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  1. There are plenty of videos on you tube showing Olympia Looping with 5 train operations, it is a beauty to watch with 30 seconds dispatch times and multiple trains on track. I could watch it for hours.
  2. Europa is great, it kinda misses a true spectacular coaster, but the entire package is amazing. A beautiful park. Do not forget Phantasialand, one of the best themed parks in Europe.
  3. I went on it the other day. Strangely I thought I knew about the German fairs pretty well, but never heard of that coaster until I have read about it on tpr. I went on it before the beertents, but it did not matter. I call it the drunk coaster as you feel drunk, it is a unique feeling that I actually liked. Maybe with being at Oktoberfest this year it will catch on as I know a lot of Park Presidents go to Oktoberfest to check on new rides. I would not mind seeing these getting popular in the States
  4. Oktoberfest is all about crowds, average year for 16 days is 6.7 Million people, this year they are way above that so far. If you have problems with crowds, it might be not be for you. Keep in mind that it is massive in size, so it does not feel you are squeezed in or anything close like that, but it is busy.
  5. September weather in Germany is usually pretty good, hence, why Oktoberfest is mostly held in September as come Oktober, it goes downhill pretty fast.
  6. 10. Bratwurst. i forgot about food after all that beer,lol, thanks for reminding me 10.Bratwurst 11, Händl(chicken) 12 Bretzel of course 13.Currywurst 14.Spätzle(Noodle with cheese dish) 15.,,,and all the desert dishes which are to many to mention 16. Sexy Girls in Dirndl 17. Cool guys in Lederhosen 18. The garden with drunk guys passing out 19. The After Partys 20. Realising that you are at the best party on earth Please add to the list .....
  7. It is basically the best park on earth for 16 days. Think about it 1. Six coasters that are all rather good 2. 30+ Flatrides 3. Plenty of funhouses , including the Teufelsrad and the slide of death 4.Beergardens all over 5. The beer carousel 6. Oh yeah, beer, tents that can hold combined 119000 people and crazy music and dancing. 7. Every Flatride is there own nightclub 8. Olympia Looping/Alpine Bahn 9. Oh yeah, more beer What is not to love?
  8. You pretty much just described my past four nights! lol. just do not go on the beer carousel as it can get disorienting for one after some beers. I made that mistake once, never again. Glad you had a good time, looking forward to the Europa and Phantasialand updates, two of my favorite parks.
  9. I love Olympia Looping too, what a kick ass ride and incredible that it is portable. When I go to Oktoberfest, I sit by the beer carousel, have some beers and just watch this beauty in action. It never get's old. The drifting coaster looks amazing, what a simple design that seems like a lot of fun and sure will be my first ride when I go next week. I go to a lot of fairs, never seen it before. Guess they are not touring in my neck of the woods.
  10. It is a way to get people off the ride and of course as amusement for the audience. The beauty of this ride is not just actually doing it, but watching, you can do that for hours, it will never gets boring. Great start to the trip, I enjoyed the live stream too.
  11. To me it looks great and I am looking forward to visit later next month
  12. Rosh Hashanah is a really busy day at the park, if you can I would switch the days, if not, Flash Pass! I like Fright Fest days as it is rather quiet at first and it will get busy later. You can basically do all the coasters during the day and the mazes at night. I usually just sit down at one of the scare zones and watch people getting scared. I find it funny. Surprised nobody was quoting the L.A.Times report that was posted a couple of pages ago that attendance at SFMM increased by 17% to 3.2 Million guests which is rather impressive. Bonnie is doing a good job.
  13. I think one of the best "Themed Parks" next to Disney Sea is Phantasialand, but guess they did not give enough money to warrant a award. They will survive. It was either buy an award or build the first launched flying coaster? I think they did it right,lol
  14. Serious? You post your opinion on a public message board and see it as a fact. Nobody should comment on it? That is hillarious. Glad you changed your mind and agree that SFMM is one of the great parks in the US, at least you came around.
  15. I agree 100%, she is doing a great job and the park looks fresh. Only parts missing is pretty much the area on top and the old cyclone area which I am sure will be next with coaster #20 in 2020. No way they let that tagline go unused,lol
  16. I do not think Bonnie reads here, but sure someone from her team is. She has been with the park her entire adult life, so she knows what's right and what has to be adressed and improved.
  17. I have been going to SFMM since 1989 and never see "trash all over the place" Maybe you should be more detailed in your posts. What areas seem run down, what rides look to be abandoned as neither of that would come to my mind when I am at the park. Teens tend to be unruly sometimes, what did they do and how is that SFMM fault?
  18. There is a new beergarden now too where one can rest across from Goldrusher. Personally, I always felt the park was clean and nice looking and it certainly improved over the years. I think some people just complain because they think it is cool to do so. I had a bad time at CP as they close all rides when a drop of rain is falling, but you do not see me complaining about it for years to come like some people here.
  19. This is a great addition for SFMM, I took one of these rides at a fun fair in Germany and the Airtime surprised me. It was crazy, so I can only imagine what this ride will offer. I also like that since Bonnie came on board the park is updating the areas around a new ride. The park looks fresh and for sure nothing like 10 years ago. Basically the only area missing now is the old cyclone area and the top of the hill which I am sure will be adressed in the years to come.
  20. This is something I hope is true. Colorado may be one of my favorite family coasters but with Chiapas and Tikal the theming feels very bad. I still like to ride it every time, but after F.L.Y. was announced I kind of stippled out the future like this: 1 or 2: Stripping or demolishing TotNH and HW building for new darkride. 2 or 1: Swimming pool (They announced one a few years ago.) 3 or 4: Silverado theater gone or asthmatic update. 4 or 3: Colorado and Geister gone for new family coaster. 5: China revamp (Because this would be the worst site left in the park by then.) including Ling Bao taken down (By then a new Hotel on the new ground would have been build) 6: Mystery revamp. (Better then China but Mystery Castle will then be about one of if not the oldest attraction) 7: Berlin Revamp (Old entrance bit.) 8: Fantasy revamp (Somewhere sometime the Winja's go away.) 9: Black Mamba removal (Where talking here 20 years form now.) It's big line maybe the order wrong but sometimes I hope I'm wrong. I am not into drugs, but after reading this, I want to smoke what you are smoking. What a hillarious list Good for you to stay away from reality as far as possible!
  21. I have no clue either, but that is Phantasialand. I gave up on speculating, let them build and we will ride!
  22. Or you could avoid the traffic and use the Metrolink/Train to Valencia and Bus from there to the Mountain(or Taxi)
  23. The finale of Tiempo de Fuego is alone worth the admission https://youtu.be/Ssu8LxUbJg0?t=10m41s Edit: Maybe a Admin can help me to add the videos, I am apparently to stupid to do so
  24. What? I like the closing ceremony, Phantasialand is a tiny family owned park, they do not have the Disney Money, but they do an incredible job, especially during Wintertraum.
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