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  1. I enjoy Alpine slides & the last time I rode one was in 2004 on some mountain in Massachusetts. Now I want to ride an Alpine slide
  2. So I am starting a second thread of me living in Florida since it has been a couple of weeks since I posted anything on the old one & some conversations were getting out of hand. To view that thread go here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=53761 So this update is just a small one. Since my last update I've ridden a roller coaster 77x in general. I spent a lot of time at Disney & went to Sea World one more time apart from that nothing much. I was hoping to go to BGA yesterday but it rained most of the day in Tampa so I hung out at Magic Kingdom to ride Splash Mountain & a few of my MK favorites since this was my first day off after Splash Mountain re-opened. Hopefully I will be going to BGA next Tuesday. I took all of my photos with my new Blackberry Curve so they aren't the best quality. Next weeks BGA update (if I go) will be all in HD with a video. The park wasn't crowded at all today. Probably because it rained earlier & it was a little chilly. Splash Mountain was a walk on. I really couldn't tell what the changes were but I got SOAKED! Apart from Splash Mountain I rode Big Thunder Mountain which was another walk on, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, & Space Mountain all of which were walk-ons! After MK I headed out west to Dunedin, FL to visit family & because my Grandfather & I got tickets for the Yankees first Spring Training game in Tampa on Wednesday & I have some pics of that as well once again taken from my Blackberry. The Yankees game was fun & relaxing. We sat a few rows behind first base. I am a really big Yankees fan & instead of coaster withdraw this off-season I had baseball withdraw. I take this sport way to serious. The Yankees opened up their Spring Training against the Pirates & Chad Gaudin got the start. It was a fun game & Ramiro Pena & Colin Curtis homered & Curtis's was a walk-off 3 run! This is my first TR since the upgrade so wish me luck & enjoy. Splash Mountain! Thunder! pirates.bmp One of my favorite Disney attractions! Haunted Mansion was awesome as always. Rode Alpha in the front! Baseball withdraw coming to an end! George M. Steinbrenner Feild! The score board. Me enjoying the game. Military Planes after the National Anthem. A-Rod & Jeter! Tex! Curtis Granderson's first at bat as a Yankee!
  3. It looks like I won't be going back to GADV until either the end of April or June since I'm down here in Orlando now. The biggest coaster park is BGA about an hour away. I do miss the coasters & parks up north. Oh well I can't complain since I can ride Disney, Universal, & Sea World rides anytime all year now Have fun opening day everyone who is going hope the weather is good for you.
  4. No single riders queue But It shouldn't be that busy. The weekdays are pretty slow, you will get everything done Thanks yeah I thought that BGA didn't have single rider lines. Oh well 2005 was the last time I was there I remember because it was Sheikra's opening year so I still have not ridden that floor less but I rode Griffon so I have an idea on what it is like with no floor. Just checked the weather & there is an 80% chance of rain for most of the day which should make the park even more empty.
  5. What are the crowds usually like this time of the year? I'll be heading there on Tuesday March 2nd. Also it has been a few years since I've been to BGA & I don't remember if there are single rider lines or not (I'll be going alone)?
  6. Already marked the date on my calender can't wait to sign up
  7. Definitely joining! One reason is priority to TPR trips. As soon as Japan 2011 is announced (assuming it is going to happen of course) I want to be guaranteed a spot when I send my payment in.
  8. This DVD was AMAZING It brought back a lot of awesome memorese of that awesome trip.
  9. I plan on taking a Japanese language class when I decide to go back to college (mostly because of this trip but also because I am interested in Japanese culture anyway) so I should understand some basic Japanese by the end of July of 2011.
  10. Awesome Toverland video! I can't wait to relive the memories of the East Coast & Behemoth trip on #13!
  11. The price is not high for Japan. It is one of the most expensive countries in the world. People in Tokyo live in apartments small enough to make most New Yorkers feel claustrophobic. Actually, I think the price is very similar to what they charged way back in 2007, if you take out the Disney part. On my 3 previous TPR we only used a bus so I wasn't so sure how the public transportation will work.
  12. ^So will the trains & taxi fairs will be included with the price which is why the trip is so expensive? I am really looking forward to riding a bullet train! I think I will only be able to do the Disney add on because of getting time off of work & money & Tokyo DisneySea is the theme park I want to visit most!
  13. Thanks for the update I've been looking forward to Japan & am 99.9% sure I'll be going!
  14. ^When will sign ups for the trips start after you guys make the final trip decisions or will just Australia be first since it is an early trip if it happens? I plan on putting down a deposit for Japan 2011 ASAP.
  15. Japan 2011 is almost definite! I just got to start saving up & make sure I can get off work. The main reason for me not doing a trip in 2010 is to save up for Japan 2011. Is Tokyo Disneysea possibly going to be before or after the trip?
  16. On the 26th I rocked out to The Muppets-Moving Right Along (track 901) & it was hilarious. The guy next to me (used single rider) kept looking at me the entire time because I was laughing so hard.
  17. I feel your pain. When I worked at Clementon I would get into arguments if their child was not tall enough all the time. One time someone wanted to ride a ride in the kiddie area alone & was to big & the Dad cursed me out. I was like really? I said he just needed a child to ride & he had a little sister. His Dad still yelled at me & walked off. At least at my current job the families who visit are understanding & friendly about it most of the time. If any parent did have an argument I would just have to call the manager & walk away.
  18. ^I feel the same way. I wanted them to announce a Verizon iPhone so bad! It is basically a giant iTouch with 3g coverage offered. I think the idea is unique but I already have a laptop & a iTouch so I don't plan on buying one of these. I was really hoping for Apple to announce an iPhone for Verizon today instead of this. Oh well Droid it is when November comes around if then don't announce it by then.
  19. I totally agree that they help out the company & bring in a lot of $$. I would just like someone to explain to them the rules more clearly about how to behave at parks, about line cutting, & be more respectful to Cast Members directing them for certain attractions like when loading them on a one wait for the Cast Member to tell them to board rather than have them all stampede to try to get on at once. Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that guests from a different culture don't automatically know how everything works the second they step foot on WDW property? Your job is to treat them respect, no matter what they are doing. Especially considering they probably have no idea what they are doing isn't acceptable. I'll go a step further. If you have Brazilian friends/co-workers, as you say. Try to pick up a little Portuguese so that you can help correct the problem in a polite manner. In the grand scheme of life, it could hurt to learn more. Also, remember these "horrible" tourists, also save those living in Florida from having to pay a state income tax. I took basic Spanish in high school & failed epically at it & that was way back in Junior year. Me learning another language isn't happening anytime soon & I'll probably get Spanish & Portuguese confused if I tried becuase they sound simular. When I go back to college in a year I would like to study Japanese because of Japan 2011 (hopefully) & I'm just really interested in Japanese culture. Yeah & I no it is one of the hardest languages to learn.
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