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  1. This actually might work for me! I am planning a trip to Holiday World & Kings Island sometime in August & those parks aren't that far away from SFGA. I also have some good friends in Chicago that I'd like to meet up with. If this bash does happen I'll see if I can make it. I've always wanted to go here & what better way to visit a new park TPR Bash style!
  2. Earlier this week a drop tower arrived at Clementon Amusement Park & Splash World to replace a classic attraction, the Thunderbolt. The drop tower arrived on Monday & is not yet open but should be soon. The ride is manufactured by A.R.M. & stands 90 ft tall. The tower is purple with a yellow gondola at the top. It is named Thunder Drop in memory of the Thunderbolt which is what it replaced. The drop tower is the second thrilling attraction to open at the park this year replacing an older ride. The Ring Of Fire opened earlier this year which replaced the Inverter.
  3. Awesome TR & thanks for the photos. I've wanted to see more of Luna Park than the short New York news clips of them showing the tea cups over & over again Now when they say next weekend do they mean June 5th & 6th or do they mean June 12th & 13th? Because it so happens that I will be in Long Island June 5th & 6th & might take the train over to Coney Island for a day to get the 2 credits & check out the new park. If (well if both coasters aren't open) not I might have a chance on the 15th of June because I am going to the Yankees game which is 7:05 so I was thinking of going to Coney during the day before the game for a bit.
  4. HellCat at Clementon Park earlier this morning. The park did a surprisingly nice job on the ride over the off season. It is still rough but much smoother than previous years. hellcat1.bmp I rode HellCat 12x during Ert this morning!
  5. What you could do is get to Dorney early & get that out of the way & then head over to Hershey the same day. It is do able since Hershey is according to mapquest it is only about a 1 hour 15 minute drive http://www.mapquest.com/maps?1pn=Dorney+Park+%26+Wildwater+Kngdm&1c=Allentown&1s=PA&1a=3830+Dorney+Park+Rd&1z=18104&1y=US&1l=40.57757&1g=-75.53169&1v=ADDRESS&1id=2180543&2pn=Hershey+Park+Security&2c=Hershey&2s=PA&2a=100+W+Hershey+Park+Dr&2z=17033&2y=US&2l=40.294314&2g=-76.654155&2v=ADDRESS&2id=261533115#initPgSt Then from Hershey you can head over to Knoebels the next day. Or you could do Knoebels first since it is the farthest park & do Hershey most of the day followed by Dorney at night since Dorney is the closest to Philly. Dorney Park shouldn't take more than 2 hours to get knocked out if your going just for coasters as Yoshifan stated in an earlier post but Knoebels is definitely worth hitting as Phoenix is one of the best coasters I've ever ridden & I'm looking forward to my first trip there this year which will hopefully be soon. You probably won't need all day at Knoebels but I can ride Phoenix all day long & not get tired of it! I hope this helps! ~Matt
  6. In January I headed down to Orlando to work for Disney in the College Program! It was an amazing experience & I made a lot of friends & learned a lot! I will save my park & the attraction I worked at (which happened to be my favorite attraction at Disney ) last. EPCOT is the park I visited almost as much as the park I worked at. Testtrack is my favorite attraction after mine also Illuminations is my favorite firework show. I took a lot of pictures of EPCOT enjoy! epcot1.bmp A look at Spaceship Earth! epcot3.bmp The Tronorail! epcot5.bmp The first attraction you see as you enter EPCOT! epcot2.bmp A look at some plant designs. epcot6.bmp The fountain! epcot9.bmp epcot10.bmp epcot11.bmp epcot12.bmp epcot13.bmp epcot15.bmp epcot21.bmp epcot29.bmp epcot25.bmp epcot26.bmp epcot28.bmp epcot30.bmp epcot32.bmp epcot35.bmp
  7. I was fortunate enough to ride I305 with no trims & I have to say I felt light-headed after each of the 4x I rode it & I greyed out the first 2x I rode it. I think putting trims on it is a good move & I'm looking forward to getting back down there this summer to check it out trimmed & just to ride it again because this is my new favorite steel coaster!
  8. The next day I made a quick pit stop off at Kings Dominion just to ride I305. I have to say it was incredible! I blacked out the first two times I rode it & had to close my eyes the third & fourth times on it. All I did at KD was Dominator & Intimidator 305 which was my 302nd credit. Oh & I do think it is better than Millennium Force! I didn't bring my cameras in the park & used my Blackberry for the pics which is why they are blurry. Thanks for reading! i3058.bmp i3057.bmp i3056.bmp
  9. So since January I've lived in Orlando working at Disney in the College Program for 5 months. It was an amazing experience (& I will post a big Disney update soon) but I decided to go seasonal & come home for the summer to figure out what I want to do with my life. On the drive up I wanted to stop off at Carowinds since I've never been there before & since they opened up Intimidator. Also I wanted to hit I305 at Kings Dominion. I had 288 credits when I left my Orlando apartment & I hoped to hit 300 at Carowinds! I knew there would be crowds at Carowinds on Saturday but I tried to make the best of it. There was also an annoying middle school & high school music festival so there was a bunch of annoying teenagers running around the park all day. What luck. I managed to get everything done except one kiddie which I didn't care about. I have to say that I enjoyed this park. It was clean & the employese were friendly. Enjoy the pics & Carowinds video! caro43.bmp caro42.bmp caro41.bmp I decided to ride Nighthawk first since it was known for low capacity. caro37.bmp I then hit the boomerang which was a walk on but the line got long as the day went on. caro38.bmp I have to say I actually enjoyed the new train design & would've rode it again but I needed to move on. caro30.bmp Ricochet was next. caro31.bmp caro32.bmp caro33.bmp I actually enjoyed this Hurler. caro36.bmp caro28.bmp I couldn't wait anymore! It was awesome! I sat somewhere in the middle the first time. The single rider line did not work that well. caro17.bmp caro14.bmp Scenic pic. Airtime! Vortex! caro39.bmp caro40.bmp caro13.bmp My 300th coaster! I wanted it to be Intimidator but I couldn't wait long enough to ride it but I enjoyed Afterburn! Last pic of my 300th lol. Did not ride wasn't sad & pethetic today lol. A blurry pic of me on Afterburn. caro27.bmp Intimidator was my last ride. I waited for the front which was about 40 minutes. It was awesome!
  10. Nice TR with some great pics! I'm looking forward to my first trip to Dorney this summer! I want to make it around late June to avoid annoying school trips. I am probably going to stick to parks like Knoebels until school is out. Congrats on your 200th, Steel Force is a nice choice!
  11. I rode I305 earlier today & I have to say it was incredible! I blacked out after the first drop & was in a daze for most of the ride before I figured out what was going on. I rode it again & then same thing happened to me. I just got on where ever & sat in the middle of the train somewhere. The third time I closed my eyes during the first drop & re-opened them at the bottom of the second hill & that worked as I didn't black out that time. I rode it one more time after that in the back seat, again closing my eyes for the first drop & opening them after the second hill. I was feeling a little light headed so I called it a day after 4x on it today & since I was moving back from Orlando to NJ & wanted to get home. I have to say though I was nervous re-riding it after that first lap because of how intense it is but I do think it is better than MF! If there is a Club TPR invite during the Intimidatour this year for some Ert on this I will definitely be there! I305 is my new #1 steel coaster BTW it was my 302nd credit!
  12. So in March I took a trip to BGA & I decided to upload the video I made from that trip even though I never got to check out the new Sesame Street area. Enjoy!
  13. This place looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully I'll be able check this place out before I go to a Yankees game in June.
  14. I was totally surprised when I found out who Cartman's Dad was. I thought the bleeps really were annoying.
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