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  1. What is the largest amusement park in the world if CP isn't SFMM & SFGADV r smaller & nothing in Europe or Asia come close except Blackpool in England which just puts coasters right on top of eachother also CP has the most coasters in 1 park with 17 so if there is another park that tops CP let me no because the record books list CP as the biggest & the best. Just pointing that out 2 u Wow, you totally just butchered the entire english language with that post... And while yes, Cedar Point does have the most roller coasters of any park in the world, that doesn't necessarily mean its the LARGEST amusement park in the world. Because in terms of acreage, there are plenty of parks that are technically bigger than Cedar Point. Don't you count mostly the number coasters and rides which determine how big the park is? Cedar Point has over 300 acres I no that for a fact but I don't no the amount of land other parks have. Disney in Orlando does kill CP if you combine all of the parks and the Animal Kingdom alone might be bigger but they have less rides. Like I said I count how much rides a park has rather than land
  2. What is the largest amusement park in the world if CP isn't SFMM & SFGADV r smaller & nothing in Europe or Asia come close except Blackpool in England which just puts coasters right on top of eachother also CP has the most coasters in 1 park with 17 so if there is another park that tops CP let me no because the record books list CP as the biggest & the best. Just pointing that out 2 u
  3. I also POVed Magnum. i did just those rides because they were easy getting the camera on and back in my pocket.
  4. Here's the Kennywood pics! 6/14/08 Me drivung to Kennywood in the rain from Cedar Point on my 18th birthday! After about 4 hours of driving, we saw Pittsburgh! We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express about 6 miles from Kennywood. Cosmic Chaos was our first ride at KW. This disco was a lot of fun! 1x today. The Ghostly Manor was next. While in line, it started to rain Yayyy new Credit, my 133 coaster also our first coaster at the park. Phantom's Revenge was GREAT & it had AIRTIME The exterminator was fun, but a clone of Steel Piers Crazy Mouse. Coaster Credit 134! Another train because of rain The John Miller Jack Rabit was our favorite ride & we rode it again and again! Credit 135! The Racer was fun 2x today. My 100th coaster run of the year Credit 136! Noah's Ark was a great dark walk through. Thunderbolt was fun, but not as expected 1x Credit 137! More pics of Thunderbolt. Still a great ride Will never ride Didn't feel like getting toooo wet A shot of the cauresel. I just thought this was cool. Garfield's Nightmare was boring. Around 5 the sun came out Pitt Fall was awesome. 250 ft My first log flume of the year! A couple of Phantom pics. That 232 ft drop was AMAZING! Our last ride on Phantom was in the front! A couple more rides on Jack Rabbit! I like the flags of their rides throughout the park! Our final ride of the day was the Jack Rabbit for the 5thx Bye Kennywood I had a lot of fun! A shot of the park at night! After about 5 hours of traveling the nexy day, we made it to Philly! Home sweet home I now have 104 coaster rides for the season and have ridden 137 coaster credits! Robb & Elissa any chance of us stopping at Kennywood during the Behemoth/Ravine Flyer II trip? That place was AMAZING! Watch the video! Day Conclusion Cosmic Chaos=1 Ghostly Manor=1 Phantom's Revenge=3 Exterminator=1 Jack Rabbit=5 Racer=2 Noa's Ark=1 Thunderbolt=1 Garfield's Nightmare=1 Pittfall=1 Log Jammer=1
  5. So my dad, best friend, and me went to Cedar Point and Kennywood this past weekend for my 18th birthday! Besides the rain we had a lot of fun. 6/12/08 We stayed at Breakers Express and got in the park early! I'm finally back at Cedar Point! Raptor was our first ride at the point & ridden in the front. 1x today. Yayyy the greatest ride I've ever ridden! 2x today once in the front! Stand up time on Mantis! 1x today. The old tallest & fastest coaster in the world! Surprisingly the wait wasn't to long 1x today and the entire stay Magnum XL-200 Fun but painfull Maverick was the longest ride we waited for both days at the point. 1x both days Lucky #7 Mean Streak. The ride got better than last year however another 1 timer Lunch time at Chick Filia Wicked Twister was great! I wonder how it differs from Voodoo 1x today. For the first time since 2004 I got to ride Disaster transport since it was closed last year. Inside the Q for Disaster Transport. Blue Streak was a lot of fun! 2x today. Corkscrew was just painful I only got to ride Gemini 1x both days Cedar Point's Mine Ride is long but enjoyable. 1x today. Skyhawk was great! One last ride before turning in on Millennium Force 6/13/08 Our last day at the Point started off on Millennium Force We rode Iron Dragon early because we didn't ride it the day before. Wildcat was closed both days anyone no why? After Iron Dragon it rained for a few hours So we headed to the arcade in the pouring rain to play some pinball! Their arcade was HUGE! We also did some shopping at the Snoopy store. After the rain cleared we hit Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Magnum XL-200! Another painful corkscrew experience Wickedly Twisted time! MaxAir was a lot of fun! One more ride on Raptor. A shot of the Point from the observetory. Here's a Cedar Fair trashcan shot Maverick was closed all day When it rained we rode the train a lot! I think we rode the train more times than coasters Here's a shot of the World's Largest Amusement park driving on the bridge. Lake Erie pic. Blue Streak again! Me next to the greatest ride I've ever ridden! My last ride on the Force was in the front Mantis one more time Snoopy is down, I repeat Snoopy is down! Our final ride at CP was Magnum XL-200. What a trip it was. Watch the Video! 2 Day Conclusion Raptor=2 Millennium Force=4 Mantis=2 Top Thrill Dragster=1 Magnum XL-200=3 Maverick=1 Mean Streak=1 Wicked Twister=2 Disaster Transport=1 Blue Streak=3 Corkscrew=2 Gemini=1 Cedar Creek Mine Ride=2 Sky Hawk=1 Iron Dragon=1 MaxAir=1
  6. So today my friend Sam & me headed down to Wildwood. Apparently it was boy scout weekend I've never seen so many tents in my life! Today was also the media day for the Great Nor' Easter! Me before riding the "new" Great Nor' Easter. The ride didn't change much. Its still rough however the seats are amazingly comfortable! 1x today. After the SLC we headed over to Doo Wopper. 1x today. Off to Mariner's Landing to ride Sea Serpent. The crowds were huge so we only rode the boomerang 1x=( I managed to get Sam on all 4 coasters and he is not a coaster person. Good job Sam! Yayyy the Great White! Only 1x We couldn't stand the crowds at Wildwood so we headed to Ocean City. The power tower was working! But the 2 coasters weren't what a waste of gas. We drove from all the way down were those tiny specs in the distance are for nothing. At least a couple pounds of fudge made things better. Time to go back home. Watch the video! Day Conclusion: Great Nor' Easter=1 Doo Wopper=1 Sea Serpent=1 Great White=
  7. Awesome TR I won't b able 2 ride Dk until the 31 however I'm going 2 Fahrenheit's opening day next sat and I can't wait
  8. Dorney thought they were going to sell Laser but they never did, which means they never got to test it.
  9. Thats how all launch coasters start out testing it will get faster in the next few days.
  10. I think Dorney is a fun park. I could just ride Steel Force all day and not get bored. Not to mention Dorney puts a lot more time into their Halloween event then GADV does. Thats another reason why I love DP.
  11. Today was the first time I was aloud to drive out of state by myself! My neighbor Joe and me got to the park at 11:30 a.m. A look at Voodoo from the parking lot. Dorney Park! Off to Steel Force. We rode Steel Force 5x in a row! Voodoo was testing! Can't wait to ride! It wasn't going very fast today. Watch the video! Hydra! 2x today. The longest ride we had to wait for was Wild Mouse! Was not worth the 40 min wait. Talon was worth the wait. 2x today. Thunderhawk was painful. Lazer was closed. One last ride on Steel Force in the front. 6x total! I now have 62 coaster rides this year! Watch the video of the trip! Day Conclusion: Steel Force=6x Hydra: The Revenge=2x Wild Mouse=1x Talon: Grip of Fear=2x Thunderhawk=1x
  12. What place did you guys get in ACCs? Our Marching Band got 4th with a 94 and drumline 1st this weekend with a 97.0!
  13. So this weekend was my state championships for drumline at Wildwood! We stayed at the Blue Palms. My room was 309! My bed. I was a vet so I got the bed! Junk food! Me after a shower Friday morning. (yes we got out of school Thursday & Friday for this!) Are you up yet Sam? Josh isn't. Practicing in the parking lot. We performed at the Wildwood convention center Thursday night and Saturday night. Now on to the rides Friday night. After the pirate ship, the Sea Serpent opened. Rode 3x tonight. Moby Dick 1x. The Pirates of Wildwood 1x. I actually went on the Tea Cups. Yayy one way bumper cars. 2x I won on the green and yellow climbing ride. 1x Rollies Coaster ridden 2x. I ended Friday night on a painful Music Express ride. Saturday was cloudy and a focus day for the State Championships. No rides today. Chilling in the room playin Guitar Hero on 360. We also had Wii! Getting ready to perform. (Yes we had sunglasses on at night) Performing. The result the 2008 Scholastic A Percussion Champions with a score of 97.0! Highland Regional Highschool gets the gold! Sunday: Morey's Piers time! Rollies Coaster 1x today. The Sea Serpent was ridden in the front 1x today also my 50th coaster ride of the year! After Sea Serpent, it was the bumper cars 2x, Music Express 1x Sea Dragon 2x, and the swings 1x. Go Allen. It got really cloudy again. Time to pack up and head home. My on the bus. Watch our performance Weekend Ride Conclusion: Sea Dragon: 4x Sea Serpent: 4x Moby Dick: 1x The Pirates of Wildwood: 1x Tea Cups: 1x Bumper Cars: 4x Climbing Ride: 1x Rollies Coaster: 3x Music Express: 2x Swings: 1x
  14. Awesome TR! You should posts some pyramid pics that'll be cool.
  15. Awesome pics, can't wait to go back when I go on the East Coast Tour
  16. Hey! We didn't start that. While there is no set "rule" I would say that generally a "credit" = a new coaster you've ridden that adds to your coaster count. --Robb I just didn't no the full definition of "Credit". But it doesn't matter what its called as long as u have fun and ride as many coasters as u can! (my bad on the messup)
  17. Ok 20 rides. Same thing. I call it runs, but TPR calls it credits. That just means I rode a roller coaster 20 times in general. Now do we all understand lol.
  18. My friend Max & me got to the park at 9:30 am. Max don't hack the computer At 10:00 am the gates opened, but that was as far as we could go. Kingda Ka was opened! We rode Ka 3x in a row, this was also my first time on it this year! After Ka, we went to El Toro, that broke so we ended up on Rolling Thunder. The green train broke down so we were stuck until it got fixed Medusa 2x in a row! The Runaway Mine Train was a cool down ride. El Toro finally opened, and we rode it again & again. 4x total Here's some Dark Knight pics. The next time I'll see this site, Dark Knight will be opened! The line for Nitro was soooo long 4x in a row!!!!! Skull Mountain 2x in a row, front and back seat! The line for Scream Machine was even longer than Nitro 1x in the front today. We ended our day with 1 more ride on Kingda Ka, which was my 60th time on it since it opened in 2005! Also that was my 43 coaster ride this year! I finished the day with 8 coasters and 20 rides!!!!!! Watch the video! Day Conclusion Kingda Ka: 4x Rolling Thunder (Right): 2x Medusa: 2x Runaway Mine Train: 1x El Toro: 4x Nitro: 4x Skull Mountain: 2x Great American Scream Machine: 1x
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