinds), and Diamondback all have much shorter heights, yet longer track...following me yet, why does this make sense to them? Less than 100 miles away there sits S:ROS with 5350 ft...197ft high... That said, looking at I:305 really makes me think it could be quite an experience. I'm not knocking I:305 as much as I am knocking the park. Maybe on the other hand, they were afraid of I:305 being too constant and intense so cut down length. I don't have a problem with rides that are short, as long as the experience makes up for it and there are other places in the park to find long rides, which KD has only one of.
  18. Hmm.. Noticing a lot of Arrow Suspendeds already showing up. Vortex, BBW, and Ninja. Do I hear Eagle Fortress?
  19. Well...lets break this down... Dominator did not originate at KD, therefore will be thrown out. Anaconda wanted to have the underwater tunnel gimmick...its 2700 ft. Very short for an average arrow looper. Lets compare this to Viper, Great American Scream Machine, Shockwave (SFGAm), Drachen Fire... All much much longer. Grizzly and Hurler are relatively decent length, but still quite short for...well almost any woodie that is modern... Richochet...well thats a (pretty tame) mouse...actually longer than most mice but thats like an argument over who's short bus is longer. Avalanche is a good size for a bobsled. That doesn't mean its long by any stretch of the imagination. Volcano...Prototype yes...could it have been longer...oh yeah...could it have done something more than 3 of the same element? oh yeah...Did it have to drop into the brakes at almost full speed with plenty of energy to do something else? Yeah H:XLC- welllllllll lets put it this way... the original design in Utah was longer in track length than the one they installed a KD... In reality that was the prototype, not KDs. Later the same year...S&S built Dodonpa! Same ride design...same year...nearly 4000 feet long (vs H:XLC's 1560). Rebel Yell- Around average length for a wooden racer, helped bring wooden coasters back (with help from KI's Racer), so not going to criticize it. Shockwave...well, I don't know what to say about it other than its' 2,231 feet are VERY short...but fun, but no it is not a clone of King Cobra at KI. Last half is different, yet I do like Shockwave more. FoF: not bad at all as far as length goes for what it is...but still track length barely over 2,705 feet. Just always has seemed that no matter who owns the park, nobody can create a coaster is a fair length! KD gets shafted time and time again! I:305 is 1500ft shorter than its 10 year old counterpart in CP... You starting to notice the problems with KD's coasters yet? Recap: I:305- 5100 ft (Millennium Force 6,595) Hypersonic XLC- 1560 ft Grizzly- 3150 ft (even as an in house job...Same as the Beast's situation) Hurler-3157 ft (OMG 7 more feet of pain than Grizzly!!) Anaconda 2700 ft (GASM and Vortex (KI) 3800) FoF: 2705 ft Italian Job- 1960 ft Rebel Yell- 3368' 6" Volcano - 2757 ft Average these out, you start getting some of the shortest average coaster lengths in the industry for parks as large as KD... Kyle "No I will not cut KD a "break"" Olson
  20. ^ Kings Dominion has always had a history of VERY short "meh" coasters that are really more gimmicks than anything. Don't get me wrong, Volcano is great, as was Hypersonic (although extreme shortness), but you never felt as if the rides there are meant to be over yet when you get to the end. I305 I feel will be similar to these, although some of those unbelievable turns, a few airtime hills..including that stealthy little tiny hill after the first big airtime hill may make up for it all. On this ride there seems to be non stop action, tricky turns, and surprises, but I feel this thing will take many by surprise. I was a *little* upset by the design on paper, but seeing it come to life now, I think we all will have to say we underestimated after we ride it. ^Downunder..... Sorry buddy, but you will probably have to make that trip to VA next year LOL.
  21. ^ Yes. The only semi major NEW attraction I can think of next year is (oddly enough) at SFA...with their mega Thomas Town. (New as in was not an SLC sitting in a NY field that got moved to a certain park in Quebec...) Shapiro has said before 2011 will feature something MAJOR at every Six Flags park. SFA is even looking at a major roller coaster that the park president has already deemed coaster fans will love... I just REALLY hope it isn't the restart of the ride rotation program...
  22. To be off topic, Ive been to St Petersburg Russia as well, never made it to the parks there or Moscow however. AWESOME place though. Devious, you may be the only one on here to have ridden a Cobra-1! you should share some pics and review in a long delayed TR, if you have any! Would be awesome. Anyhow back on track now... Since I called out the Alveys on their possible plan they may have brewing on the Europe trip to ride this Connyland death contraption (if it is running reliably at the time), since it is a Russian design, would it be too much to request that a Russian trip may be thought of... since we know there are some messed up Pax rides there...
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