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  1. Nice update Adam. I'm looking forward to riding Space Mountain in January.
  2. A number 10 meal at Mcdonald's for $5.36.
  3. This past weekend from Thursday-Sunday two friends & I went camping on my grandparents private mountain in up state New York. It was a fun trip. We had ATVs to ride all weekend & a lot of food. My Dad drove us up but stayed at my grandparents house which was about an hour away so we were all alone. There was no running water & an out house as a toilet!The cabin was small. However it still had 4 beds. The nearest town was called Margretville & it was 14 miles away! There was no mall, Wal Mart, or major fast food chain in the town! We spent some time in the small mountain town. We went bowling Saturday night in the little 8 lane bowling alley which was probably the only fun thing to do in town. On the second game I bowled nothing lower than a 9 with 4 strikes & 3 spares added to that! I took some pics but nothing special. Did I mention there was no cell phone service, internet, or TV! Thanks for reading my small non-roller coaster PTR! Attempting to take a pic of us launching fireworks. Inside the cabin. The table area. Love the sign! Some more pics of the cabin. This is what I stayed in for 3 days & 2 nights! Me on a ATV! Thanks for reading! No civilization for 14 miles!
  4. I went with Nitro. You get incredible airtime on it & it is a smooth & fun layout. Plus it is really reliable. However my favorite mega coaster is Millennium Force & it is not a choice.
  5. I hope this does go into effect. I enjoyed my few visits to Coney Island & think the place could some new life!
  6. Mr. Highway's Thinking About Tomorrow-A Day To Remember
  7. Every year I make a music video of my season & here it is! Also here are the park maps I collected this year!
  8. Thanks for reading & following my 2009 West Coast TR! Thanks again to Robb & Elissa for a FANTASTIC trip! Here is the Disneyland Conclusion & video: Disneyland Conclusion: Space Mountain=4x Matterhorn (left)=2x California Screamin’=26x Mulholland Madness=2x Matterhorn (right)=2x Big Thunder Mountain=1x Gadget’s Go Coaster=1x Video:
  9. The Final Update: Disneyland & Disney's California Adventure August 14-16, 2009 So I waited a while to bring my West Coast TR to a close because I wanted to show you all what I think is a great Disneyland video I made & after the site was hacked I had to wait until Coastertube got back up but I still can’t upload videos to coastertube for some reason so I just uploaded it to Youtube. The trip has finally winded down. No more ert or bus trips. Just 3 days at Disneyland! I was really looking forward to Disneyland. Having gone to Disney World in June & recently getting an internship with Disney World I was looking forward to comparing the two. My first ride at Disneyland was Space Mountain. It has almost been a decade since I rode Orlando's version so I could not tell the difference. I really enjoyed Space Mountain. I counted the turns while riding & if I remember it was 4 left turns & 13 right turns during the ride I really enjoyed the sound track as well. Indiana Jones is now one of my favorite Disney attractions. Big Thunder Mountain wasn't to exciting to me. The Matterhorn was great. I've been wanting to ride Matterhorn for a few years & really enjoyed it. I rode the left side first & the right side following. Gadget's Go Coaster was a traditional Vekoma Roller Skater but it had a neat theme. Tower of Terror was ok. It is not better than Orlando's version, which is my favorite ride in Disney World, but it was fun. Disney's California Adventure was interesting. The California Screamin' was AMAZING! I rode it 26x in two days! It is my favorite coaster & attraction between Disney in Orlando & LA! I enjoyed my stay at Disneyland California I just didn't picture it being that small compared to Orlando. This was a FANTASTIC trip Robb & Elissa! Thanks for doing a great job. I rode 68 new credits this trip & got a total of 202 coaster rides! Although I cannot attend a trip in 2010, Japan 2011 looks very promising & I am really looking forward to that trip. Thanks for following along my TR & enjoy the last set of pics & my Disneyland video: Map pic! Not even close to Orlando's but still fun. Just a boring mouse. This was a fun S&S power tower. Some shots of the park! 26x total! I rode Screamin' again & again thanks to the single rider line! My favorite ride at Disneyland & my favorite Disney coaster between Orlando & LA! Time for California Screamin'! Paradise Pier! DCA pics! Just like it was my first ride at Disneyland, Space Mountain was my last & my last coaster of the trip! Same with Haunted Mansion. Pirates was enjoyable. Stroller Street USA! The castle. This reminded me of Orlando's! ToonTown! Did not ride & don't care! Yup just a Vekoma roller skater. Big Thunder Mountain was ok. I got the first ride of the day on it in the front! Indiana Jones is probably my favorite Disney dark ride between Orlando & LA! Matterhorn was great! I rode the left side first one day than the right the next. Space Mountain was my first Disneyland attraction. I really enjoyed it. On my first ride the train was to heavy so we were unloaded on the transfer track! This entrance looks familiar. Welcome to the Disneyland Resort!
  10. This will be so helpful on off days when I'm living in Orlando in a few weeks
  11. Not really anything. I slept a lot, watched hockey, football, & ate wings.
  12. Those new trains look awesome & comfortable! I can't wait to ride Voyage, which will hopefully be next August!
  13. My room is covered with coaster pics & maps along with my shot glass collection which I have 28. I have borrowed a kid to ride a kiddie on TPR's West Coast Tour twice! I wear TPR shirts & coaster shirts in school. I have a binder that I write every coaster that I rode & theme park that I visited since 2005 & how many times I rode a coaster each year. Basically I am obsessed
  14. Nice TR. I was there that day as well & had a good day. I was a little disappointed that only one train was running for both sides of Lightning Racers but apart from that I had a great time. The Comet was my last ride of the year.
  15. Thanks for reading! Here are my stats for the year & day conclusion! My 2009 roller coaster season final results: 24 trips, 63 times visiting an amusement park, 31 different parks, 19 new parks, 5 states, 121 different coasters ridden, 75 new coasters ridden (I now have 292 total credits), & 580 times on a roller coaster in general! One heck of a season if you ask me & 2010 is going to start much earlier & be even better! Thanks for following along my 2009 Roller Coaster Season thread! I am making a music video of my year & will post it in a few days! Day Conclusion: Great Bear=1x Comet=2x Storm Runner=2x WildCat=1x Wild Mouse=1x Lightning Racers (L)=1x Fahrenheit=1x Trailblazer=1x
  16. Trip 23 Part 3: Hershey Park November 1, 2009 The saddest day of the year has arrived. The final day of the 2009 Roller Coaster Season. I was there opening day & now I am here to close it off & there is no better place than Hershey to end a great season. When we first got to the park we headed right to Great Bear since John needed the credit. It was a walk on! Comet had a bit of a line but it only took 10 minutes. Our first run on Comet was slow. Maybe the 10 rides on Phoenix the night before spoiled it After Comet we did Storm Runner since that was a walk on as well! We rode it 2x in a row! Storm Runner was incredibly smooth today! Following Storm Runner was WildCat in the front seat. John needed that credit as well as the Wild Mouse which was next. Following Wild Mouse we raced on Lightning Racers. John needed the Thunder side so I rode Lightning which is my favorite side. There was only one train running so we only rode Lightning Racers that one time & I won on my last ride on Lightning Racers of the year Fahrenheit was next & the longest wait. We waited about 25 minutes. It was a decent ride & if I'm not mistaken my las Intamin ride until next summer since Florida doesn't have any Intamins just mostly B&M & Vekoma. After Fahrenheit we did Trailblazer. After Trailblazer it was time to close out the 2009 Roller Coaster Season. I wanted to end my year on a decent woodie since I'll be so far away from great ones. I chose the Comet & that last ride was much better than earlier. I got great airtime & sat in the back seat. My 2009 Roller Coaster Season is now officially over! The Comet was my last & 580th roller coaster ride of the year! Enjoy the pics: The Comet closed out a fantastic season! Trailblazer. Last Intamin until August! Lightning Racers. Wild Mouse. The park had creative Halloween names for the coasters. Here is WildCat's. Storm Runner ran great today! 2x in a row! Following Great Bear was Comet! Great Bear started off our day! Welcome to Hershey Park in the Dark!
  17. Trip 23 Part 2: Knoebels October 31, 2009 This year I wanted to spend Halloween a little different. Riding the Phoenix of course! My friend John & I went up to Knoebels on Halloween & stayed at his parents mountain house which was about an hour away. We thought the park opened at 5 but it opened at 6 so when we got there the park was deserted! Sorry Big Mike the Museum was locked so I couldn't get your card When the ticket booth opened we got $25 worth of tickets for a marathon (10 rides) on Phoenix. We didn't feel like riding Twister. Kozmo's Kurves was closed so I still need to get the credit next year. Phoenix was running fantastic! We sat in the back for a few rides & then in the front for the rest. I enjoyed the Halloween decorations in the tunnel. After 9 rides we took a brake & checked out the gasoline cars since the trail was decorated. We didn't expect live actors & jumped a few times. After that we headed over to my favorite dark ride! Finally it was time for my last ride on Phoenix. It was sad to say good bye to a great woodie since Florida doesn't really have good ones. At least I Hershey Park is tomorrow. Enjoy the few pics: You have to ride this on Halloween! Gasoline Alley was fun! Some Phoenix decorations. Yay Phoenix! The reason we came! I hope the park is open today there is nobody here!
  18. Trip 23 Part 1: Six Flags Great Adventure October 30, 2009 I know I said my trip in September was my last GADV trip but it was a Friday night & I had nothing to do so I took a chance & went to GADV. When I first got to the park it wasn't that crowded. Kingda Ka broke down once when I was in line so I headed over to El Toro which was a walk on. As soon as I got of ET the line got really crowded. My run on ET was awesome. I sat in the back & I didn't get stapled so the airtime was great! Since Rolling Thunder was still a walk on I did that next. Only the right side was working. I sat in the back which was a big mistake. While on Rolling Thunder I saw Kingda Ka launch & gave it a second try. After a 25 minute wait I finally got on it. Once again as soon as I got off a ride the line filled up. The park was starting to get crowded. Great American Scream Machine was next & a walk on as well. I sat in the front seat. I then headed over to Runaway Mine Train & just rode it 2x in a row for something to do. The park was starting to get pretty crowded & I didn't feel like staying much longer. I wanted to ride Skull Mountain because I rode it 39x this year & wanted to hit 40. I knew because it was Fright Fest that the line would be long & it was a 20 minute wait but I got my 40th run on Skull Mountain this year which is one of the reasons I came tonight As always Nitro closes out my season at GADV & tonight was no exception. The line went all the way out but I waited anyway. It only took 35 minutes & I got another awesome back seat ride & didn't get stapled. I got 8 runs which brought me to 560 rides of the year! I was going to Knoebels on Halloween & Hershey on Sunday so I could still get a few more rides in. Now I won't be able to get back to GADV next August when I come back from Orlando! Thanks for reading part 1 of my 23rd & final trip of the year! Here is the day conclusion: El Toro=1x Rolling Thunder (Right)=1x Kingda Ka=1x Great American Scream Machine=1x Runaway Mine Train=2x Skull Mountain=1x Nitro=1x
  19. Here is a small video I made of Lake Compounce that day. Nothing special:
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