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  1. Does the MCBR still kill the last third of the ride? I agree that the first two-thirds of the ride kicks butt, but that brake run kept it from being in my top 25. Yeah, unfortunately MCBR still slows the ride to a crawl, but it really seemed to vary by car, likely due to the cars weight and speed of course. A time or two, I saw the brakes barely touch the cars, but that was the excetption, not the rule.
  2. I -64 east can be absolutely miserable on a summer friday. 64 is often worse than 95 in the summer from my experience. Tourist traffic is pouring into Eastern VA right now...along with TPRers and the 1.7 million that live in the Norfolk metro area nobody ever knows exists..(larger than Jacksonville, FL, Buffalo, NY). Yorktown waterfront right near the beach at the Coleman Br (York River Br.) and the colonial parkway are beautiful. Did you get to see any of it at all?
  3. Trust me...from what I saw when I was at Lagoon in May, Wicked was one of the most reliable rides in the park. Didnt see the ride go down once. A feat for any launch coaster. Whenever I go to Dollywood, Mystery Mine goes down every time. *Edit: Oh yeah, Wicked rocked too!
  4. Fun Fact 2: 10 years is also a fantastic band. Wait I shouldnt joke on this thread. The worst senses of humor on the whole site lie within it. Exile from TPR may be in order.
  5. ^Actually...I was. As well as a few friends of mine coming along.. May 4th. First time I was ever going to ride it. Flying from VA to attempt it too. The way they run the ride every 15 minutes and the way they charge a small fortune to ride it, I would be surprised if it didn't bring in a fair amount of money. Probably more money than their $1 Blackjack!
  6. I don't know what to think of this news. Ocean Breeze is a fantastic mid-size waterpark with some unique slides and CHEAP BEER. Great atmosphere as well. I hope none of this gets messed up with the multi-million dollar investment. I would say this is probably good news overall though.
  7. Chris, the article also mentioned a real space shuttle would be opening at Scream Zone
  8. Not a bad choice! It did provide the total B*tch slap - twice - IIRC. But yeah, bad ride. That ride must be pretty bad if it stood out in Jeff Johnson's mind. The ride was also mentioned by Loefet on this thread, or the Roughest Coaster thread. Also talk of it being a bad ride was on Coaster Expedition 12. Could we have a winner for worst ride? For 3 people to have mentioned an obscure ride like this could make it rather possible IMO, especially when these guys have ridden a lot of rides, and Jeff Johnson was around to ride Flip Flap
  9. So...how is SFGAdv going to do so well with Green Lantern if they can't send more than 2 trains out on S:UF in 10 min, and that may be generous many days. SFGAm is SO efficient with their S:UF. Hell, I've seen SFA send out Batwing quicker before. But I HOPE you are right, but 3 trains on a shorter track length than RR seems superfluous. CP does OK with 2 trains on Mantis, and they are about the kings of efficiency. But even they said screw it to the 3rd train.
  10. I will concede that the one ride I had on it was a horrible experience after about an hour wait, so that probably had a lot to do with it. But all I could concentrate on was how much my seat was shimmying the entire time, and then the uncomfortable "crowd surfing" portion that just hung me over the side of my restraint. I'm sure I'll give it another shot whenever I go back, I just hope this time it's better. I was very surprised by the ride. Big pops of air coming onto then again off of the brake runs, especially the last two. Everything about it was good IMO! I rode May '10 in the back seat.
  11. I most definitely disagree on that Big Bad Wolf was the best suspended coaster. People only liked it because of the theming. It WAS better than Iron Dragon. I was NOT better than Flight Deck or Vortex. I rode Vortex at Canada's Wonderland in 2007. Vortex was fast and smooth. Big bad wolf was fast for about 20 seconds at the very end. I mean both Vortex and Flight Deck at pretty short rides but at least they had punch all the way through. Obviously Eagle Fortress owned every suspended when it was in operation. What do you guys think about Ninja? I never have ridden it? ^Theming wasn't the only part of BBW I liked personally. I liked how you could CLEARLY feel the swinging motion that you are supposed to feel on a suspended coaster. With Flight Deck and Vortex I feel like its more of a sensation that a non-suspended coaster could give on a banked turn. The rides, to me, don't feel like the sharply turn out, but rather kind of list out semi gradually. Sure they give a quick moving ride, but I just don't feel the sensation on it that made BBW and EF what they were. BBW always hung out around number 100, and yes number 90 in its final year, which both made it the 2nd best suspended coaster in the world, and best readily available to most who read this site. Not too bad after 25 years when you see how many coasters drop so fast from the top 100. Vortex ranks in the mid 100s. Most others rank 80 to 100 spots below BBW, including Ninja, Vampire and Flight Deck. And I personally like Ninja more than Vortex and Flight Deck as well, as you actually feel some swinging on it too, even if it isn't as sharp as Wolf was.. Note...I do not count the swinging into the brake runs on Vortex and Flight Deck as amazing swinging. It finally really happens as you are coming into the brakes so I feel more stopping than swinging. Personal opinion is personal opinion though.
  12. Personally I'd love to ride it. looks quite interesting! It has been SBNO for 5 years now... Would be a cool addition for a small US park! It would be the only pipeline in our fine country, quite the marketing angle. Has anyone ridden it in Korea or in Kuwait?
  13. I agree with what you said. I was completely blown away by the Vortex ERT. It's one of the best coaster experiences I've had. Then when we rode BBW I was kind of disappointed. I had wanted to ride the coaster for so long because of the America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills video POV. And what I remember most from that ERT session was KerryB's horror movie scream. It was certainly a fun ride, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what BGW has in store for 2012. Hmmm. Maybe I only have ridden Vortex on "sucky" days, because I was extremely disappointed in it after hearing some say it was better than Wolf. Wolf had "sucky" morning issues, where the shocks were not warmed up yet and the trains didn't swing as much as they would later in the day, but I assume this to be the case with all suspendeds. Anyhow, with the exception of going into the brake run, I can not remember the train swinging all that much on Vortex or Flight Deck. One friend of mine raved and raved about Vortex being so much better than Flight Deck...and I did not get the promised experience...at all. That said, they are both fast moving, enjoyable coasters, but the changes in direction are no where near BBWs S-curve's 180 degree+ change in direction in under about 20 to 30 feet going around 50mph. The maintainence whorishness of that section (i.e. welds, fractures) kind of speaks for it's self I feel. And trust me...I am ecstatic for what ever is happening in 2012 as well. I just wish it was not at the cost of losing one of the best of an already rare breed.
  14. Exactly why I mentioned Apollo (IMO) may be the only coaster that may have passed BBW numbers.
  15. I liked vortex. To date, it is my 3rd favorite suspended after BBW and Ninja. But Vortex never gave a OMFG out of control feeling swing like BBW did. Even the village made you feel like you were in a story, not just on a ride. I think that Vortex and Flight Deck are fine, but so short with very controlled feeling swinging action. You think Vortex was good at night? You should've ridden BBW at night . In other news, BGW has heard the uproar from BBW fans, and realize they need to build another suspended. They have canceled the multi launch coaster and hired S&S to build a clone of Iron Dragon.
  16. I'm going to go ahead and give this a +1. The most prominent reason I never got to ride Big Bad Wolf was because the line was so long and trains were dispatched so slowly. I've only ever gone to BGW four times in my life though. Question is...did you wait in line to see the dispatch times, or assume. Lets not forget the line "pulsed" due to the station's layout. Fire marshal only let so many in at a time due to blocking of exits from crowds. It could be dispatching like crazy and the line wouldn't move because they cut the line off so that the exits were not blocked. Then they would let a bunch of people in. Then cut off the line.
  17. I'm kind of surprised to hear this. I had a season pass from 2005-2007, probably visited 4-5 times each of those years, and not once did I see BBW operating 3 trains. Granted most of my visits were either in May, June, or September, but still I would think at least once out of about 15 or so visits I would see 3 trains. As for queue lines, BBW usually had the longest line, but also had the slowest dispatch when compared to the B&Ms. One thing I will say is I personally almost always experienced 3 trains on wolf. I almost always saw wolf with a train on each lift and a train in the station, meaning it was dispatching quickly. Apollo and Griffon are quick dispatches, but I don't get Alpengeist. Alpengeist is SLOW and stacks.
  18. Negative. This was information given to me 5 years ago while he worked there, and not exaggerated on my end. I will try to get ridership stats, but this is hard information to come by at a Seaworld/Busch park. Hell, they won't even release park attendance figures. I agree that the lines may have been long but I don't think it was because it was the most popular ride in the park. Most times I went with (non-enthusiast) friends in 2005-06 we were getting back in line for re-rides on Apollo and Alpengeist, not BBW. The capacity of those B&M's are pretty good. BBW's not so much. We'd often forego the essential night ride because the line was too long. 28 riders per train. 3 trains on the Arrows. 30 riders per train, 3 trains on Griffon. 32 Riders per train, 3 trains Alpengeist. 36 riders per train, 3 trains Apollo. Clearly, BBW and LNM have some of the lower capacities in the park. HOWEVER, one thing I almost could always guarantee was that BBW would be operating all 3 trains. This is more than could be said about Alpengeist and LNM, as those two almost always have 2 trains instead of 3, yet more often than not had shorter lines. Apollo and Griffon are rarely anything but 3 train operations. So based on my experience (visiting the park 20+ times a year) is it really that out of the realm of possibility that BBW was the most popular in 05 and 06? Apollo is the only other that I see being BBW's challenger for attendance then. 07 on, you can probably give to Griffon. BBW anyone could ride. Let's not forget the family focus of BGW. Families are probably the most common group at the park. Whole families with children over 42 inches would ride. Then re ride. Then ride some more. It was one ride that nearly everyone who rode rides at the park would ride from 5 to 99 years old. Next closest was the 48" LNM. Then ALL B&Ms are 52"+. So clearly without any official data that will never come out of BGW, this being true will never be proven or dis-proven, and me and Robb would never get along again. So I propose the dropping of this argument. LOL. I just respectfully disagree...very much.
  19. I do not think this information is true. I believe your "friend" has either given you incorrect information or possibly exaggerated information for the purpose to try to prove or disprove a point. --Robb "Not buying your stats..." Alvey Negative. This was information given to me 5 years ago while he worked there, and not exaggerated on my end. I will try to get ridership stats, but this is hard information to come by at a Seaworld/Busch park. Hell, they won't even release park attendance figures.
  20. OK, I've stayed silent on this subject long enough... IN IT'S FINAL YEAR!!! 'i Where were all those people from like 1996 to 2008? I think I probably visited the park about 25 times between those years and I don't think I ever waited more than about 15 minutes for Big Bad Wolf. And usually, it was a walk-on. If they thought it was so great, why did they wait to come visit until it was about to go away? --Robb Hmm, BBW was almost always the longest line in the park when I went, yet had excellent capacity. In fact, in 2005-2006 (time period my friend was the ride's supervisor) it was the most popular coaster in the park (just by a hair)..... That kind blows that "It wasn't popular" rumor out the window . It WAS an EXTREMELY popular ride. It is a massive loss. It was the only place you could experience the huge swinging of the suspended coaster, next to Eagle Fortress and Bat which both closed because of the same swinging action! No other suspended swings out like that. An unbelieveable out of control feeling where you swung pretty far above horizontal, even if it was for only a second on the Wolf. I've now ridden every suspended in North America and people may argue Vortex or Ninja or whatnow, uh no... Ninja was not at its top speed doing a wicked S-curve. Vortex and Flight Deck don't have the unbelivable change in direction BBW had (or Bat...or EF). BBW was the only place in the world you could experience the change in direction of EF, even if it was only once. I just don't (respectfully) get why some people feel it needs to be argued if it was a loss or not? Some don't like the suspended coaster. Some don't like B&M hyper coasters. I love the suspended coaster, and Wolf was the best I had ridden. I don't like B&M hypers. I would have gladly traded Apollo's Chariot for keeping the Wolf any day. Everyone has their own opinion. Styles of coasters can be love or hate. Until EF was ridden enough to be included in Mitch's poll, BBW reigned as the best suspended in the world. BBW was indeed in my personal top 10 out of over 300, and only Alpengeist beat BBW in Williamsburg in by book. I don't think that it being ranked around #100 is a big deal. The style of ride was out dated. Great Bear at HP will drop in rankings like crazy in the future as it was twice as young as BBW was. As other rides come out that overshadow what another does, the ranking drops. BBW may have ranked much higher than #100 in the past, but we will never know. Mitch wasn't doing a poll in 1990 to see if it was still ranking as "low" as it did in the years leading to it's demise. Similar example: Lets take the Big Lebowski. Anchorman. Evil Dead. All kinds of cult movies. Some love them. Some hate them. BBW had it's own "cult." So does the Beast. Both incredible terrain rides. Both are/were epic at night. Both give/gave feelings that many argue are unmatched by other rides. Nostalgia has nothing to do with this post. Want rides who's ranking is affected by Nostalgia? I have 2 examples for you. Beast and Cyclone. Neither does anything great. Beast is long. Cyclone beats the S*it out of you. They rank too high for what they do, yet they are not THAT high on the rankings. Are they popular...hell yes. It was just a damn good ride in my opinion and feel many under appreciate it. I can't change minds of those that feel that way, but I hate to see some that are seemingly trying to change the opinion of people to not think the ride was that great. It is all personal opinion.
  21. ^ probably good. Means you still have the majority of your brain cells remaining. Anyone who has ridden one of the worst SLCs can't do math after one ride. My favorite Vekoma would be an Invertigo or, and I may be in the minority, T2. T2 may have just been giving very rare smooth rides the day I was at SFKK, but I realllllly liked it.
  22. Curious, I keep on hearing of all these trips to Bahrain, and there is a direct link with Saudi Arabia and a small cluster of parks just across the bridge between the two countries. If I did go to Bahrain, does anyone know if it hard to get over to/into Saudi?
  23. ^^ I would say they probably chose the standard SLC due to the fact the footprint is much smaller and the park has a very small size, and they hope to fit a lot in. Thats probably another reason they went after this pretzel coaster...their space limitations. Hope it has improvements though...maybe the new train design?? ^ As mentioned, a hyper, or regular giga take up a lot of room. It would probably have the largest space requirement in the park. They probably dont have that kind of room to play with. At least an inverted TTD is a long and skinny foot print. (I will end my post there and wait for the chuckling of long and skinny)
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