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  1. Hmm...Dry pepperoni. Brings back weird college humor stuff to mind... "I'm gonna make it SO dry."
  2. While true, there are 2 block sections there since the first lift is shorter than the second lift, only the first one and a half cars of the train had engaged the second lift, likely leaving the end of the first train in the trailing train's block. I know it is difficult to see that in the pictures though due to heavy "shrubbary." Man... Now I really want to go and watch Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail...
  3. Okay then, I never want to see anybody write etc for Et cetera ever again then, ok for okay and things like that! Thats a joke everyone don't hate me. To those on here, I wish you would listen to Chuck when he says leave moderating to him. I never have a problem with, nor will I talk back to the moderator, but your common Joe (you know who you are), I will have a problem with for thinking you are superior to I. I have always enjoyed posting here much more than other sites because it does not seem that everyone gets their panties in a bunch as easily, but wow, I did not realize this would cause such a stir jeeez. So, SORRY CHUCK. Lets bury this 6 feet under now. __________________________________________________________ Anyhow, BACK TO THE TOPIC... one last BBW update I will get to that I have not posted yet. I went Saturday and found there was not much happening to the Wolf as other people reported. However, I did find it very interesting that 2 trains were sitting in the same block section down at the foot of the first lift, nearly touching. Maintainence must have disabled something in the computer to allow them the almost hit each other. It is not easy to get a picture of this because of the trees and terrain the wolf inhabits, but I got a couple attempts which I will share below. One train was in the maintainence house, being dismantled. I suspect they put both trains out of view and out of the way in the village to allow them more room in the process. It was a beautiful day, and the park was dead. Wolf Shop was open, nothing discounted, and nobody buying anything it appeared. ...And one train half way engaged to lift 2. Couldn't tell if the two were actually touching. So...1 train in the brakes at the base of lift 2... The village always was an awesome way to hide support columns. Sigh...already miss you old friend.
  4. Is it really that hard to spell out words? Is it really that hard to figure them out? Come on, wrote the post at 4 am!
  5. While I agree with much of what is written here, I must say that the ride's removal will hurt attendance. Families that go to BGE love a family coaster to ride. Loch Ness is as close to that as you get now, unless you include riding Grover (insert "riding Grover comment here). Grover lasts :20. BBW lasted 3 min. I have already heard ppl making comments throughout the area about the ride being taken out. I've heard a mother TODAY actually, say that there is no reason to go back to BG because there is nothing her kids can do now that the wolf is gone, cuz they are too old for seseme and land of the Dragons. One was tall enough for LNM and BBW, but the other could only do BBW. I cant help but believe this is only a sample of what others are saying...And i heard this today while working at Kroger! Ppl saying that in public today is only a sample of what is said behind closed doors. While sure, BGE is now fantastic for those with young children, teens and adults, a very key demographic is now ignored. Kids up to about 10 years old. So ages 5-10...which is almost half of the families with kids... I totally understand BGE's decision. I believe that the wolf could have had an accident in time that would've been horrible to the parks image, since they did not want to upgrade it anymore. Steel does deteriorate. I know it was expensive. Any budget cut backs, which im sure inbev created, may have been borderline dangerous over time. I believe there should've been a plan IN PLACE for another family coaster however, to keep the families coming to the park. Surely inbev could have afforded that. Of course, BEC should have had a replacement plan at the same time, because I'm sure they knew death was breathing down the Wolf's back. Now BGE is stepping back, once again to 5 coasters. 4 if you do not include Grover. 5...the number BGE had in 1995. 15 years later, and the count returns to this number. Management, whether it be Blackstone, or InBev need to recognize the issues here. A thrilling family coaster must be added ASAP to save attendance, and to complement the new rumored, thrill oriented flyer. ALSO...BGE SEVERELY needs a new, updated flats collection. The flats are all beginning to suffer from downtime, new rattles, MUCH shorter ride cycles (VERY noticeable on all Italy flats probably to save on maintaining old rides), and the flats at BGE are common just about anywhere (except Da vichi's Cradle). In addition, BGE never had many flats to start out with. IMO the whole park needs a bit of a revamp. This isn't just an inbev thing, but a problem that began with BEC. Perhaps a change of hands from InBev to Blackstone could help usher in a new era for the park, and help it keeps its spot as one of the worlds most incredible theme parks. Here's to BGE, my home park, and here's to better times ahead...hopefully.
  6. ^^^oh wow, duh, forgot to check rcdb out lol, thanks friendly neighborhood spidey
  7. Does anyone actually know if Arrow, or any coaster manufacturer for that matter, gave/give their coasters an End of Service Life date? I did some thinking today about the wolf, and one day when I was at the park I asked a maintainence guy about the wolf, and he stated that the park could no longer get parts for it. I thought this was bologna because there are other suspendeds in the world, however an extremely important aspect of the wolf was indeed unique; ITS BRAKES. The ride was a very unusual mix of traditional Arrow brakes and a very unusual different brake system that may have been a prototype for Arrow suspendeds themselves after the Bat brake fiasco. Could that be a big part of the reason? Hmmm. Speaking of The Bat, does anyone know where to find a picture of The Bats' brakes anyhow? Have never seen them, and am very curious.[/b]
  8. Oh and here is the bottom of the final drop into the S-curve that was the maintenance nightmare, helped make the ride incredible, and may have been a big reason for the BBWs removal. They would weld this area several times a week I hear.
  9. I had a GREAT backseat ride last night. What surprised me most is after the hundreds of times I have ridden the ride, I caught a pop of air coming off of the first lift I have never experienced on it. The front of the train must have had ACErs on it or something to make it really heavy, thus pulling the train at a high rate of speed. Typically I found the backseat to be 1/2 the fun of the front due to less swinging. The back seat did always have a phenomenal surreal moment at the top of the 2nd lift however. The train would approach the 99 ft drop slowly, and as the front dove down the drop, the back would get pulled and swing way out as you turned and dropped at the same time for a triple doozy. Turning. Dropping. Swinging. Plus add in the acceleration from the incredible, quiet, almost stall at the top of the lift the entire train would experience. And we will never experience it again. Oy. It is surreal losing the Wolf. It was my first coaster as well. Too bad about train 3 being down tho, train 3 has almost always been the smoothest, especially this year, and always gave the best front seat rides. Oh well, 1 and 2 were kicking @ss anyhow. Last time on the wolf. Sigh...Goodnight for the last time Wolf. Edit: thats me in the red shirt.
  10. One more pic to drive home the length of the front seat line in the last rides lol. In reality, the line may have gone all the way down the walkway to the Queue, but this gives you an idea. Walk on for all other seats...Note the media guy in the white shirt and camera.
  11. Well, this really has been a tragic year for suspended coasters. The 2 best, EF and BBW appear to have reached the end of their roads, and no ride will ever be able to replicate them. A huge loss indeed. I had the opportunity to visit BGE on both sunday and Labor day. Sunday, train 3 went down for the count, and the wolf was not supposed to open until 11:30 due to this failure of sorts, as well as train 3 being in an unusual position on the transfer track, and I was surprised they opened the ride with the train half way onto the transfer track. At one point however, they did shut down the ride to cycle #3 around to get it in proper transfer position. Lines on Sunday were ridiculous, exiting the Queue house, and extending down to the bridge over the Rhine. Labor day the line was much shorter, probably due to the dismal weather. Most of the day was fairly dry (luckily) until the very end. Riding in the dark and in the rain is INTENSE on wolf however. After riding both Beast and BBW in the dark, I would actually give the nod to BBW for better night ride, but everyone is welcome to their own opinions. Rides are (literally) night and day on the ride. Its a very good ride in the day, but at night, it turns incredible. In addition, the ride shocks are warmed up for the day and is capable of swinging better. This was very evident on Sunday morning, as I was the 2nd train out and it was running very "stiff." (insert morning wood jokes and that's what she said jokes HERE.) Being in the final 15 rides, I witnessed an incredible amount of howling, media coverage, etc. I enjoyed the experience very much. By the time they cut off the line at 7:25, 3 security officials were guarding the line, all major park officials were at the ride, and the line for the front seat was back to the QQ/Handicap entrance, while all other seats were walk ons. They did not give you the opportunity to switch seats after your front seat ride, which would have been nice, meaning there were 2 people per train every ride usually, unless staff and backseat riders were on the train. A few more pics may be posted a bit later, however I gotta make it short right now. Let me know how everyone liked my first photo TR! Thanks NOTE: SORRY FOR THE BACKWARDS POST, START AT BOTTOM AND WORK UPWARDS! LOL, I WILL ATTEMPT TO CORRECT THIS LATER WHEN I HAVE MORE TIME! THANKS!!! Note: The following pics are from 9-6-09. Train 3 was down for the day, note the position on the transfer track and the ladder next to it. I have never seen a train in this position on the Wolf. Evacuation car, would've loved to have ridden that...could count as powered credit!!! Man the Wolf is busy today. Really busy. WTF!? really? This line snaked all the way down to the bridge over the Rhine. 2 train operation really hurt today. at least everyone in line gets a great view of the wolf! Note: The following pics are from 9-7-09. Looking down the final breaks. For the last time..."The Big Bad Wolf is Running... No Faults" Couldn't have said it better myself Last ops of the Wolf's existence The last time anyone will ever guard this entrance. One of the final trains of the Wolf's existence, with rain falling like tears onto her. Thanks for 25 amazing years.
  12. Well, the wolf has died. May it rest in peace. At least the weather semi cooperated. We got the rain, but it really started as the park was closing, and Norfolk and Williamsburg got more than 5" last night! I will try my first picture post here before long documenting the final hour.
  13. Man, today (sunday) the line for The Wolf was nuts, all the way out of the queue house at one point, out of the entrance, and headed down to the foot of the bridge over the Rhine. 2 train op did not help at all either. Something "major" seemed to be wrong with train 3 and it did not make an appearence all day. Trains 1 and 2 were on. Did anyone go on Saturday and was it running all 3 trains? What a way to go out... tomorrow, Williamsburg is expecting up to 5 inches of rain...BGE had better open!
  14. That is a matter of opinion there buddy, I always have rather enjoyed SFA. Sure its mostly clones, however it is the only park where you will not have to wait for said clones. This year the park has been great anyhow. In fact, most people I have taken to both KD and SFA say they enjoyed SFA more because of shorter waits and friendlier staff! how bout them apples?
  15. There will be a sequel to the movie "snakes on a plane" filmed on it..."Snakes on a train." PAX has engineered snake holes to open up in specific times throughout the ride, while throwing real snakes at riders, in order to add special effects. Of course, everyone should wait to ride it about a year after it is built due to the fact that this high tech stuff and if you ride first year, the snake holes may not open on your seat, ruining the effect. in addition, the snakes may not be trained properly, so you may not be bitten correctly. However I think the ride should be great! After all, it is made by the russians, the same people who brought you the technology of things like Chernobyl!
  16. Track complete! Can't wait to see this thing test! http://www.connyland.ch/connyland/english/cobra_news.htm MUST...RIDE...SO...ODD... Edit: After using google translator tho, it appears one last piece will be added to the tower...the Cobra head perhaps?
  17. While Robb is correct that even without the BBW BGE is the better park, it def will be a noticable hole in the parks collection. BBW's night rides were epic, and were similar to those of The Beast, although indeed shorter. I know many that would mention BBW, even if it weren't being removed. (NO offense Robb ) Its just that i have witnessed chanting in the BBW station "KEEP THE WOLF" to show how truly loved the ride is, and how important it is to the aura of the germany section of my home park. -Alpengeist is incredible. Best in the park IMO. -Big Bad Wolf had an incredible out of control feeling, rarely experienced on other rides, on a rare species of ride. May it R.I.P. -I've never really "gotten" Apollo, it has some days that it runs better than others, especially very hot days. Cold days it can be SLOW. -DarKastle is great. -Griffon, is FUN, not incredibly intense, but smooth, fun, etc. -Loch Ness...Interesting Arrow, no doubt, but is a great ride even if it is...awkward. -Corkscrew Hill, avg simulator. -Pompeii, GREAT, even with a few events that dont happen the way they should anymore (like the statue.) -NOTE: BGE Flats need serious updating! -BGE is very scenic as others have said, take time to take it in, the Skyride is one of a kind, and very cool. The train is similar. -Great shops at BGE as well. -Great Shows. KD -Grizzly, very good, but VERY rough/painful even with the work they did on it early this year. You may end up hating it...or loving it. -Hurler, fair. It is like a woman her time of the month, it has its heavy (pain) days and its light (pain) days -Shockwave...Painful fun. (noticing any pattern to KD's rides yet?) -Rebel yell...kinda boring unless it is running fast, very little air...and yes, can bring some pain as well. -Scooby Doo, fun junior coaster, very small train. 1 train op. Very long wait on busy days. -Volcano, GREAT but short, and a disappointing ending -Dominator, One of the best floorless coasters out there! Long (for a KD coaster) and fast. -Anaconda, interestingly weird, not a great coaster at all but has its moments. -Intimadator...hopefully great. WARNING will be short, hope the 1 min ride (including lift) is worth the 5 hr wait it will likely attract ! lol. -Log Flume, sucks. -Rapids ride, good. -simulator, sucks. -Flight of Fear (as Bebes said) better than KI's -better flats collection than BGE, But still not that great. -Large included waterpark. If you decide to do both parks in one day, watch traffic. It can be horrible at times. Fri, sat, is not recommended going East down Interstate 64 toward Busch Gardens (tourist traffic), Sun is not recommended for West down 64 (tourists going home from beach, williamsburg). If you try to do both parks on the same day, you may spend a fair amount of time in traffic if you go on those days. Hope this helps!
  18. Those people don't even realize CP Spiderman is watching... Interesting side note...those spiders are already out in SE VA also. Weird cuz they don't usually come out here until mid-late august. SNOWBOARD83 winter forecast...SNOWY and COLD in the EAST!
  19. Wow, Definately do not go to PKD if you are taking the Ches Bay Bridge-Tunnel. You would have to backtrack well over an hour and a half. I would go with BGW because SFoG is pretty far inland from the I-95 corridor, and is over all a better experience IMO. BGW is the most logical choice due to it's location. It takes about 40-50 mins with good traffic to get there from the VA Beach side of the Ches Bay B-T. Just make sure you do not go through any of the tunnels in the Norfolk area during rush hour. You will be required to pass through one tunnel (probably the I-64 Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel) to get to BGW. That thing is nationally known for congestion! ALSO remember the toll on the Ches Bay B-T is a national high $12 each way, but they do accept EZ-Pass if you have one from living in NJ. While in VA Beach, (depending on how large of a coaster whore you are ) Motorworld has a kiddie credit, a good collection of go karts, a great mini golf course and Ocean Breeze waterpark next door is a very good waterpark. HOPE THIS HELPS!
  20. Well...Its not TOO much to add to the conversation, but I can say where the track is coming from! It's coming from Norfolk International Terminals in...well, you should be able to guess the city . I got the opportunity to drive next to the track in traffic in Norfolk today. SUCH an honor haha.
  21. ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ Now I just need to hurry and get there when its done before a car hits a support in the parking lot takes out 1/2 the ride! But no really, looks like an awesome ride! Can't wait to see the finished product, especially the part that hangs you upside down over the loop! ROBB... in a survey you mentioned a SMALL parks of Europe trip in 2011 or so...would this be a possible small park you think?
  22. Alpengeist's cobra roll really gets intense, and was so much more so before that holding break b4 the drop . That ride used to break peoples legs! I used to grey out in the loop and cobra roll. Ah...the good old days of Alpengeist... But overall nowdays, B:TR @ sfstl. Best of the clones IMO
  23. The above quote is from Ghost Towns home page...minor modifications on July 4th weekend after its already opened? They should have been ready it seems since the inspection was passed. Why would they do this??? Oh I just heard why, they are installing R-I-N-G-S.
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