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  1. Between Christmas and New Years is pretty much vacation time in Germany aka no construction. For almost daily updated pictures, you can always check the Phantafirends Picture thread
  2. Summer Break in Germany varies by State, some States start in mid June while others at the end of July. Either way, if you go early June, school will be still in session.
  3. As this will probably turn into a Sfmm vs Cp thread, I start with Magic Mountain! Without a doubt the best skyline, especially driving down the 5
  4. Considering Phantasialand is a privatly owned park, the investments and attention to detail are quite amazing.
  5. Phantasialand is so pretty, one of my favorite parks on earth! Great TR
  6. Phantasialand is about perfection. They would not open a new area unless everything is done to there satisfaction. We are talking about a kid-coaster that can be build in a couple of days.
  7. None of the footers have been used for the walkway. A second coaster is still pretty much in the game. Plus additional footers have been poured at the Riverquest Pool.
  8. Somehow Phantasialand went adult and joined social media as just a day later, we got new pictures! Enjoy! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  9. New off season pictures from Phantasialand [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  10. Looks like Magic Mountain had a stellar year, most reports were about how busy the park is which makes me happy as I love the park. Guess it pays to invest in your infrastructure and older rides. Can not wait to experience Revolution next year!
  11. Phantasialand is about perfection. Unlike other parks that first open a coaster, theming a year later, you would not see that at this park.
  12. As Phantasialand will close tomorrow, they had to give us a WTF are they doing now moment, so coasternerds have something to talk about the next three weeks. This tank got delivered today, for what? I am sure the good people at Phantasialand are loving this attention and mess with us just for fun (Pics courtesy of Purefun@ phantafriends.de )
  13. Best part is that there is a very nice outdoor Beergarden right across the slide, plus you are next to Alpina Bahn. Basically, you have your beer, watch people acting like fools on the conveyor belt and have a nice Schwarzkopf coaster gracefully making it's rounds as free entertainment.
  14. I love Oktoberfest after dark. Although u are drunk, the lights make such a difference. I went to Wurstmarkt in Bad D├╝rkheim this year instead of Oktoberfest. Pretty much the same deal with plenty of rides and coasters, but the theme was wine, not beer. Loved it! Next year Oktoberfest again!
  15. You guys discuss whatever you discuss, but I am in awwww.... (pic courtesy of coasterfriends.de)
  16. I do not see an inversion coming to Taron, this is a high speed coaster with two launches thru a gazillion headchoppers. Does this coaster really need an inversion? Nah.....
  17. The land behind Apocalypse is only leased and can not be build on. (The old Deja Vu area is owned by Six Flags)
  18. It looks like a second coaster is coming... Pics courtesy of coasterfriends.de
  19. Nothing is free, Holiday World simply prices the soda into the admission price.
  20. The ride is open to the public for a week? That's news to me. It is clear SFMM is using this week to see how it is best to operate and adjust operations. Smart move actually. I am with you critisising the park on poor operations, but doing so BEFORE the ride even opens to the public is a little much. So what you're saying is instead of using this week to dial in the operation at maximum capacity, they are using to figure out how to have the ride duel at less than maximum capacity? If that's not a telling sign of what is to come.... The park adjust ride operations now. If they had to work on one train, better now vs Saturday. I know you love to talk down the park, fair enough as this is your opinion and this is a messageboard to exchange different opinions, but to bash the park for a ride that is not even officially open really makes no sense as you/me dont know what it takes to get this ride running properly. I will gladly talk about this in 6 months if TC wont race or they only have one train operating and give you props for knowing it all along, but at this point, it is just an assumption on your part based on nothing.
  21. Edit: Because there is no point to respond to the above comment, I am a better person today
  22. My favorite Quote so far from the GP on my FB Page was This will be a big hit for SFMM.
  23. Some more media footage from the media day with Gayle Anderson and Tony Mc Ewing, both have been probably to every coaster opening at SFMM for the past 20 years and they enjoy each and every second of it (Tony more compared to Gayle, but they are both fun) http://ktla.com/2015/05/20/twisted-colossus/ http://www.myfoxla.com/clip/11516457/tony-mcewing-rides-the-new-39twisted-colossus39-rollercoaster
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