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  1. KidTums is playing this game too... "Mommy? Daddy? Where are you?" Its like child protective services "Home Alone." Anyways, my bets are on Northern Japan...Robb has had the desire to go there for a while. And he likes Tokyo...could be flying in there first.
  2. C'mon everyone! Add a message on this topic to talk TPR into doing this! Look up the parks on RCDB and tell me they arent awesome looking!
  3. Suggestions, 1.You will be going thru right near Dorney Park between Hersheypark and SFNE. Dorney is a great park, make a stop. 2. Watch the neighborhood if you stay near SFA. SFA is in a notoriously bad county, Prince Georges (affectionately known as PG county). You will not find any quality, affordable hotels in this area. Try the super 8 and Ramada hotels down about 3-5 exits down right near the entrance to Andrews AFB. This is a "nicer" area than the one surrounding SFA. Hope this helps some.
  4. One thing I have always wanted to see from TPR is a Northern Japan, from Yomiuriland up to the parks of Sapporo. I'd dying to go to those parks for some reason. Hey, it would even avoid Fuji-Q, even if i do still want to go there. I'm also dying for a Korea trip again, havent been able to hop on one of those yet. Maybe do an add on for one or the other? Koreas coasters look incredible and I hear great things from those on here. Did TPR make it down to the Me World area or anything last time? I also noticed the trip the first time was like 7 days in korea, and 4 days last time, was there not enough to do in korea to do a longer version? That triple corkscrew arrow looks cool too, I wanna do that. If TPR packages the two, IM GOING!
  5. Well, on Alpengeist these predrop breaks are used frequently...unfortunately. They began being used around 1999 or so. They seem to be used to keep the forces in the cobra roll down on Alp. I remember the good old days sitting in the back seat of Alpengeist and getting unbelievable sensations going thru the cobra roll cuz of the G forces. Rarely is that "holding break" off anymore unfortunately, so Alpengeist has been MUCH tamer ever since, but still a great ride. If anyone remembers reading about Alpengeist breaking BOTH of someones legs with a preexisting condition "weak bones" you may understand one of the reasons they actually use this break on Alpengeist. It is possible, I will say, that it is used for evac purposes, but i tend not to think so. That break was on so hard for so much of this year, and it would ALMOST stop, and on empty trains it briefly would stop. I think it is maily used to "castrate" the ride. Maybe Alpengeist goes faster than designed, as has been the rumored case since it opened around the Williamsburg-Norfolk area. If you look at it, this holding break takes 10-15 feet or maybe even more off the total "freefall" drop when you watch the ride from the carousel area. It probably also reduces wear and tear and is probably a cost cutting method. Kinda like the way Alpengeist used to rip thru the 2nd half, and is now slowed much more by the mid course breaks.
  6. "Hello Kyle, thank you for contacting Six Flags Magic Mountain. Unfortunately DeJa Vu will be closed due to construction for Terminator during the time of your visit. I am so sorry that this will be another failed attempt to ride DeJa Vu. Sincerely, SFMM Guest Relations" Well....At least they were honest and got back to me very quickly. Sounds like it will be down all season. Guess that mystery is solved...
  7. Wait wait...was the Psyclone ever actually GOOD before the quake?!
  8. ^^^ Ah yes. That is correct. I forgot about Troy. Good catch. SOB's lift collapsed as well, and I am not positive but I do believe that was due to wind as well. After the collapse I remember them saying that the lift structure should have about 30% more wood though.
  9. Has anyone been able to figure out if Deja Vu is down for the entire construction of Terminator, or if it is just rehab and will be up soon. I guess it would make sense if it were down for vertical construction of Terminator. Although I feel GCI is a bit more capable of building a successful structure that won't collapse than a certain company that built SOB *COUGH RCCA COUGH*... But I see how close that the coaster appears to go to Deja's q-line so I guess there could be a big enough threat for it to collapse onto the line to warrant it staying closed. Too bad.
  10. Thanks for the update Robb! Good as usual. You said Deja is "Down for the count", do you think that means its gonna be down the whole construction period of Terminator, or just for rehab? Any guess!? Dang it I want to finally ride VU!.
  11. So has anyone figured out if Deja Vu is going down for the construction yet? Hope not! I'm going to be out in socal Jan 3rd-10th! SFMM's website says Deja Vu is temporarily down. Is that the construction, did it valley, or an early rehab this year. Anyone know!?
  12. Whoaa........ Is it just me or is that undead hand giving this chick "The Shocker?" I don't know why she would look so pissed off if it was tho.
  13. ^^^^^^ Only mentions China, Tokyo, East Coast, and Europe. Hence why I am confused...
  14. ^^^WHAT? Really? I'm new to coming here, although I registered some time ago. I didnt see those trips listed. Where were they listed? You get to ride scary ass little interpark wild wind? hahaa
  15. ELLO. So, gotta ask. Has TPR ever thought about a South Korean/Taiwan trip? Sounds like that would rock to me! I mean, c'mon, you got Vekoma Tilt coaster, Everland, Lottle World, scary little 30' tall Wild Wind Coaster that nobody in the U.S. would even run in their parks, even after getting moved 3 times...Sounds awesome right? I'd be all over it! Anybody with me? Thanks, Kyle
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