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  1. ^If you knock out MF, TTD, & Maverick right away then you should be good on everything else. I would go straight to TTD since that is the least reliable coaster there. Wicked Twister is also a low capacity ride so get that out of the way early as well. Magnum's line moves so re-rides on it can easily be done. It all can be done it one day I've done it following that route. Just remember it rains a lot there which is another reason to get those 3 major coasters out of the way ASAP & a why you might need more than one day! I get rained on everytime I visit whether it is in June, August, or September (when I visited) so hopefully you have better luck than me.
  2. So on Thursday you plan on doing KD in the am & Hershey in the pm? You will need more than a few hours at Hershey & you definitely won't need possible 3 days at KD. You do realize that the two parks are 174 miles apart right? If I were you I would do Dorney & Hershey in one day since they are both close & if your just after credits Dorney can be done in easily 2 hours giving you plenty of time at Hershey which is one of my favorite parks & definitely can't be done in half a day. Also Chocolate World is a must! That way from Hershey you can make your way over to Knoebels which I can spend all day at & if you missed anything at Hershey you can always go back at night since they are close enough. The only park where you might need 3 days at is Cedar Point. Also why not stop off a Clementon Park for HellCat? I live in Clementon & visited the park this year & they really did a nice job cleaning up the park. Plus since your in Club TPR you can get into Clementon for $20 with the discount. HellCat is a much more enjoyable ride now & it is only about 45 minutes away from GADV & if you get the Flash Pass at GADV you'll get on everything with no problem, well except for GASM which will be closed by then Too bad you can't fit Morey's Piers in your schedule that place is amazing!
  3. ^So Great America will replace their old stand up for another old stand up? That Doesn't make any sense.
  4. ^Six Flags Great America already has a B&M stand up coaster Iron Wolf. It doesn't make sense for Chang to go there.
  5. I agree that replacing the Chiller saved the park a lot of money but I think they could've done better than a standard Mack wild mouse in a box.
  6. ^Put it this way if GASM was a SLC I would be jumping for joy that it would be getting replaced! I just hope that what ever will be replacing GASM, assuming it is Chang, & if it is better than GASM then I wouldn't mind & hey it will be a new credit It's just that GADV has me a little worried about replacing this. I mean replacing Viper with El Toro was the best move GADV ever did in my opinion but the Dark Knight in place of Chiller was a horrible move in my opinion. It just better be better than GASM.
  7. I've ridden this many times & I find it very enjoyable & smooth in the front seat, which is the only place I try to sit when I ride it. As I stated in an earlier post this was the first coaster I rode at GADV which is the main reason why I will miss it.
  8. I just thought of something kind of funny, if Chang does replace GASM then in that area if you go back to 1984 there was a bobsled, a stand up, an Arrow looper, & back to a stand up Even though the old Shockwave wasn't exactly in the same spot as GASM it is still pretty funny that another stand up could be in that area again.
  9. Great TR so far Jason! London looks amazing & you took some cool pics. I wish I could go on another TPR trip but it doesn't look like I'll be able to anytime soon I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your TR.
  10. Well it looks like I know what park I'm going to on the 18th. Hopefully it won't be as crowded as it was in the 1st & at least the park is letting everyone know 2 weeks ahead of it closing when the exact date is. I'm kind of bummed that this is leaving though, all of my first coasters are gone: the old Jack Rabbit at Clementon was my first coaster ever & that is gone, Laser at Dorney was my first coaster with an inversion & that is gone, now GASM at GADV is leaving & that was my first coaster that I ever rode at GADV
  11. ^My theory was sometime the week after the 4th if it is indeed true but I went yesterday just to be sure. Yeah it only makes sense to keep all of the coasters open during one of the busiest times of the season.
  12. ^Well Dark Knight replaced Chiller & El Toro replaced Viper so they didn't really gain any coasters other than KK or S:UF & if your going back to 01 Nitro. However I think it is a little unfair that SFA hasn't received a new coaster since 01. Isn't SFA supposed to be getting a Tony Hawk's Big Spin next year?
  13. ^I knew I should have gone Tuesday I wanted to but couldn't find time. Oh well hopefully the crowds will be lighter in weekends the middle of September before Frightfest. I don't go to Frightfest anymore because of crowds & I am too cheap to buy Flash Pass
  14. With a rumor on Screamscape that GASM will be closing today I wanted to get some final rides on it if it was true. I left my house around 12:30 pm & got to the park around 1:30. Thankfully when I pulled into the parking lot I saw GASM going up the lift hill. Unfortunately the parking lot was jam packed. I had a feeling the park will be crowded because of the 4th being on Sunday & wasn't surprised but disappointed. I headed straight for GASM when I entered the park. The line was about a 30 minute wait but I waited anyway. I got in the front on the train attacked by the Axe logos. It was a pretty smooth ride. I then headed over to check out Bizarro. It was about an hour wait & I don't think that coaster is worth the long wait anymore. Even Mine Train's line ended at the bottom of the stairs. I didn't even go over to El Toro or KK. Not wanting to be around big crowds much longer I walked over to the other side of the park right for Nitro. I took a glance at Skull Mountain & that line was all the way out as well Nitro had nobody in the switch back part of the line & I was off the ride in 23 minutes & I got a back seat ride! After that I headed home not wanting to wait in long lines by myself. I don't think I will be going to GADV again until September. I don't bring any cameras to GADV anymore because of the annoying Six Flags l0cK3r5 policy so I snapped a few pics with my Blackberry. Thanks for reading! Yay GASM is still open! What could be my last ride on GASM was a great one! Yeah I only rode 2 rides today. Nitro ended my day.
  15. ^Not yet just this on Screamscape today: http://www.screamscape.com/html/six_flags_great_adventure.htm I think the ride will definitely be open this weekend for the 4th. I couldn't make it to GADV today but Thursday I think I can get there just for some rides on GASM just incase.
  16. I just checked this thread & I have't posted my milestones yet! Well here they are: #1 was the now defunct John Miller Jack Rabbit at Clementon Lake ridden a long time ago! #100 was Volcano: The Blast Coaster! #200 was Griffon! #300 was Afterburn at Carowinds!
  17. Nice TR I might head to the park for a bit tomorrow. Anyway I hope they don't take down GASM since that was my first coaster that I rode at GADV back in the day.
  18. ^Looking good so far nice pics! A lot has been done since when I was there on the 14th! I really think that Black Diamond will be complete & opened before Flying Turns.
  19. Awesome TR it looke like you had a lot of fun! My family is thinking about going down there this summer for the first time I'm looking forward to it if it happens!
  20. So Robb this event just needs to be definitely happening & I am pretty sure I will be able to go! I even have a friend coming along even though he isn't in TPR (which is ok right?). Our plan is to leave Thursday the 12th, Midwest Bash the 13th, Holiday World the 14th-15th, & come home the 15th! I hope this really happens & I can't wait
  21. Here is a quick pic I took with my Blackberry on Monday June 14th.
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