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  1. The irony! Closing day of Colossus was choosen with NRCD in mind as all Six Flags parks are celebrating it this year.
  2. Six Flags announces all there new rides for 2015 on August 28th. Of course they will sent out a newsletter with the "news" on that day aswell.(It does not say "exclusiv" to Newsletter subscriber only)
  3. Every year we get those rumors, all he said were the plans for 2015(3 fairs) and nothing is set for 2016 yet. As long as the ride makes money(which it is), it will run the fairs....
  4. This has to get old for you, right? At some point don't you tire of coming in this thread and crapping on whatever the latest news might be? I know you're a moderator here, and you have a history with the park, but I just don't see the point of the incessant negativity. Colossus is almost universally maligned by enthusiasts, at least, and the park is clearly going to now do something about it -- I know the ongoing meme here is "better than nothing", but even if there are the "predictable" issues with operations etc....isn't it good that they're doing something about an aging ride that is oft times criticized? Just my 2 cents...............and I am excited about the upcoming reveal on Colossus, and whatever it is will get me (and I'm guessing, you) back to the park. I am with Randall on this one, it must get boring to always post the same negative comment about the park. Well, at least it gets boring to read the same response every time after a person dares to post something positive in regards of SFMM. SFMM offers a rider swap program,the same way Disney does and I think especially with the Bugs Bunny refurb and 4 coasters just for kids, the park has plenty to offer to keep kids entertained
  5. I will guess it's definitely a 2016 opening. I could see a July 4th 2015 opening, that gives RMC 11 months and the winter in Cali is usually rather mild....point is, nobody knows, we will know soon enough.
  6. I doubt SFMM knows was "National Roller Coaster Day" is. Six Flags already stated that they will celebrate "National Roller Coaster Day" in there parks this year, hence, the date is certainly no coincidence.
  7. Here is a new video of a manned testride. Looks a lot better and call me surprised that the cars are moving during the outdoor part [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  8. They expanded the Mexico section(not closing). They closed down the Western themed section and Silbermine dark ride for future(maybe 2015?) attractions.
  9. The Northridge quake did not damage the park one bit. The hillside by Ninja collapsed, but that was about it(some claim Psyclone was never the same after the quake aswell). The park did not open for two weeks as they had no water supply and you can not operate a park with no water. Magic Mountains biggest problem was that there was no freeway access for over three months from Los Angeles and you had to take a old road to get to the park. It was also the year Baman The Ride opend and the park had it's biggest attendance in a decade. Guess people needed a place to relax after this huge shaker...
  10. Here is a pretty good POV from onride.de [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] BTW, I love the soundtrack/music of the ride. As I understand, you can buy it at the Park. First purchase I will make!
  11. April 1st opening date is now confirmed for Chiapas. We got a new teaser.... [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] ...a new Website which includes the great Thememusic, wallpaper, screensavers and ringtones. I am excited!
  12. For those of you who want to experience a Waterpark at night, I would recomend Tropical Island in Berlin/Germany which is open 24 hours. Plus you can even sleep there http://www.tropical-islands.de/en/attractions/
  13. Not good Caribbean cruise ended after outbreak of illness Cruise line ends 10-day Caribbean cruise after illness outbreak sickens over 500 people news.yahoo.com/caribbean-cruise-ended-outbreak-illness-033110452.html
  14. The German Fairs are not some hillbilly cooperation. The German Tüf(spell?) will come first before anybody can ride the rides. In addition, the "carnies" in Germany are mostly long standing family companies that take care of there rides(as you can see from the above pictures) and there is nothing "sketchy" about them.
  15. According to the press release, Heide Park will announce the theme and story of the new coaster during there Halloween Show on Oct 19th. Trains will arrive from France(?)oct 10th and 24th
  16. From middle sept until the first week of October you will have Octoberfest in Munich. Would be a shame to miss...
  17. I find it funny that when CP builds a standard/boring flume, there are 200 pages on tpr, yet here is probably one of the best themed/innovative log flume being build and hardly any interest exists The entrance of the ride with water running
  18. ....and thanks to Phantasialand being so secretive about this ride, we have no clue what will happen inside. Considering the outside theming, this will be a Top 5 attraction in Europe!
  19. Summer is almost over in Europe(well, we have another month or two), but one Highlight is still getting ready for it's big reveal.. We are getting closer to opening.... ...as the boats are already on site!
  20. Yes, it does! I will be in Germany until the end of Sept(Oktoberfest of course is on the agenda), so I will ride this, even if I have to change my flight back home..
  21. Plus I want to see how the 29 "individually themed" boats look like
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