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  1. I have also seen a lot of girls walking around in a bikini.
  2. Wow look at the crowds glad I went to Disneyland two weeks ago. Very nice pictures.
  3. Yes Firehawk is X-Flight from GL. Any word on SOB?
  4. Islands of Adventure does have the bland look going. Now only if they would add a major ride in the future.
  5. I was at Kings Island today and saw that Firehawk had both trains sitting on the track. One is red and the other is yellow. While ridding Drop Zone it looks like all the work on Son Of Beast train is done. Also almost all of the Paramount signs are gone from the park.
  6. King Island in its heyday it was a great park, now days it just does not feel the same with all of the theme gone.
  7. From the concept art it looks like some type of movie will play like in Fantasmic. Also you still can see the video goble in the picture.
  8. Yes it was a old train car from the B&O to go with the theme. Also here is the link.
  9. Yes it valleyed last year in the same place. Soon as it got fixed they turned on the power and it went back to the station. If its very windy out you might see it valley.
  10. Disney is looking at suing the park in China, but I am sure Disney will stop this show.
  11. Will Paramount and Cedar Fair both get 20 million or with it be slip between both companies? I will give SOB another try when it opens this or next year.
  12. It was posted not to long ago. Just not a lot to go on right now.
  13. Don't think we will see this in the USA any time soon.
  14. I was at the park last Sunday and you still can hear Top Gun music.
  15. I guess Cedar Point still has me on the mailing list from 1993. I have been getting these each spring. Now that I have a season pass to Cedar Fair parks I might use the coupons this year. I do think its odd on page 28 to have adds for Geauga Lake and Michigan's Adventure.
  16. Don't worry things will get better at Kings Island. I had alot of fun this past Saturday will all the rides still down. Also me and my brother got a all you can eat buffet at Wings Dinner Buffet and drinks for $13.99.
  17. Last year I was in line for the log flume at Kings Island we a guy running Run a way Reptar starting weird nosies on the mic. till the train got to the lift. Then he yelled over the mic this coaster is going to crash. As I looked over I saw two supervisors running over to the ride.
  18. If a news paper in the UK is right IOA will aslo get Potter land soon.
  19. I also just got a new computer with Windows Vista already on it. It would not be so bad if Microsoft did not rename everything.
  20. Glad you had fun. I saw you at the top of the Tower.
  21. I thought Disney wanted to build some smaller parks. The money right now could just be for the land.
  22. So far the only coasters that don't have seat belts are SOB and Firehawk.
  23. All the of Arrow coasters now have seat belts. The Beast and Racer had seat belts for some time. Also SOB got some new track in the loop area. I got to the park around 4 and all the major coasters broke down. I will post some pictures of SOB and Firehawk when I get my film back.
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