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  1. Nice update Hans! Nice pic of me on escalator
  2. A bacon, turkey, & cheddar cheese flat bread & iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts for $5.25.
  3. In just about 1 month I will open my 2010 Roller Coaster Season in Florida! This will be my shortest off-season ever lasting just 64 days since November 1st when I closed out my 2009 Roller Coaster Season at Hershey Park on the Comet. Thanks to getting accepted at the Disney College Program as an attractions cast member I will be living in Lake Buena Vista, Florida from January 5-August 1st 2010! Sadly for this reason I cannot attend a TPR trip like I hoped to but that does not mean my season can’t be credit crazy & fun! I started planning small trips of my own & I expect to hit 350+ credits if all goes well by the end of the year! August will be a big month for me becuase I will hit a bunch of parks moving back from Florida to NJ also I might go on a small trip to the midwest. Sometime in February or March I want to go to Texas. Dollywood is a maybe don't know when I'll be able to go there. In October I will hit Halloween events in my area & New England again including HHN 20. So what coaster trips will you be going on 2010? Home Parks (visiting whenever January-August): Universal Studios Florida Islands of Adventure Hollywood Studios EPCOT Magic Kingdom Animal Kingdom Sea World Orlando Old Town Busch Gardens Africa Six Flags Great Adventure *Home Park in August Clementon Park *Home Park in August February or March: Six Flags Over Texas Sea World San Antonio Six Flags Fiesta Texas Boomers April/May/June (not sure what month): Dollywood August: Wild Adventures Six Flags Over Georgia Carowinds Busch Gardens Europe Kings Dominion Six Flags Great Adventure Clementon Park Morey's Piers Dorney Park (Also in October) Hershey Park (Also in October) Knoebels (Also in October) Holiday World Kings Island Cedar Point Waldameer Kennywood September/October: Six Flags New England Lake Compounce Quassy Amusement Park The Great Escape La Ronde
  4. Update: California Florida (Moving there in January ) Never added Washington D.C. although it is not a state.
  5. Cool CP pics. I'm from NJ as well & I didn't think the drive was that bad.
  6. Nice update Hans! I didn't go to the water park ert so I could film & take pics longer & get more coaster rides in. Looks like everyone had fun who went to HH.
  7. I used to Ski once in a while but haven't since last January & I won't be able to this winter because I'm moving to Florida.
  8. I was so bored the other day I played Mario Baseball on Wii & scored over 99 runs in one game
  9. Someone already has this as their favorite but it is mine as well: Manta!
  10. Most likely Universal Studios Florida & IOA on January 5th before I check in at Disney for the start of the Disney College Program. I would like Hollywood, Rip, Ride, Rockit to open my 2010 season but any coaster at Universal would do!
  11. I would go with New England. You do NOT want to miss Boulder Dash! It is my personal favorite roller coaster & it is unbelievable. Plus it is a shorter drive from the Pennsylvania & New Jersey area to New England. Virginia is a good 8 hour drive from where I live & New England is about a 4 hour drive so you would save some travel money.
  12. I'm looking forward to seeing the conclusion of the first drop. I'm looking forward to comparing it to Millennium Force's first drop.
  13. Great pictures. I wish they would operate at least Comet or Sooperdooperlooper.
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