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  1. ^Hopefully it won't be crowded next week. I'll be at IOA & Universal Tuesday before I start the Disney College Program Wednesday. Are crowds usually busy in early January after the New Year at WDW & Universal? EDIT (Since I don't want to double post): Just rode it earlier today as my first coaster ride of 2010! The parks was pretty crowded & quite cool as well 54F high. I rocked out to Cyanide by Metallica & tomorrow I am going to give Diary of Jane a go! I think it is a fun ride. I got a little air on the first drop.
  2. - Favorite new coaster Boulder Dash - Favorite new ride Jurassic Park River Adventure at IOA - Favorite new park Islands of Adventure - Most memorable park moment First time experiencing Ert on a TPR trip - Most memorable coaster moment Riding the Phoenix 40x in a row in 2005 straight from 10 am-8 pm! - Best ERT session Boulder Dash on East Coast 2008 - Least favorite coaster Steamin Demon at the Great Escape - Least favorite ride Flying Pharaoh at Clementon Park (when you have to operate it it is a nightmare & you never want to ride a swing ride again) - Least favorite park California's Great America - Most interesting ride you've seen introduced X2 - Least interesting ride you've seen intoduced B&M Flyers - Your favorite TPR moment (favorite post, trip report, video, whatever!) Attending 3 AMAZING TPR trips! - The decade's biggest flop Paramount being sold to Cedar Fair - The decade's biggest success Disney World Expanding - The best meal you've had at a park A roast beef sand which & pirogies at Knoebels - The worst meal you've had at a park All the food at CGA on West Coast 2009 - Best park turnaround Six Flags Great Adventure went from rundown & dirty to fairly clean & much better maintained since the middle of the decade. - Worst park turnaround Knott's Berry Farm That's all I have!
  3. As soon as this goes into effect I'm signing up! It sounds even more awesome & the perks look great!
  4. I recommend Disney. Besides Busch Gardens most of your parks are in or near Orlando & Tampa is about 2 hours west of Orlando & if you are just going for credits you can get BGA done in a few hours so it is not worth staying that far away from Orlando. Plus if you stay at a Disney Resort you can get Extra Magic Hours so you can hit the Disney parks at night & the other parks during the day. I don't really remember or pay attention to hotels. I stayed at Disney's All-Star resort during my Senior Class trip in June & it was decent, nothing fancy. My favorite hotel in Florida is the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal. It is an incredible hotel & it is in walking distance to both Universal parks. Most of the time when I visit Florida I just find a cheap Holiday Inn or something simular that is close driving distance to the parks.
  5. I totally agree but I can't stand SLC models so I would wreck them before the boomerangs. I can tolerate a boomerang once in a while. Let's just get rid of every Vekoma except Rockin' Roller Coaster & Expedition Everest
  6. Some bacon cheddar cheese chips & a Red Bull from WaWa last night for $4.25.
  7. I have a few small collections. I own all 12 South Park seasons on DVD which is one. My roller coaster collection is pretty big & my favorite. Here are some pics: Park maps, key chains, coaster post cards & some small random stuff are in here. All the maps I collected this year! My key chain collection is pretty small. The few coaster pieces I own. The piece on the left is from SFA's SLC & the two on the right are from Martin's Fantasy Island's Silver Comet. I believe this might be an air piston from Mind Eraser. Notice the yellow paint!? I saw it under the break run & just picked it up lol. It is the crown of my collection! My coaster shot glasses! The snow globe is my 100th credit Volcano: The Blast Coaster & my 200th credit Griffon is somewhere small behind it on the right. Here are the few I got in 2009. Here are some totally random pins. Some are theme parks & attractions & some aren't. There are 66 on here. Here is my Disney pin collection. I started this in August at Disneyland on TPR's West Coast trip. This collection will grow when I move to WDW next week! I hope you enjoyed my coaster collection! I sadly won't be bringing it with me to WDW (except the Disney pins) but I will have some more souvenirs to add to it when I get back in August!
  8. I voted yes & would love to upgrade! 1. What are your initial thoughts? A membership card would be awesome & the $15 to the TPR store is a nice bonus! 2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering? Maybe a small TPR store discount for premium members on certain items like DVDs? 3. Is this something that interests you? Yes definitely. 4. Why would you NOT be interested in this? I'm interested so this question does not apply. 5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here. Say this goes into effect & you purchase the upgrade. Will the membership expire in a year or would it be for lifetime? Also if the membership does expire then how much would it cost to re-new?
  9. A Sony Cyber-Shot camera bag for $25 earlier today at Best Buy.
  10. I have a few: Life Goals: 1. Start a relationship (with a female) 2. Try harder in college (I sucked & didn't care my first semester ) 3. Survive living on my own for 8 months in Florida (no Mom & Dad to live off of during my WDW College Program) 4. Get in shape (I've been lazy for the last 5 months ) Coaster Season Goals: 1. Get at least 350+ credits 2. Ride over 1000 roller coaster rides (in general, I rode a coaster 580x in 09) 3. Meet some new TPRers 4. Try & go over seas (maybe Disneyland Paris in August!)
  11. I got some clothes, two TPR DVDs: Expedition 12 & Raw 4, a bunch of 2009 Yankees World Series Champions stuff including: a hoodie, flag, light long sleeve shirt, a hat, a patch for my Yankees World Series jacket, a World Series 2009 jersey, a magazine, & a picture, some small Disney souvenirs since I'm starting the college program in 12 days, an emergency car kit, a foam mattress top for my bed at Disney, new sunglasses, Family Guy Stewie pajama pants, a Nintendo Wii carrying case, & my two favorite gifts a Universal Studios annual 2 park pass, & a Sony Handycam 1080 HD Exmor video camera. I did not expect to get such awesome presents all I was hoping for was the camera & annual pass with some small stuff here & there. This Christmas was awesome & I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS
  12. That was one of the most entertaining trip reports I've read. Great job!
  13. Thanks a lot Robb & Elissa & Merry Christmas Oh & I got Expedition 12 & Raw 4 as presents
  14. ^I'm doing the same thing except my trip will be in August & I will be visiting in order Holiday World, Kings Island, Cedar Point, Waldameer, Kennywood, & Knoebels. Or I might go to Disneyland Paris instead but I'm not sure yet because it is so far away.
  15. ^Yours 3rd just gave me one: Employees at American parks who CANT speak English!
  16. Great pics. Your coasters look like their in good shape, much better than HellCat. Rampage looks like fun & my old (I no longer work at Clementon) managers visited Alabama & loved Alabama Adventure. I've climbed HellCat once when it got stuck on the lift & my legs started to hurt half way up (I'm not in shape) I agree though it is cool being able to walk on a coaster.
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