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  1. I visited the park on Wednesday & snapped some pics of the survey markings around Comet:
  2. Sadly another Wild Mouse. This time it was the Wild Mouse at Hershey Park earlier today. I've ridden to many of these things this year & they always end up being last for some reason
  3. I describe Knoebels with one word, AMAZING! Definitely go to Knoebels. It is not all about coasters there, although the Phoenix is better than El Toro in my opinion & if it wasn't for Boulder Dash it would be my #1 woodie! There are so many classic & unique flat rides there that you won't find anywhere else not to mention the Haunted Mansion which is probably my favorite dark ride. The atmosphere is very different from places like Cedar Point or any Six Flags or Cedar Fair park with more of a classic feeling. It is also very cheap including the food which is very good. Dorney would be another good choice. I enjoy Dorney because it is a friendly atmosphere & has a nice collection of coasters & flats. Not to mention every time I go there the crowds are light. Steel Force is my favorite coaster there but Talon is great as well. Waldameer is a fun little park. Ravine Flyer II is great & they have the Steel Dragon & Comet coasters also but besides those, a small drop tower, & a few cool dark rides there really isn't much there. I'm assuming you've been to Hershey which is why it isn't on your list?
  4. I rode i305 back in May when it was still version 1 (no trims & old OTSRs) & I did black out 2 of the 4x I rode it. The black out feeling for me was weird. I didn't remember my 1st two rides. I was just like a rag doll unable to control or show my emotions. I finally realized what was happening to me & that I was on a roller coaster on the final turn of the ride. I was able to avoid blacking out on rides 3 & 4 because I closed my eyes from the first drop to second hill & was fine. Is this ride intense (haven't experienced it with the trims yet)? Yes, is it fun? Absolutely! This coaster quickly became my #1 steel coaster. Even if your a little nervous do it. I recommend for your first ride that you hold on & close your eyes at least until the second hill.
  5. I voted for Disney just because there is no competition that they are the best in the business.
  6. I've ridden both Roars, both sides of Lightning Racers, both sides of Gwazi, Wildcat, & Thunderhead. Lightning Racers red got my vote. If Terminator was on here that would've gotten my vote since it is my favorite GCI but this poll is 4 years old so I went with one of the Lightning Racers
  7. Today I had an unplanned trip to Dorney Park! One of my good friends called me up in the afternoon & asked if I wanted to go & of course my answere was yes. Since I had no idea I was going to Dorney today I had no time to charge my camera & I only had my Blackberry & I only took a few pics. We got to the park around 3:15 pm & saw a crowded parking lot but everyone was at the water park so the rides for most of the day were walk-ons A reason why I prefer going to Dorney over GADV. So first up was Talon, a walk-on. Fun like always. Hydra was next same old. Following Hydra we rode the Whip & both sides of the Power Tower. Although I'm not a big fan of Possessed my friends wanted to ride so I rode it. Then we hit Steel Force 2x in a row back then front. I can ride Steel Force all day! We took a lunch break after Steel Force at Subway. We decided to hit some more non-coaster rides after lunch. Since it was hot out we checked out the log flume & then dried off on Demon Drop! Demon Drop was just as I remembered Stunt Man's Free Fall at GADV & when I rode it back at Cedar Point. It was smooth all the way until you start going back in the station & then you get nailed. After that we rode Thunderhawk which I find enjoyable. My friends wanted to go back on Possessed but I chose to ride Steel Force two more times. By this time it was 7:15 & crowds from the water park started coming into the theme park. We saw that the Wild Mouse's line wasn't that long so we rode that which was my last ride. Well enjoy the few pics I took. They aren't the best quality: possessed.bmp Possessed is not one of my favorites. I mostly took pics of Demon Drop. demon3.bmp demon4.bmp Now Steel Force is one of my favorites! 4x today! hawk.bmp Thunderhawk I do find fun! Well that's it thanks for reading!
  8. Wild Mouse at Dorney Park earlier today. It would have been Steel Force for the 5th time but I didn't feel like waiting the extra 10 minutes when all day it was a walk on
  9. ^Yeah you made a good move on staying home. It was hot, crowded, & people were line cutting like crazy although two guys got caught by security line cutting Nitro which was cool. Everyone started clapping when they got caught When I went on Sunday the crowds were light & I don't remember there being any summer camps. Oh well at least I had one good day this week. I still got on everything that I wanted to today even with the crowds. The rest of my summer trips (with the exception of my Orlando trip for a week leading up to ECB in August) are going to be either Dorney or Hershey. They are a farther drive than GADV for me but I find those parks much more enjoyable & most of the time they are less crowded even on weekends. I think Sunday's trip was just a lucky one especially for a Sunday in July.
  10. I went to the park again today & they have not started taking apart GASM yet. Superman: Ultimate Flight was down all day & maintenance was working on something with the lift hill. Kingda Ka was on & off. It was down for about 20 minutes after the park opened & was on & off all day after that. Apart from that everything else was operating & the park was crowded with a bunch of annoying 12 year old summer camps There was no avoiding them as they even were at the local Wawa
  11. The Great American Scream Machine at GADV for it's last day in operation! Two rides in a row in the front
  12. ^It was the same today except for GASM they let everyone ride twice in a row without getting off to celebrate the ride's last day which was awesome So the line was about a 40 minute wait. I got 2 rides in a row in the front for my last ride on GASM & it was the Freedom not Axe train! Oh there were also a lot of these all over the place:
  13. ^Well hopefully next week we will find out. I wish they would just keep it as Chang because just think Chang is a sweet name for a coaster.
  14. ^According to Screamscape as of yesterday that is highly unlikely now: http://www.screamscape.com/html/six_flags_great_adventure.htm
  15. Can't make this event like I hoped since I will be in Orlando that week. Oh well I will be at the East Coast Bash though!
  16. This event actually falls when I will be driving back from Orlando which is perfect! I just need to see if I anyone will be coming with me to Florida. If not I will register hopefully by the end of the week
  17. GADV: 1. I'm a local & GADV is my home park & unfortunately from experience weekends are jam packed in the summer. If you get the Gold Flash Pass like you plan you will only need one day at the park trust me. Kingda Ka has been working fine the few times I've visited the park this year & with the Golden Flash Pass you will be able to ride Kingda Ka, El Toro, & others multiple times. 2. As far as I know Kingda Ka is working fine however it close in rain & sometimes high winds. Hershey: 1. Yes Hershey does not offer a fast pass system however you plan on hitting the park on a weekday so you should have no problem. I've even visited the park on a Sunday in August & still had no problem with crowds. Fahrenheit & Storm Runner are the longest waits so just ride those first & you will be good to go. 2. I basically answered this question in the first I personally am very lucky when I visit Hershey as I've never seen it as crowded as I've seen GADV. I would definitely recommend Dorney. It is a great little park & like Hershey I've only seen light crowds all times of the week & it is not so far away from Hershey. On a weekday you could knock out Dorney (if your just about coasters) in about 2 hours easily. I hope I've been helpful. ~Matt T.
  18. Nice TR! I worked there last year so I know a lot of people who still work there. I might make a trip next week to check out Thunderdrop since when I when I visited at the end of May it wasn't there yet. Ring of Fire was better than I expected but HellCat improved a lot since last season. It is still rough don't get me wrong but compared to last year (& I rode it almost everyday in the summer) it is much better. Also one of my best friends works there as a supervisor & hasn't mentioned about anything big next year. I guess we will have to wait & see if anything exciting is coming to the park.
  19. I'm sure they could use the parking lot if they had to. I wonder if they will start taking apart the ride immediately on the 19th or if they will wait a few days. Anyone have an idea when the park is announcing what is definitely replacing GASM?
  20. ^Same here especially with SFMM competing with Cedar Point for the most coasters. Plus Viper has been in movies & doesn't it hold the record for tallest coaster with inversions?
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