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  1. That would be a Cobra-1... There is a REALLY messed up cobra-2 in a park in Saudi Arabia. RCDB has it incorrectly listed as Cobra-1... http://www.rcdb.com/1932.htm?p=0 One thing I'd love to know on these cobras...how many G's do they pull going from a 90 degree incline to a tight loop!?
  2. I haven't heard of one yet...start a TPR Pax Screem fund to build one here? Anyone have a good size piece of property to put it on?
  3. Good lord! What is with all the hatred of Shockwave on this thread?! How many stand ups give ejector air?? This one does! It may hand out a jolt or two as well but nothing horrible IMO. There are much worse out there...like Mantis. Anyway, I will agree with GA Cyclone getting my vote... its horrible. My back hurt for over a year. Fairly good in front row only...even 2nd row is god awful. At least Psyclone's roughness could be blamed an earthquake. GA cyclone causes its own quakes it shakes so much. GA cyclone even took out Chuck Norris.
  4. ^^Both on the same coaster actually... Brake fail first time, ejection from the ride the second. The second may have been the fault of the park (Parc St Paul) for letting a....Guest of extraordinary size ride... Both of these were on Formule 1. The reason I say at least that number since 2005 is due to the number of Pax coasters in rural areas of Russia...and Russian news in general being somewhat disconnected from the western world. They probably wouldn't want anyone knowing their home-country-made coaster in their own country killed people.
  5. ^ As said in the comment before you, that abrupt stop has been fixed, according to the park.
  6. Man, you guys are like that Deeds butler...Sneaky sneaky...but Ive got you figured! You guys may be the first major coaster organization to go! Don't worry too much about the brakes. "mikeConnyland" replied (in German) to a response (in German) about the brakes posted on youtube. If you use Google Translate, or search translate on Yahoo. you can copy each comment and paste it to translate what people are saying in different languages. He said the brakes have all be adjusted. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-oGSX0AoRc) GOOD QUESTION! Me and Devious have been debating that for 24 hours! Check out pages 12 & 13. I think the new awesome pictures posted by Stinker make me feel even more nervous about the end spike...I hope thats just angle, but that reverse spike in the first picture looks even shorter in comparison to the first spike than any other pictures I've seen I think. Stinker! Those are awesome pictures. Thanks for posting. Hard to believe that the ride looks safer to you now than it had before...and it still looks unsafe! LOL.
  7. Hmmm. I'm trying to read the Alveys...this ride is now featured on the home page...and they are encouraging feedback as well as post a lot on this tread themselves. Is it just because of how "freak" of a ride it is...or could it be...they are evaluating the ride and park for the 2010 Europe trip as a BONUS CREDIT!? It isn't that far from Europa. On top of that, there is this statement in the trip flyer "(Additional parks are being considered based on final itinerary and any new for 2010 offerings)" I hope its the later of those two... That ride alone may make me come along! Kyle "please say it's so" Olson
  8. ^ I hope it lasts til I can get there and ride it at least! Now what should PAX do???? OH here we are.... http://www.pax.ru/en/attraction/KatalnieGori.php#paxscreem
  9. ^ Well, there would have to be a lower restriction in China, otherwise most of the population would not be able to ride. (I know...BOOOOOO) No offense to anyone!
  10. while we will have to wait and see on some things we may disagree on, I can definately say that last paragraph was right on in how I feel about it. I can see reliability being a potential killer for the ride, at least it's first few seasons. Connyland needs to have their "big" attraction open more often than not. These concerns were raised when SFGAm's Deja Vu went to Silverwood as well. Good luck to the park and coaster lovers who want to ride this everywhere! Now comes the question.... Will it be more reliable than the Deja Vus were?(besides California's). Ha ha
  11. Anyone else think The Big Bad Wolf's rank will shoot way up in the steel poll? It was a personal favorite of mine, but most suspendeds just aren't for everyone. Last year it ranked just under 200 around 199 or so. With it's demise I can see it getting quite a boost. Anyone know when the full steel results get posted (not to rush Mitch) EDIT: Oh HA, nevermind. I was way off with the rank of Big Bad Wolf in the poll... it was 111.
  12. Okay, do this, Open No Limits, and build this layout using the photos provided without the brakes on the second spike Then, Keep in mind the second spike is only ~10' shorter than the first, the train is being dropped by the back end from the top of the first spike, and has 2 bunny hills and a small loop before it the REASON it slows down so much is 2 fold, A. the inverted spike is tall, fairly steep, and has a speed-robbing inversion into it & B. The spike also has friction wheels that the train hits that slow it down Now, if the wheels fail, the train MIGHT make it more than halfway up that second spike, but we live in a world of friction and drag, A fully loaded train on it weighs a lot, and may have more inertia, but its also slowed more by the gravity acting on it + Friction + Drag Trust me on this one, if those wheels fail, it will valley, not derail, and will most likely valley in the curve from loop to inverted spike A: How do you know the inverted spike is 10 feet lower. I have never found any data on this... Its MUCH lower than that from what I can tell from all angles. B: If the brake wheels are halfway up the spike to begin with...and the (empty) train is already travelling at a high rate AT that area, with little track left between brakes and end of the track..., how do you explain that if it is 10 feet lower. C. Do we know what the elevation is like right there... you are in a hilly-mountainous area at Connyland and the ride could slope somewhat downhill, or uphill.
  13. ROFLMFAO. Has anyone seen that SyFy MegaFault movie? That movie is the worst thing ever made, and the movie we all got to say goodbye to Brittney Murphy in! THANKS SYFY! No seriously, I wanted to see how bad that movie was...I was curious. Thought it would be humorous to see how bad it could be... I should have listened. I have scars on my wrists from movie night now. SyFy (worst movie maker), Intamin (most unreliable reliable ride company on earth), PAX rides ('nuff said), and a massive science accellerator... Someone call the FBI! I think that qualifies as a terrorist attack!
  14. Hell if I know Elissa! They must have REAAAAAALLY wanted something different. But I am guessing the main player was space inside the park, and money. Though it is humourous with world renouned engineering the Swiss do, they hire...PAX. Top part - True Bottom part - False The end inverted spike after the loop is taller than you think, Just like a vekoma Boomerang, The train is pushed (By wheels in this case) to the end of the spike before they release and it completes the course in reverse, though slower than initially If the wheels on the inverted spike fail, it's far more likely the train would stall between the hills or the base of the loop on one side or the other than it is that the train would slam into and break through that metal stopper Why? the train lacks the speed to do it, the loop and invert into the spike rob it of a LOT of speed (as shown well in the video) One thing about that. While after a long hard look at some of the stills in the video, you can see the spike is a fair distance up. While you are may be right about it not having inertia to get to the end of the spike, that is not certian IMO. Check out the massive speed the train has in the loop on the off ride footage. Then check out the on ride footage again and watch the large decrease in rate of speed as soon as the train experiences the wheel and brake combo more than halfway up said spike. Without those being there, I do believe the train (especially a full one) has a good opportunity to make it to the end. I think the wheels are responsible for ensuring the train's placement on the spike is proper, so the speed does not fall short in the reverse portion of the ride. If the wheels were not there, in an empty train there is no way the ride would make it to the end of the spike, where it seems the train must get to have this speed. I do agree with you in the threat for valleying if these wheels do not get something right as the speed coming down from the spike barely has enough speed to get through the loop of this only semi weighted train (at least I assume there is weight in the seats, you can see something helping test the restraints, maybe sandbags).
  15. Not to put you down, but there have been at least two fatalities on PAX coasters since 2005. One in this very year in France...check facts before writing! One of the major things many are ( and rightfully are) concerned about are the brakes. After an epic fail with PAXs braking system on Formule 1 in France shortly after it opened, (with a loss of life I believe) Soquet was hired to fix the brakes And had to scratch PAX's brakes completely, installing their own. Now humor the rest of us on this board, and think of what could go wrong if a tiny thing were to go wrong in the breaking in the reverse spike. The train clearly makes it to the end of the track, even when slowed (maybe with a some help from wheels, that's still up for debate). Now imagine if this 5 ton or so train runs through the brakes and they fail. Do you really think a simple pinball stopper at the end of a very fragile appearing peice of track is going to hold back that inertia? I'm no physicist, but I am leaning toward NO. Don't get me, or any of us wrong here, Connyland is new to the coaster business, and I REALLY hope this ride will work out for them. But i am worried about quality issues with this ride. It will be PAX's most unique and intense coaster to date. If a simple wild mouse built in 2005 from them does not have anywhere close to a perfect safety record (though I hear that ride is awsome!) what makes you so confident this one has no underlying problems. Even with the trackwork not being exactly smooth, you get a bad feeling. DenDen, I know you credited the shoddy camera for "warping" the track, however I do not think this is the case, as nothing else in the scene (clouds, trees, coffins) seem to warp. B&Mmmmm was kind enough to share a link much less edited than the first YouTube video posted here. Going backwards, much more slowly, you can see the track inperfections very clearly (whether they are supposed to be like that or not). As many before me have said, this coaster looks very promising, and could help brew up more shuttle coasters and help us get away from B&m cookie cutters and the current (though hopefully ending) unimaginitivity many designers currently seem to be stuck in. I for one am ready to jump on the first plane out when the ride opens. With the success of this ride, it would be fantastic to see PAX explode onto the scene as a major designer. They definately are imaginitive (if not cracked out)
  16. ^ Oh trust me, it's no complaint Elissa! I LOVE airtime, I just don't want to die getting it, though I appreciate PAX trying to give everyone that option to end it all! It just doesn't look like the bunny hills were built the way they were meant to be! Does anyone else see the 'speedbumps' during the bunny hills on the POV?
  17. Wow. It's awesome after waiting so long to actually get to see this oddity in action. A few comments/concerns..... Can anyone tell what kind of brakes those are being used on the inverted spike over the loop? PAX does not have the best history of brakes... Just look at the accident on Formule 1 in France a few years back (different than the accident involving th ejection of a woman this year). The brakes look like wheels.. Another concern comes with the parking lot with VERY minimal supports through that section. The track and supports seem 3 sizes too small (to borrow a line from the Grinch). It looks like a mega sized erector set assembled by a 3 year old. I just hope a car does not even tap a support in the lot...I feel it could cause way more damage to the ride than should occur. Not all of this aspect is the rides' fault. Connyland should place guard rails around the parking lot supports to decrease these odds. Does anyone else notice the very odd 'shape' or 'bumpy' nature to the bunny hills? I feel there should not be mini bumps along the track in this section, although it may help to JOLT you from your seat. It's almost like a ride defect. The way the ride runs by the way it looks in the video, it seems this ride is set up to be a fail, or turn out to be an amazing ride. It is personally on top of my 'to do' ride list. Especially because I want to ride it before a car takes out the ride by hitting a support! If anyone finds more video on the ride, please post it here, or the link to it. And... A trip report would be amazing in the spring to whoever may find themselves there!
  18. I hate to be the bearer of this thought...but could it be a Wisdom ride? After all...they are a US manufacturer and they did have this ride in Israel... Miler also is from the US...but I do not believe there area any existing rides of theirs in Israel. http://www.rcdb.com/2391.htm EDIT: Edited to change hyperlink... Anyway, good luck with whatever it may be
  19. Curious, are companies as small as Interpark, Barbieri Rides (among other small Italian compaines) there displaying their scaryass little rides? I wouldn't mind seeing some of those concepts if they are indeed there! Thanks for the frequent updates! Isn't Elissa like everyone's dream wife? I mean she likes nice racks! She could look at Maxim, Playboy (and other magazines) with you while you are "reading" the articles!
  20. Wow...So you consider 2 hand me down mediocre (at best) flats, a hand me down coaster (albeit a very good hand me down), and a waterworks expansion that Paramount had actually finallized, and name changes, that made the parks rides sound like ghetto rip off rides, to be the things that make KD pull out so far ahead...along with a retheming of the kids area..that kids wont get because the characters are 50 years old...because CF was too cheap to extend the contracts with Nick... Hate to say that the kids area rethemed is likely to kill some family appeal...sure kids will still have fun...but the rides may lack more luster. Look at the scooby doo dark ride...thats a downgrade to whatever they change the theme to.. Kids now days like scooby doo, hence the new version of the show, and nick...hence the popularity of the network... Loony tunes, while old as well, is still much larger than the Snoopy and gang. Thomas town is a home run, while it may take a while for the families to get drawn back in. The word must spread. True, the 2011 coaster may well be Chang, but its not certain. SFA has put in 2 water rides in the time period you stated, along with a facelift to most of the park (paint, new fixtures)...something that kd could use themselves. So really, SFA matched KDs waterpark investment. They worked on Skull mountain so it would become more reliable, and put in new theming on it as well (probably more expensive than KDs flats). SFA has also completely redone employee attitudes, which, arguably, is a larger investment and challenge than adding some attractions. SFA investments recently have been blanket coverage for the whole park, while cutting some losses, yes. Two-face staying in operation was making the park look like it didnt care about rides that looked "unsafe," while yes I agree there were things that could have been done differently. Blame media and public exaggeration for that, not the park. So when is KD going to redo their parking lot? ITs gotta be one of the worst parking lots anywhere. What about their bathrooms? horrible as well. I am thinking that the only thing that really sticks out at KD is Intimidator out of everything you mentioned. I feel once SFI is out of bankruptcy, we could be looking at SFA emerging very quickly, to at least KD's so called quality in many people's minds.
  21. Hmmm...Does anyone know what this 140 ft thrill ride thing is at Scandia? I don't see any speculation on it yet? Skyscraper is about all I can think of.
  22. Hey, Look, LOGIC! For the record, you're dead-on Arrow suspended supports after a while become loose and move (This is Very obvious in BBW's station, for instance) due to the design, after all BBW is a very early arrow (the first one to remain in continuous operation for multiple years, if memory serves) Replacing all of the concrete footers and repairing whatever stress damage on the track there is (and supports) and rehabbing the ride for another 25 years isnt honestly a very sound investment, as much as we would like it, it probably ain't going to happen These are definitely the best explainations I have heard, and am mad that I did not think of them first. Really though, these explainations are probably dead on. It is funny the footer idea did not even come to mind, even after seeing a freshly poured footer that appeared near the wolf's station over the last winter. Honestly, I do not believe the station track shook anymore than it had the past years in reality, I believe it was the change in brake programing. The brakes were programmed to stop the trains in a VERY jolting manner last year, after constantly overshooting the station the year before. I now believe the reason the Wolf started to get a little rougher, especially during it's final parts, was due to track shaking unnoticeable to riders while going 50 mph. In fact, during it's last days, while riding the coaster intensely, that while in the front seat, shaking was quite visible in the drop track ahead, though did not really seem to affect a front seat riders' ride. There was a small sway that could barely be felt however right as you were approaching the final drop's trim brakes in the front seat. That would be the exact time the last cars of the train were getting yanked out at nearly 90 DEGREES to come around the turn at the top, to drop. Hmm. The support system was under very awkward stress at that moment I now see.
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