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  1. Hmmmm. Alberto Zamperla mentioned the motocoaster at Luna would launch at 100kph?! Did that seem accurate, or a mistranslation? Because that would kill all the other motorcycle coasters from both Vekoma and Zamperla. Also on the subject of Luna, was there any indication the flying coaster would definately be the same old layout? I'm sure I know that answer, seeing how it is the one from Elitches, but a guy can hope, right? also.....THANKS FOR THE AWESOME COVERAGE OF THE SHOW ROBB!
  2. -I would love to see some PAX stuff! That is...if Connyland's Cobra has not bankrupted them. Are there any other plans out there build any of their other crazy rides? Especially the PAX Screem or Asteriod. -I have heard that Bailey has had a booth at IAAPA fairly recently. After riding an AutoSled and enjoying it, I am wondering if they are still in the ride building business. -Have Ridetek and Sartori survived the Cobra accident at Tivoli Friheden? Is there any sign of them on the convention floor? What kind of products do they have on display? -Is S&S planning on doing anymore Arrow designs, especially ArrowBatic? Is S&S planning on expanding on the Free Fly model? Finally, will S&S ever look at doing another woodent coaster. -I also would like to see that inverted wooden coaster mentioned on another page from Gordon. Thanks for allowing us to put in our imput Robb! EDIT: ^&^^WOW! 3 S&S requests in a couple minutes!
  3. Hmmmm. It now appears a Mack LSM may be joining this list... Very mysterious coaster thus far however... Never even heard of "Etnaland." http://www.rcdb.com/9549.htm
  4. ^Hmm good point. I think I was just thinking about the lengthy loading process when it comes to all fliers so I came to that conclusion. But I would believe that MAY have been the purpose for duel stations on fliers. Other coasters, like Storm Runner, seem to fare better with one train on each side, because of them having a traditional sit down and ride type loading procedure.
  5. Its funny because without 3 trains, I have never seen a real purpose for duel loading platforms. Isn't one point to have 2 trains loading, one side will leave (lets call it side A), that 3rd can pull into side A, begin unloading/loading, the train on the other side dispatches (side B), the train that pulled out of side A originally can come in and park where side B's train just left from. So, both sides pretty much have a train loading or unloading at all times. having 1 train on each side just makes the wait on each platform looooonggg. SFA has trains 1 and 3 still operating. I assume train 2 was cannibalized? This goes for all parks with duel stations too... Firehawk (KI), Batwing's twin, only has 2 trains with duel stations too. I assume 1 of the 3 Firehawk trains was cannibalized too? Superman: UF at SFoG has duel loading as well. Haven't had the pleasure to see both sides of the station in action though. Do they still have 3 trains or has the same thing occurred? Even Sea World Orlando with Manta. 2 trains running with duel stations operating. Line was unbearably sluggish once you got assigned your side of the station. I have only ridden Manta once, so I don't know if this is the norm for them though to be fair. I know they have all 3 of their trains though. To sum this up, I have NEVER seen a ride that uses duel stations the way I assume they were meant to be used. Why do parks do this? Probably money, but it just makes little sense to me why you would spend the money to create a duel station in the first place if you aren't going to even use it properly. I totally agree coasterfreak101..They should pretty much always use one side with 2 trains, like Nighthawk, as long as they are working efficiently, as I saw friday night. But I'm sure they want to use both sides when they can to get their guests out of the uncomfortable flying/laying position as soon as possible, just in case a crew is being slow, or a guest has an "issue."
  6. ^Really? I never have seen SFA run 2 sides of Batwing. Seen 2 trains on 1 side twice now though. When have you seen both sides being used? JJ didn't have its voiceover on Friday
  7. So, as I mentioned, I was at SFA on Friday, October 29, and it was a very good visit. Crowds were moderate, and lines for some coasters were sizable even with, IMO, very good operations. Minderaser was about a 20 min wait with 2 trains. One would dispatch within 30 seconds of the other hitting the ending brakes. That is about as fast as I have seen an SLC dispatch anywhere. Batwings crew was FLYING with 2 trains. Nice new voiceover on Batwing during loading and dispatching too by the way. Batwing was only using one side of the station, but dispatches were very quick for a Vekoma flyer. About a 20 min wait from the 30 min wait sign in the queue. Batwing was running best I have ever felt it, or seen it. Superman and Jokers Jinx were on 1 train operations, as I have typically seen all year. JJ's crew left a lot to be desired. 30 min wait. (Why have they begun 1 train ops on JJ anyhow? It's always been 2 trains, even on uncrowded days.) Did not ride Superman due to a particularly long line. Roar had a 10 min wait around 7pm, with 2 trains. First time Ive seen Roar with a line recently. Crew was doing pretty fair on it too. Shortest line was Wild One with a 2 train wait with 2 trains running. 2 of the 3 sides of Tower of Doom were running...as usual. Crew on that was doing good as well with about a 8-10 min wait. All non-kiddie/non-wet rides I saw were open, and NO BREAKDOWNS ALL NIGHT. I watched the family oriented Halloween show in the Saloon, and it was cheesy but OK. Also watched the costume contest and was amused by that. A girl with a very impressive Avatar costume was the winner. The BBQ sandwich platter from the Saloon is very good by the way...as is the alcoholic cider (pricey)! The Bridge of terror had a 40 min wait, and I passed on it. Ran out of time to try out the train haunt as well. Coasters are usually better than "just another haunt" anyhow. Staff was friendly, though not the friendliest I have seen at the park in recent visits.
  8. And it is totally ok, but you go on...and on....and on....and on....and on...and on.....BUT... Also... That isn't opinion sharing...its an attempt to force your opinion on others. EDIT:^ LMAO!!! Nice one Larry!
  9. OMG! You whine more than Nappa Valley. Would you like some cheese cries with your waaaaaaaaaaaamburger? Robb & Co. have warned before that if this thread does not become something other than a b*tchfest about the park, the thread would be locked. This might actually bum out some that want to use the thread to share good times and thoughts about the park (Me as an example.) Unfortunately some of these fans have been scared off from this thread because they get sick of negativity. SFA has not added a coaster in years. They had too many for the attendance they recieve anyhow. 7 is potentially the most they can support! Funds may not be available to support more than that! I DO frequent SFA and, until this year, they have been plagued with break downs. Some coasters they currently have are maintainence whores! S:ROS and Batwing are down very often, but when I was there Friday night October 29, not A SINGLE ride was down (outside of kiddie areas which were closed for frightfest), nor broke down the entire night. The park took out a maintainence problem in 2008, coaster #8 (Two Face), and everything began to balance out it seemed around last year. Do they want to really chance messing the balance up with another coaster when they just figured what their maintanence team and budget could support? If SFA would have gotten SFKK's wild mouse you would have whined about the park getting a used coaster. Give the park time to continue getting better. The park has had mannnnnnnnnnnnnny more issues and concerns in recent years. 5 years ago it was one of the worst parks I have been to, now it is pretty far from it and is one of the cleaner Six Flags parks I have seen. Walk around SFGAdv. Tell me that place looks better than SFA...You would be lying. That park has been neglected in improvements to make the total park experience better. Nothing in the park that I have seen recently appears to be freshly painted. Concrete is crumbling all over the walkways...etc. SFA fixed most of their infrastructure issues, and that could not have been cheap. If they had not, the park experience would have continued to slip, and a new coaster would have attracted customers, but then lost them when they saw the park's condition. Now when one does get built, these customers have a chance of returning. Give the park another year to work on what they have been working on so greatly the past 5 years. THEN return with your "expectaions." Until then...try keeping them to yourself Negative Nancy.
  10. I'd be all for this being a bonus credit on the Best of China trip...along with Nanhu for their Arrow-Vekoma abomination... Robb? Elissa? Real life Flip Flap! haha
  11. Wow Darren. That single loop coaster is......interesting to say the least. Looks like the loop on Flip-Flap! Thanks for posting this. Never heard of these coasters. I'm still trying to figure out how to get to Korea right now by the way. heh. Next year at some point, too bad you had to move.
  12. Eh, don't worry Danny, you are a whore too...2 of 3 kiddies wasn't half bad. This was the first time I ever stole a kid! I was reminiscing of the Big Bad Wolf on Vortex 6 times while you did Behemoth. Pretty proactive...I walk away with 1 or 2 more credits than you did from CW. Don't be mad that I organized my time! Vortex is the next best thing to BBW out there, unfortunately. Don't know how much longer parks will continue to fund their Arrow suspendeds, and Behemoth will be there a while. Hence my decision is justified. Once in front of Behemoth was fantastic, but it will always be there.
  13. Hey! I'm proactive Danny! Just never had my coffee first so I wasn't outgoing yet! look who whored a kid at CW and who didn't!!! ShaaaaaWing So proud of that one.
  14. ^How is the park doing this year compared to other years? I'm hearing several people say it hasn't been even as busy as usual? Or could it just be people that like to be the parks "doomsday clock keepers"? But, I know the one time I went this year it was actually pretty packed!
  15. Sweet dude! You posted the TR! I was thinking about it, but I'm too lazy and I thought it may steal your thunder. The Bailey Pipeline is totally a credit! haha. It even has a guy who controls the brakes! That makes it different than an alpine coaster in my opinion! It really is an awesome contraption. I highly recommend it to all! It really did end up being an awesome trip in my mind, even with the occasional issue... Now we have to look at some other trip... EDIT: Is it just me or does the guy working on the top platform I caught in last picture of you have a freakishly long thumb???
  16. Dude, awesome TR! Always wanted to hit up the Spain parks(especially Parque Warner), but it is not as high as Korea, Germany or France on my "to do" list. Thanks again for sharing.
  17. I noticed Connyland has taken the closure notice for Cobra off of their website, and replaced it with new ride hours. It says Cobra is open from 14:00 to 18:00 hours daily. Can anyone confirm? Wonder if they got everything sorted out with it this time?
  18. Uh oh...I just heard a rumble on a site that suggests (based on google translate) that Cobra may have already closed again...Anyone able to confirm?
  19. Did they have to get a completely new train, and why? I have been following this ride VERY closely, and the train definitely looks very different now...and it definitely looks better now. Kooky, can you tell us why? I would appreciate it if you know. I can gather very little definitive information from poorly translated reports from Google translate. Thanks!
  20. My heart dropped when I read this article. I just rode that SCAD tower last month! To be honest, I felt like everything was extremely rushed and I felt like my safety was not priority. The 2 guys that set me up were rushing because it was about to rain and they did not want to get wet, they were each barking what they wanted for dinner to each other while the cage with me in it was on its way up, and I was not given any safety instructions other than "hold on to this rope connecting the harness" 2 seconds before I dropped. While the safety instructions to someone that is very familiar with rides may be obvious, this is not a typical ride. Just hearing safety instructions would have made me feel much more comfortable, even if I got the gist of it. Who knows? I'm just saying the ride employees did not seem to be "into" their jobs, aware, and did DEFINATELY not make me feel comfortable. If they had been paying attention, not being on their phones, not talking about lunch/dinner etc, the ride op at the bottom SHOULD have noticed something was wrong with the net. I hate to say it, it sounds like a mixture of mechinical and operator error. I too have a video from my fall and the net appears to automatically rise with the elevator, as others have said. I feel so bad for this girl and her family and wish her a full recovery. ^ I do not think it would be possible for anyone to "bounce," there just was not enough tension in the net when I rode it.
  21. Hey, cool TR Capitalize, thanks for that. I've always thought SFA was highly underrated, and it has never given me as bad a day as some other parks have given me; even 2 of my trips to CP. Question on Superman, did you ride in the back of the red or blue train? Red has been the predominant train used this year and it's been running rougher than I've ever felt it in the back (and yes...thats what she said). Its definately running fast, but rough. Blue is typically pretty smooth. Was S:ROS on 1 or 2 train operation?
  22. Hey isn't Python actually a Preston model? Like the only one in the USA? I know it uses Interpark trains. Also, why is the back row closed off?
  23. PLEASE check it out Ivi. I've been dying to hear more and see more! So far I've only gotten bad translations from google traslator on peoples opinions.
  24. I have no idea what this means or what question you are trying to ask here. Sorry, to clarify, I just remember there being a lot of talk about a Northern Japan trip next year, or will that be an add on or was it canned?
  25. Hey Robb, it's southern Japan and not northern, or was it a typo? Hope its northern!
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