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  1. I dont get the negative vibe of this thread either. Let's think about it. Everything the management has done in the past couple of years was excellent. - Spent serious $$$ to make there main attraction reliable (x2) - Got rid of coasters nobody wanted to ride(Psyclone/Flashback) - Added an excellent wooden rollercoaster - Added a unique/only one in the U.S.coaster - Added a kiddy coaster with nice theming - Turned a 415 foot tower everyone was thinking they should get rid off into a main attraction with 2 top rides, including a flatride. That sounds like a good 5 year plan to me for a park that has not a budget like Disney. AND we might get a recordbreaking ride in 2013..... I dont want to argue with anyone here, but I go to the park every month(or so) and never seen it dirty(trashcans overflowing e.t.c.) or encounter rude employees. Sometimes I think people will act towards you the way you present yourself to them. I am a friendly dude and usually people are friendly back. My point is just that if you are entering the park thinking Six Flags sucks, the park can never win as your attitude is already negative and things you might let slide at other places will be 10 times worse at the mountain
  2. Wow, dont think I ever read more complaints about a ride that is not even open yet on TPR
  3. WTF? This is still the tallest drop tower IN THE WORLD and people complaining Magic Mountain could have extended the tower by 300 feet and there would still be people complaining that the extention should be 325 feet...
  4. Wow, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicagos display is very similar indeed...
  5. Guess I will never be a good journalist because I talked to the guy who build this but never asked him that question
  6. Ok, I am currently visiting my hometown of Frankfurt/Germany for the Summer. Today we had a big street-festival in my "hood" that featured Switzerland as a guest of honor. The tourism office went all out and that included one of the coolest "miniature" rollercoaster ever. I could have watched this thing all day... So I took a lil' video of it with my handy, check it out as I think you would like it (not my video, but the "coaster")
  7. So there's nothing wrong with the ride itself, just the politicians? Of course the ride was messed up, the airtanks exploded several times. Politicians had nothing to do with the ride, but with the park itself that was totally overbuild for the area
  8. Eh, your post is not that much better(sorry, love your posts usually but bashing SFMM for bashing sakes gets old) I think it looks amazing, the ride blends perfectly within the structure and it will sure be one hell of a (scary) ride
  9. Love this tripreport. Great Job. But I doubt they are selling more sausages when compared to the Oktoberfest(considering there are on average 375000 visitors a day in Munich) Heck, I would even argue that any German Fair sells above 200000 Brats... It does not matter as this is for a good cause and the prices are really dirt cheap
  10. Great Tripreport! I was in Frankfurtat at the same time, wish I would have known so that I could show you around in my Hometown.
  11. The Tower is a 9 Story interactive Funhouse with a cocktail/beerbar on the 7th Floor Official Website: http://www.blume-service.de/the-tower/
  12. You can actually even take a trainride thru the closed park now... And here a look at the Park in 1998. Looking at this video makes the current situation rather sad. So much potential!
  13. Looking forward to your Frankfurt pictures as this is my hometown and I was there at the end of March/beginning April aswell. Wish I would have known of your travels as I would have loved to show you some of the cool Applewine places there
  14. Ugh, complaining about the theme? Officially we dont even know if we get a coaster in 2013! Maybe the ride starts where Deja Vu used to be, maybe in the old Flashback spot....Who knows?!?! There will always be complains, but at least we should wait until there is an actual announcement to start with those...just saying..
  15. Of course, that was on "Gooses" Site, he snapped a picture of the Coastermodel. Ahhhh, the good old times....
  16. Wow at the pictures(thanks Sir Clinksalot), makes you wonder what SFMM is up to?!? Could this be really for the 2013 project? I dont think the Park has ever started this early for an attraction that is pretty much a year and a half away from opening. (Heck, they started work on this before even dealing with this years construction,lol) This will deffinatly be fun to watch..
  17. I found this video on you tube that shows a rafting-traffic jam at Europa. How can this possibly happen?!?! lol Love the reaction of the people, everyone cheering and eventually being evacuated in a calm matter. Could you imagine this happening in the U.S? Someone would have flipped out, kids crying and what not...
  18. My favorite Flatride is the Transformer Ride that travels on the German Fair Circuit. I could just watch that ride all day long.. (Video is from me)
  19. Just like Disneyland and Seaworld in California steals visitors from Orlando
  20. I kinda like Radler for a Summerdrink, but at Oktoberfest it should be a no no. Another (for Americans) crazy Beerdrink is "Drekisches" aka Beer with Coke(translated it is called dirty beer) I drink it sometimes in L.A. and when my friends look with disgust at me, I just tell them to taste it and they end up loving it! Any German Fair is a lot of fun. It does not have to be Oktoberfest. The Fairs in Düsseldorf/Cologne or Hamburg are cool and usually run during the Summermonths which might work better if you plan on traveling Europe during that time of the year
  21. From what I understand is that the propertyline is behind Apocalypse and the land behind it is only leased to SFMM. Same goes for the overflow Parkinglot, hence why it is not paved.
  22. For those of you who dont know Mallorca, check out this clip from my favorite German TV Show X-Diaries which follows crazy Germans on there vacation in Mallorca ANYHOW, Mallorca is a beautiful Island, but after watching the clip, do you really think that people who come there are up to spending a day and some serious $$$ at an Amusement Park? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ajrQdSgBoA
  23. Mallorca gets around 10 Million Visitors each year, but these are mostly budget tourists from Germany and England who come there for a week of drinking and party. From Germany it is just a 2 hour flight and you can spent a week there with flight/hotel for 350 euro($500), I hardly see this as a crowd that would spent a lot of $$$ to visit an Amusementpark
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