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  1. Awesome pics. I'll be going to Hard Rock Park this summer and can't wait!
  2. No, only because I don't go there nearly as much & i've gotten a season pass at GADV the last 5 yrs. Trips to Clementon Park in 07, 1. Trips to GADV in 07, 13. See the difference.
  3. Yes, lets tell people how to do something completely wrong. That sounds awesome... Lol
  4. Walk on El Toro = greatest day ever. I know right. I was actually thinking about going to the park and decided against it. I guess that was a dumb idea.... I was thinkin about not going aswell, but I took a chance and what a day it was
  5. Yes, if its crowded, get the Flash Pass, its well worth it. Don't go on weekends, try Monday-Wednesday. Either get food at McDonald's or the Wawa across the street. Get to Kingda ka early. El Toro has a handycap ramp that I snuck on a couple of times but make sure there's no ride opp or security gaurd there.
  6. I no what u mean, my hands were so cold after El Toro & Nitro I could barely take a picture. Hopefully Kingda Ka will be open next Sunday and it will be warmer.
  7. Yayyy I'm finally back at my home park! The fountain Off to Movie Town! Nitro is always my first ride of the year. Rode in the front, 2x total! Batman: The Ride followed Nitro. First time going upsidedown this year! Skull Mountain was next, just something to do. Rode 1x Some Dark Knight construction Another pic. Over the fence. Something's missing! Yayyy El Toro! My #1 woodie These new lockers are found in front of every major coaster. Kingda Ka was closed Rolling Thunder had only the right side working. This area was completly empty Me in front of El Toro. 4x on the bull today Medusa. Runaway Mine Train. Great American Scream Machine in the front. I ended my day on Superman: Ultimate Flight. Today was great. Every ride was a walk on. Finished with 9 coasters and 13 credits! Watch the video on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK1V0vXf06Q [/img]
  8. Here we are going on the subway to NYC! (I'm on the left) Yayy first roller coaster of the year The Cyclone Hmmm Hotdogs Wonder Wheel Spooky I guess this ride wasn't workin right cause it was pitch black after the hill. I ended my day with 6 credits on the Cyclone! My next trip is April 6 at Six Flage Great Adventure, check ou the video on youtube!www.youtube.com/coasterheadmatt
  9. #1. Viper (Six Flags Great Adventure; im so glad its gone) #2. Boomerang coast to coast (Great Escape) #3. Great Nor' Easter (Morey's Piers) #4. Thunder Hawk (Dorney Park) #5. Mean Streak (Cedar Point)
  10. How much ert are we going to get on Ravine Flyer II & Behemoth?
  11. Clementon Park's website is finally updated It says that they will announce something BIG on January 10! Also their season pass price is now $49.99!
  12. When your on the East Coast, the best days to hit the parks are Mon-Wed. Yes the Flass Pass is a good idea for SFGA. I highly recomend it as I've been going there for the last 6 years and it is well worth the pay. Be sure to ride Kingda Ka and El Toro early, because they aren't reliable. A lunch tip, BRING your own! its like $12 for a slice of pizza and a drink!
  13. If I had not ridden the Phoenix, ElToro, or Lightning Racers, J2 would be in my top 3 woodies list. My record for this coaster is 22 rides in 1 day broken this past August . Did you know that if you ride J2 at night you can see Philadelphia all lit up!
  14. Here is a couple of pics I took. I also have a lot of Chiller pics from early october if anyone wants to see them.
  15. I live right down the street from Clementon Park. As soon as I found out that the Jack Rabbit was gone, I grabbed my camera and headed out to take some pics. First we loose the Chiller, now the Jack Rabbit! What's next?
  16. That ride looks awesome I'm definetley going to try to take a road trip to Myrtle Beach this summer. The last time I was there the Myrtle Beach Pavillion was still open.
  17. Great photos. I am planning to go to Hershey Park next Saturday.
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