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  1. Good thing I won't be working in transportations when I go next month. The monorails seem to be having some problems lately. The crash a few months ago now a power outage.
  2. Manta is looking good! Your going to SFMM over Xmas break!? Lucky ride X2 once for me! I can't complain I'm moving to Florida January 3rd & can ride Manta whenever I want if I'm not working of course
  3. Nice pics. It has been a few days since I checked the web cam.
  4. ^Lol at least your park is nicer & the guests aren't from Camden, NJ (#1 city for highest crime rate in the country) carrying pocket knives with them because there is no metal detectors before you enter the park. I was scared some days at work with the guests we get. Thankfully I won't be working for them anymore.
  5. Awesome photos & TR! I'll be going hopefully next Saturday. I'm looking forward to Griffon & the Penguins Thanks for the heat tip I'm sure it is going to be useful after a few Griffon rides!
  6. Most of mine are already mentioned but I have a few: GP who think they know about how coasters work but clearly do not: One time when I was in line for Kingda Ka some guy was trying to explain to these girls that there is a Corvette engine in the trains which make them go fast. I never laughed so hard but it was annoying to listen to being an enthusiast. People who cannot read the EXIT sign when getting off a ride: When I worked on HellCat at Clementon Park we would always tell the guests to exit to the LEFT where the sign was pointing with an arrow but every other train people would still climb out to the right. Annoying kids jumping in the way when you are filming a ride: Once in a while when I am trying to film a good shot of a ride some annoying kids jump in the way & block the shot while making a stupid face.
  7. Nice photo reports Tex! When are you moving to Orlando? I'm moving there in 22 days
  8. Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones) Theme Song-John Williams
  9. Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce I think it is awesome because it is built on a mountain & you get incredible airtime on it I haven't had one bad ride on it yet & every time I ride it it keeps getting better!
  10. Great find I enjoy looking at coaster statistics. Yay for America not having the most Vekomas
  11. I was browsing google one day for roller coaster websites & saw this site. As I was looking threw the forums I wanted to join in on the conversations because I like to talk coasters so I joined & since then have met a lot of awesome people who share my interest & have been on 3 AMAZING TPR trips!
  12. I just found out my 2009 roller coaster season will officially conclude next Saturday December 19, 2009 at Busch Gardens Europe for the Christmas Town event! So if all goes well Griffon will be the last coaster I will ride (weather permitting) of 2009 you can follow my adventure that day on twitter: twitter.com/CoasterheadMatt As always a photo & video TR will be posted shortly the week after!
  13. Fantastic update Robb this just made my day Can't wait for the DVD!
  14. I thought this was funny: I guess this person doesn't know the difference between B&M & Intamin At least he sees that Diamondback & Intimidator look simular.
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